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"New app doesn't work, just a white screen. i phone 5, iOS 10.3.3. Can I have my money back? Andrew"

Andrew, 15th March 2019

"Not much point having an app that won’t allow anyone to register ....."

Anonymous, 11th March 2019

"Hello having uninstalled the previous Polar Instant App and subsequently installed Version 3, now nothing happens, just a blank white screen ? JP"

Anonymous, 11th March 2019

"Had the old app was slow but worked tired this new app and am unable to log kon get the message parse json"

Stewart, 9th March 2019

"Tried to use on Wednesday evening and didn't work at all- now I have downloaded the update and it isn't recognising my login details - have triple checked on the website and I'm using the correct info."

RW, 9th March 2019

"I have been trying to use a chargemaster point in Loughborough for 5 weeks now and every time the app does not work and because I don't have a rfid card they cant help me wow I have £24 on my account and cant spend it or get it refunded so I cant even apply for the card on a monthly account "

Adrian, 9th March 2019

"New version won't start at all. Samsung s8 with latest updates "

Keith, 8th March 2019

"My gripe with Polar Instant is that we don't have access to Rapidcharge points. Or used not to. I don't often need to charge on the go, and when I found myself unable to use a Rapidcharge I was connected for free, so no gripe there. But I hope this has been sorted and I'll be able to Rapidcharge whatever account I'm on."

Elizabeth, 8th March 2019

"Tried to use polar instant several machines won't activate with the app have put £20 on the app and as of yet failed to use any of it EV solutions works every time you need to fix this"

Mr Leslie, 8th March 2019

"Update. A complete removal and reinstall fixed it. This is not an "upgrade" to the existing app but a completely new one. "

Keith, 8th March 2019

"Need to show what charge speed on each charger"

Anonymous, 8th March 2019

"Can't log in. Password reset doesn't work. Can't create new user. "

Anonymous, 8th March 2019

"Great app and enables me to use my EV with confidence, knowing I can reach the next charger"

MikeP, 8th March 2019

"App says "unable t parse json" and won't let me do anything else."

David, 8th March 2019

"Hope the new app is better than the old one which was unusable and a rip off. I was never able to use the old app even though I had a credit of £20 on it. I had switched to Pod Point which works every time. I will try the new app and report back."

Bob, 8th March 2019

"Updating the app has lost the login details from my phone. Now I can’t access the £20 you unnecessarily charged me when I registered."

Anonymous, 8th March 2019

"Brilliant service, Daniel first class many thanks."

Bruce, 15th February 2019

" A great experience all round, fast efficient and easy to use "

MAX, 13th February 2019

"Excellent service thanks"

Anonymous, 5th February 2019

"A very good service from first phone call to the last "

Peter, 21st January 2019

"We are pleased with the installed product, the person who installed it was pleasant and explained how it worked "

keith, 13th January 2019

"My application was quite complicated because of the set up of my property, therefore it went on for quite some time. However, I think I had 3 appointments booked in, and then later cancelled when it was realised some paperwork no-one had ever mentioned to me was missing, this was frustrating, as I'd have booked the time off work & let my neighbours know, only for it to be cancelled last minute. I was also asked for the same paperwork several times, this happened again last week, even though my installation took place 2 months ago now."

Katie, 7th January 2019

"Installation was fantastic but the initial process would have been very difficult if I’d not passed it on to my husband. I wouldn’t have been able to answer most of the electrical questions."

Anonymous, 3rd January 2019

"The installation was good but the process was more time consuming than I felt it needed to be with the provision of multiple photos in advance, etc. "

Anthony, 1st January 2019

"It could have gone better. Took a day off work and could not do the install that day. The return visit was the same engineer who came back and was very grumpy and off. Not an enjoyable experience. Happy with installation other than the cable is off centre to the charge unit which I see every time I look at it. "

Alex, 31st December 2018

"Pretty bad - many problems trying to get an installation date and a sensible installation plan."

Anonymous, 20th December 2018

"Engineer was very good he explained lots of things fully recommended "

Ronnie, 17th December 2018

"organised and proactive in finding earliest slot. On site was v helpful and did a good, neat job"

Fiona, 17th December 2018

"Excellent Service"

Anonymous, 17th December 2018

"Drilled through the wrong wall into my hallway My electrician tells me he would not certificate the work I think you need to come back"

olivia, 12th December 2018

"Received a very good service, staff very helpful and professional."

JOHN, 12th December 2018

"Good Customer Service-personnel were patient! Swift, competent electrician-kit fitted and formal hand over within timescale."

Paul, 10th December 2018

"happy now i have it bloody slow coming the office end great fit at home "

Mark, 10th December 2018

"The firm were very slow to survey my connection and caused severe delay. However when the work was carried out it was efficient and done well. I needed more information more quickly about what I was required to provide such as a trench, an isolation switch etc which had to be organised and commissioned through my energy provider and builder."

Christine, 8th December 2018

"Thom was excellent and let my home and front garden clean and tidy He explained what he was doing as he went along which was very helpful"

Peter, 7th December 2018

"The planning process is a little over complicated. The technical installation great but it would help if we were told then if the new charger could be used at max power or reduced strength."

Paul, 7th December 2018

"Fitter was excellent 10/10 The service on the phone needs to improve "

Garry, 7th December 2018

"Felt like I had to do a lot of chasing initially to keep the momentum going getting all the paperwork in order. The installation went well and was completed in a couple of hours. Overall a good service provided."

Mark, 7th December 2018

"Belinda Sheringham is fab. Installation team wonderful."

Anonymous, 7th December 2018

"Did a great job, from first contact to the engineers installing the unit the whole experience has been great "

John, 7th December 2018

"Good work, wasn't the easiest of jobs man thing that stopped it being 5/5 was that the spark through his waste in the trench."

Lorraine, 7th December 2018

"We had an excellent installer who was very professional about our somewhat complicated install, considerate and unflustered. Would recommend Chargemaster."

Anonymous, 6th December 2018

"Very easy process to follow and the installation was completed really quickly with no mess"

Anonymous, 6th December 2018

"Chargemaster's comunication system was ideal. They arranged the date, the engineer appeared on time, found a problem, found a way to solve the problem> . I srranged anotjr visit when the home charger was fitted. All staff were very pleasant and they were a pleaur to deal with."

Isobel, 6th December 2018

"Good time keeping, professional and friendly service. "

Yolanda, 6th December 2018

"The Engineer Glen was very courtious and professional. A+"

Nurullah, 6th December 2018

"Good because the installer was excellent and put his skills to good use. I put adequate because I was instructed to get a double isolator switch which cost me £65 and was not used. I also took photos where I would like the charger installed but on arrival told not possible due to the cladding. Thankfully, installer was able to place on garage wall. Surely a home visit would have prevented this costly hassle?"

Anonymous, 6th December 2018

"Would give 0 stars but its not an option. This company is quick to call you in the first instance but that is all it is quick at. Began the process to have a charge point installed on 3rd November. Its is now the 6th December and I have only just (after numerous calls and emails) got an installation date on the 10th of January!!!!! (2 and a bit months to basically get a plug socket fitted!!!!!!) The customer service of this company is just awful. After all this wasted time I am now left with a electric car that I cant charge!! Stay well clear of chargemaster. "

Marty, 6th December 2018

"Very helpful"

Fred, 6th December 2018

"Chargemaster gave me a date for installing the charger very early on in the process. They stuck to the date. The installation was carried out well. The charger is working well. It looks very neat and tidy."

John, 6th December 2018

"Punctual and quick"

Marcus, 6th December 2018

"I bought an ex demo EV from my local dealer so had to sort out the Chargemaster appointment myself. The first contact with Chargemaster was very poor with a lack of information. I had to keep phoning to try and find out what was happening. Promises of returned calls were ignored- out of half a dozen phone calls and 2 or 3 emails only one call was returned. However once I got past the initial stages and was contacted by the installation dept, everything ran smoothly. Information was accurate and prompt. Excellent service and communication from the engineer, Scott, who arrived on time on the day and quickly sorted the installation in about 2 hours."

Nigel, 6th December 2018

"Bought date ahead as requested Fittted efficiently and fully demonstrated Very helpful and friendly installer"

Anonymous, 6th December 2018

"Really made it a breeze - I took some photos on my mobile phone to show electrical set-up and driveway at my home and sent it with some details of my car. A provisional date was then set up for installation. Once the details I sent were approved, an earlier installation date was given. The Chargemaster guy arrived on time and after a few hours, the job was done. The installation is subsidised by the government so it's a real incentive to go electric."

Anonymous, 6th December 2018

"Chargemaster did a great job in the end - the man who did the installation was friendly and thorough. He also paid attention to exactly how we wanted the position of the cable and charging point. I found conversations with Chargemaster prior to installation a little frustrating, I got the feeling they assumed I was a sandwich short of a picnic when they started explaining the difference between a tethered and socketed installation several times, each time slightly louder and slower. I was simply stating I didn’t know what cable the car came with and therefore couldnt yet make a decision. Then they gave conflicting advice about if I needed a mains isolation switch or not and this, in combination with my energy supplier being painful in completing their part meant the process took several months. To be fair that’s not Chargemaster’s fault but it would help to be aware of the likely requirement from the off instead of booking an appointment and expecting all to be fine."

NAOMI, 6th December 2018

"Very neat and tidy job! Very accommodating in arranging the installation date."

Michael, 6th December 2018

"Good service and great job at a good price"

Edward, 5th December 2018

"Installed and fitted on time and to cost. Very good installer who did a great job "

Adrienne, 5th December 2018

"the organisation to get the fitting agreed was dreadful - every time i provided information there was demand for more - took over 2 months to resolve. That said the fitter was excellent and i was delighted with the installation. "

Nicola, 5th December 2018

"Very good"

Anonymous, 5th December 2018

"Chargemaster delivered on schedule, and did a great tidy job. They talked me through the paperwork to get the grant. "

Andrew, 5th December 2018

"Highly responsive and supportive throughout the process purchasing and installing the charge point."

Anonymous, 5th December 2018

"Good service all around "

Neil, 5th December 2018

"Very pleased "

Matthew, 5th December 2018

"The engineer had never installed the particular BMW system I ordered. Although the guy was really efficient and installed everything properly. He didn’t have the knowledge to instruct me on the operation as expected. It was less than I expected. I tried to get some help from your support desk and they also didn’t know how the system worked and had to read the manual. I can do that myself. The experience has been less the expected and well blow par for BMW. "

Richard, 5th December 2018

"I was loosing the will to live with the amount of paperwork that I had to submit for approval and then to be asked for it again online .There has to be a better way."

Rodger, 5th December 2018

"They were very helpful and easy to deal with. The whole process was efficiently handled."

Kevin, 5th December 2018

"Easy and quickly "

Jose, 5th December 2018

"Very good service with knowledgable staff that could discuss and cover all aspects of my enquiry to the highest of standards. More than happy to recommend to anyone requiring a similar service. "

Jason, 5th December 2018

"Very roves signal service at all levels. Work completed very neatly. "

John, 5th December 2018

"Very professional and attentive . Excellent customer understanding of requirement and choices of charging options . Also greatly assisted with administration for grants . Overall first class and would recommend then to other prospective customers /clients. Thank you great work well done !"

Janice, 5th December 2018

"Although telephone service very good and work carried out good . Report from first engineer was lost so we had a long wait while report found before install. Survey engineer said electrics in house fine we just needed a surge adapter. Fitting engineer said our electrics not good and we needed new fuse boards and £500 work by our electrical provider. Just the contrasting opinions but the two Chargemaster engineers the problem although everyone very helpful. "

ANTHONY, 5th December 2018

"What a nice fitter He was very helpful and friendly "

James, 5th December 2018

"Did what it said on the tin "

Anonymous, 5th December 2018

"Really quick and easy installation and Craig the installer was very friendly and helpful"

Duncan, 5th December 2018

"Ann Marie on the phone and the engineer who installed the charger did a great job. Nothing was a problem and both were a pleasure to deal with."

Mark, 5th December 2018

"Very efficient "

Dennis, 5th December 2018

"Internal communication silo’d. Saying you will send an email is not good communication. Depts not talking to each other - do they even share customer data? Very little “can do” approach. Fitters not persistent in trying to find a way to fit the meter. Are they so bonused that they don’t have the time to do the job properly? Ultimately Manager was the one person who did what he said he would and on time."

Anonymous, 5th December 2018

"Very rude staff member I. E. Donna Kovax "

Edward, 5th December 2018

"The engineer who came to fit the unit was very very good. "

Jemma, 5th December 2018

"Very efficient and quick. Explained about the charger and cleaned all his mess up."

Paul, 5th December 2018

"I rarely write reviews but the service I received from Alan was exceptional. He was so thoughtful and considerate and made sure that the wiring required would be as tidy as possible. He kept me informed about his progress and kept my downtime to an absolute minimum. His instructions on how to use and maintain the Chargepoint were very comprehensive and informative. He was a true gentleman and an asset to your company. Thank you :-)"

Lyndsey, 5th December 2018

"Overall there serivcs was good. There was a few issues at the beginning where I had to chase up Chargemaster to get an update, and the person I dealt with was not overly friendly, but John who installed my charger was great. He showed up on time, was really friendly, explained everything I needed to know and did a great job of I stalling the charger. "

John, 5th December 2018

"The instillation engineer was very good it is just a shame that chargemaster as a instillation company can not offer a full service including any civil works"

David, 5th December 2018

"Very happy with my home Chargemaster it is very easy & quick to use."

Adam, 5th December 2018

"Once everything was in place, Chargemaster was quick and efficient to install the actual charging unit. However, I would expect the company to sort everything including any modifications to the current setup at home (e.g. installation of an isolation switch etc)... This would be much more attractive and efficient from the customer perspective..."

Anonymous, 5th December 2018

"Polite and friendly service. Very knowledgable. Clean job. Couldn’t be happier."

Simon, 5th December 2018

"I found the Chargemaster system and staff excellent to deal with. Well done to all concerned, a pleasure to do business with you. "

George, 5th December 2018

"Basically OK but caused damage and didn’t explain well"

Anonymous, 5th December 2018

"Very good installation good instruction and reliable. No mess at all thankyou"

shaun, 5th December 2018

"not a tidy installation "

John, 5th December 2018

"Telephone staff were friendly and efficient. The engineer was very professional and friendly in his manner, he completed the work without mess or fuss."

Alison, 5th December 2018

"Good job. Efficient. Clean install. "

Anonymous, 5th December 2018

"Bery professional, clean workers. Installed the item very quickly and instructions where given before engineer left the premises."

Jasmine, 5th December 2018

"James who fitted the unit was very thorough and knowledgeable. He has excellent customer service."

Suzanne, 5th December 2018

"The person installing was rude and did not do Avery good job"

Ewan, 5th December 2018

"Quick and efficient service throughout "

Shirley, 5th December 2018

"Great experience "

Scott, 5th December 2018

"Very efficient service - installation process worked out very well - installer very competent. "

Matthew, 5th December 2018

"I found Chargemaster very easy to do business with, they comunicated very well and the job was done very professionally. "

Geoff, 5th December 2018

"Professional, installation was very good neat and tidy. I would recommend chargemaster to anyone. I am very pleased I am expecting my new car next week but the unit is in and appears to be I am ready for the delivery now."

Peter, 5th December 2018

"Generally OK but survey didn’t correctly identify limitations of install. Fortunately found a work around on the day of install so got there in the end."

Anonymous, 5th December 2018

"Very good"

ALEXANDRU, 5th December 2018

"Installation very professionally done"

Richard, 5th December 2018

"Easy to follow procedure. Engineer prompt and efficient."

Ian, 5th December 2018

"I was offered an earlier installation by Chargemaster for a Sunday. I accepted this as it was agreed verbally that this would be an afternoon installation. When this was finally confirmed the email said installation would be between 8am and 12pm. Not what I'd agreed. I couldn't get it changed as the office had closed and it was a Friday evening before I saw the email. This was frustrating. However not as frustrating as getting up early on a Sunday, waiting for the engineer to contact me and getting nothing. When it'd gone past 12 and I hadn't heard anything I tried contacting Chargemaster. Sadly as it was Sunday, not one was there to take my call. I complained by email and first thing Monday morning I received a call to say the engineer didn't turn up because a system error meant they didn't get the job. The person I spoke to had no sympathy that I'd wasted my Sunday waiting for no one to turn up. He rearranged the visit. When the engineer did turn up, he was excellent. Really friendly and very helpful. He also managed to install the charging point exactly where I wanted it to go and with minimum disruption. Top marks to the engineer. If you're having a charging point installed, avoid a last minute change to your installation date. Especially if you're offered one at the weekend. This should've been a "very good" experience, but because you can't speak to anyone from Chargemaster at the weekend and the call centre person seemed to have no sympathy for me wasting a da, this only gets "acceptable""

Marcus, 5th December 2018

"Very pleasant and efficient, kept in touch regularly until installation was completed. Thanks "

KAREN, 5th December 2018

"Good service, they make the process really easy, only one issue the engineer didn’t take his rubbish away just left it on the drive"

Lee, 5th December 2018

"After initial paperwork all went to plan. The gentleman who installed was very polite and helpful."

Anonymous, 5th December 2018

"Helpful, courteous and efficient."

Margaret, 5th December 2018

"The process of getting the main fuse upgraded was frustratingly long. It could have been clearer who had to do it (ie electricity *supplier*, UKPower, not the company that bills me the electricity *payments*). "

Anonymous, 5th December 2018

"Fitter - brilliant Ordering process - a bit chaotic Cost - too much"

Andrew, 5th December 2018

"The best customer service I have ever had,!"

Hugh, 5th December 2018

"Took ages to sort all the paper wok out and kept getting something else to fill in or get from work or electricity supplier. Once this was all done though charger was fitted by a really nice guy with in a week."

Karl, 5th December 2018

"Professionally handled from start to end of the process. EV Chargepoint and working well."

Peter, 5th December 2018

"A totally dreadful experience - would not recommend anyone to have dealings with this company. Bob Griffiths"

Anonymous, 5th December 2018

"I bought my plug-in hybrid car in August and external charge point finally fitted on 30 Nov 18 after long delay waiting to get an isolation switch fitted by electricity provider. It would have been so much easier if Chargemaster could send someone round to assess the requirement at the start of the process. Instead, lots of photographs of fuseboxes, switches and locations sent, which resulted in confusion and conflicting advice. Handed from one contact to another, duplicate requests for forms or photos, requests for information already sent and then the additional cost and long wait for an isolation switch, which proved not to be necessary when the installer finally arrived. Why the fitting of a fairly simple external chargepoint (when Govt subsidised) is so complex and expensive is beyond me. Actual fitting was straightforward and the cable I ordered arrived quickly. "

John, 5th December 2018

"Once we sorted the offices and emails ,they were very good insulation was excellent "

Vikki, 5th December 2018

"My tethered home charger was installed 3 weeks ago, unfortunately I cannot use it without causing a health and safety hazard. This is because the cable is too short so goes across my front door. I have called and emailed Chargemaster requesting a change so that I can charge my car safely however I am still awaiting a reply. This could all have been avoided it the sales team and the installation team conducted basic risk assessments with the knowledge of the car and their product. At the time of ordering the home charger I did not have my new Mini and was unaware of the charger location. "

Aletia, 5th December 2018

"Great service"

Paul, 5th December 2018

"Very happy with my home charger. Only had it installed recently and its working very well."

Anonymous, 5th December 2018

"The installer was very friendly and sticky completed the install. Afterward he explained too my wife how to operate it with her car."

Kevin, 5th December 2018

"Charge master completed the job as stated quickly and efficiently the installer gave a Good explanation of how it charged and safety points "

Nicky, 5th December 2018

"Very professional from start to finish. Really pleased with the way provision of charger was changed due to delivery date of my vehicle being brought forward "

Collin, 5th December 2018

"I found the promise of installed within a week to be sadly unrealistic. For the cost of what is a simple socket with a 1970s knurled keylock and a little cable I expect more customer service. All surveys etc require the purchaser to photo and submit to Chargemaster, the only visit was from the installation electrician (incidentally a really good guy and efficient, the only reason I awarded2 stars). Anything in the least challenging requires the homeowner to sort before Chargemaster will commit. I had to get my own electrician to fit a separate RCD and isolator before CM would commit to an installation date. The one thing they did quickly was get my details for the grant funding element. Now it is installed and my car delivered I am glad I have done it; the charging on the drive is easy and already a habit. But Chargemaster please make an effort on customer service for a simple product that costs the best part of £1000. I am a senior professional Engineer, do most of my own DIY and could envisage making one of these units and fitting it myself, however strings of emails up to 25 long remind me of a torturous route to getting this done, and I wonder how others less informed in practical activity might fare."

Phil, 5th December 2018

"I got exactly what I required trouble free. The installer phoned me the day before installation to let me know what time he would start. He was on time he made an excellent job, very neet and tidy cleand up then explained how to operate the new equipment. Job well done."

Peter, 5th December 2018

"The guy who came to fit the charger was first glass "

Adam, 5th December 2018

"Excellent service"

Mark, 5th December 2018

"Really impressed with the Chargemaster unit which is modern, efficient and very easy to use. The installation was very professional and the installer extremely informed on the level of certification applied to the electrical connection. Would recommend the product to anyone."

Colin, 5th December 2018

"Good service"

Hafiz, 5th December 2018

"Well installed but process to get to installation a bit convoluted "

Anonymous, 5th December 2018

"good service"

Anonymous, 5th December 2018

"Taking three weeks to even arrange an appointment Many people emailing many things and no one emailing ALL of the documents required and answering ALL of the questions not answering emails for many days I would not recommend your company, I would go with your competitors for sure. "

Iain, 5th December 2018

"Charger fitted and awaiting new car engineer was very helpful and showed me all the things to do would recommend to friends. "

James, 5th December 2018

"Electrician on site was good. Communication with main office was poor, emails not acknowledged, slow response and information asked for which had been previously supplied. "

Paul, 5th December 2018

"Prompt & proffesional."

Martin, 5th December 2018

"Technician / electrician was very good. Made sure work was of a high quality and v happy with it."

Anne, 5th December 2018

"Couldn't have been more helpful or efficient. The engineer that came to the house was incredibly professional and consulted with me about placement etc. before starting any work on the charger."

Alayna, 5th December 2018

"Installed professionally within the time he stated. Explained clearly how to use the system. "

John, 5th December 2018

"the installation came in early due to a cancellation. I persoannly was at work and spoke to the engineer via face time who explained everything to me and answered my questions. he also offered his experience in suggesting the best position to help minimise the cabling. very happy indeed and can't wait to use for the first time. "

Christopher, 5th December 2018

"Everything went smoothly with the installation. The engineer explain what he was going to do and competed the job swiftly."

Ronald, 5th December 2018

"Very professional from ordering to completion. Exceptionally happy."

Peter, 5th December 2018

"Very impressed with the professionalism of the work carried out by the technician. The finished job looks very pleasing and located in excellent position with easy access. Tidy work with very good communication from technician. Absolutely would recommend Chargemaster."

Anonymous, 5th December 2018

"Prompt and efficient"

David, 5th December 2018

"Timing was discussed and rearranged. Engineer was friendly, helpful and efficient "

POORNIMA, 5th December 2018

"Very helpful and great service - loving the e-car and the charging is easy."

Anonymous, 1st December 2018

"Excellent customer service - prompt & professional. "

Deborah, 30th November 2018

"Fitter was extremely quick and pleasant. Would recommend Chargemaster to anyone looking to have a charging point fitted. "

Elizabeth, 27th November 2018

"Helpful and responsive to queries. The actual charger fitting went well, took place at the time booked and was quick and efficient. The fitter was helpful and answered all our questions. My only gripe is that my original account manager left halfway through the process and nobody let me know that they had left or who had taken over my account."

Nicola, 24th November 2018

"Whole process is seamless. The service team and engineer are knowledgeable and efficient. "

SRINIVAS, 24th November 2018

"appointment punctually kept, work to a more than acceptable standard, and tidied up afterwards basically as it should be. Well done chargemaster "

Paul, 21st November 2018

"The telephone contact was very helpful in trying to find an earlier fitting date for us. The 'fitter' was prompt and very efficient. Overall a good service all-round. Thank you"

Johnny, 19th November 2018

"Electrician Alan was a delight to deal with. The finished job is very neat and he kept us informed at all times about the optimal route for wiring and how to operate the unit. Thank you! "

Michael, 16th November 2018

"Installation was straight forward and professionally done. However, the person installing it was very down-beat, complaining about this and that, and it looked more as a burden for him to have to do this, rather than spreading the excitement of going electric..."

Stefan, 16th November 2018

"Delays,failure to respond to calls,overcharged me ,then refunded when I complained,sloppy and inefficient."

Leonard, 16th November 2018

"The communication was good and prompt, service was helpful and they efficiently tried to work round my convenience."

Anonymous, 16th November 2018

"Helpful, prompt and supportive. Made the whole thing very easy"

Nigel, 15th November 2018

"The Chargemaster electrician surveyed the consumer unit and the feed to the garage, told us our options. We agreed to a non garage fitting. After payment over the phone he fitted the home charge unit in about 2 hours, with no fuss at all."

William, 15th November 2018

"Very good service, prompt reply to all queries, engineer on time and work of a professional syandard, "

David, 15th November 2018

"Friendly & Professional"

Michael, 15th November 2018

"Our home fuse needed upgrading which wasn’t known until photos were sent into Chargemaster. This delayed the whole process by a couple of weeks. Initially advised and charged for something that we didn’t need, this was refunded once questioned. Installation day was faultless especially Thom our engineer."

Kelly, 15th November 2018

"Contacted Dealer a month before delivery of car, they'd organise Chargemaster. 3 weeks, (and 3 calls from me), still not contacted by Chargemaster. Got very very firm with dealership, Boom! emails & calls galore, fitting arranged. Clearly communication issues. I'll give both sides the benefit of doubt. My comms with Chargemaster were good, fitter excellent."

Barbara, 14th November 2018

"Great communications throughout the process, really easy to arrange fitting and fill in the required forms. Engineer arrived exactly on time, was polite and friendly, nice tidy install and cleaned up well after himself. Made sure I had the appropriate paperwork and went over the functionality of the charger with me."

Anonymous, 14th November 2018

"The installation was very professional, quick and tidy. Very impressed"

SALLY, 14th November 2018

"All Chargemaster staff were very helpful and knowledgeable providing guidance through the whole process of application for a home charging point, including grant applications, and the installation was carried out very efficiently and to suit my requirements. "

Anonymous, 14th November 2018

"Very knowledgeable and efficient service."

Richard, 14th November 2018

"Excellent service, less than 2 weeks from initial call to installation. Price was exactly as quoted, and the engineer went above and beyond to make a neat, tidy installation. He could have been done in half the time, but wanted to do a proper, tidy job. Very pleased, would recommend."

James, 14th November 2018

"Pleasant enough people to deal with, but the whole process was rather painful, not helped by the excessive government red tape and paperwork. Biggest annoyance was that I ordered a BMW system to make use of my 3 phase into the house after much discussion and several photographs of the fuse board in the house. Firstly, Chargemaster didn't bother to mention that the BMW wallbox would be delivered to the house separate to the arrival of the installer - so we had to make special arrangements on the day to receive it. Then, when the installer arrived, he took one look at my fuse board and said that it did have 3 phase, but wouldn't work with the BMW system as a critical item was missing - which could've been easily spotted by Chargemaster - why send several pictures, then not check them for compatability? So I had 3 choices, cancel the install and fit the missing electrical parts and rearrange, fit the BMW box and not get use of the full capability, or fit a Chargemaster box that the installer had in his van! In the end, the installer made a good job, but I'm still trying to sort the paperwork regarding rejecting the BMW box and swopping to a Chargemaster box. "

SIMON, 14th November 2018

"The information coming your sales staff is very bad and fractured It was not until the engineer turned up on site we got the correct charging equipment for the car"

Ernest, 14th November 2018

"Friendly engineer did a perfect installation with no disruption or mess and in double quick time. We even got an earlier installation than expected. "

Alan, 14th November 2018

"Chargemaster provided a thoroughly professional and expert service. The paperwork was complex but manageable due to the government grant. The electrician pre installation service was excellent - particularly the electrician himself and the actual installation and set up, whilst again not straightforward was undertaken within half a day leaving us with a working BMW iConnect wallbox ready for our new electric car. Thank you - a very good service from start to finish!!"

Nick, 14th November 2018

"Easy to deal with, efficient, kept me informed during the process and the gentleman who fitted the unit was prompt polite and cleaned up before he left."

lisa, 14th November 2018

"Very good and smooth process throughout the service"

Amit, 14th November 2018

"At home is fine, but can’t use Polar charging point. Although I have money in the account. I think because I do not have card with them, how can I use in the future? Thanks, E. Brouwer"

Elisabeth, 14th November 2018

"Actual fitting of the unit was very quick and easy but determining the correct fuseboard isolator even confused the electrician. We now have 2 isolators, one protecting the charging unit and the other waiting for something to protect!"

Ross, 14th November 2018

"What to's a charger!!"

Carol, 14th November 2018

"Very poor very rude don’t listen "

Gary, 14th November 2018

"Excellent service from consultation to fitting,would recommend if you are looking for a chargepoint."

David, 14th November 2018

"Whilst we are very happy with the Chargemaster charging point at our home which was installed a few days ago by a very competent engineer (thank you Carl) - we have been truly dismayed by the abysmal level of service we have received from Chargemaster. The lack of cohesion between your staff, the lack of liaison, the relentless computer generated emails and the appalling communication from your office - despite having a dedicated 'advisor' has left us lost for words. It was very much a question of the 'left hand' not knowing what the 'right hand' was doing. As the industry develops you really need to 'up your game'. We came very close to abandoning this purchase and using one of your competitors - especially as we were only told at the point that payment was required that we needed to pay an extra £95 for a lockable device. Not to be clear about this charge from the outset is appalling. Please start training your staff more effectively and make the process clearer and more transparent.. To add 'insult to injury' I typed a long review of your services only to find that the page dropped out and all my text was lost. All this is very depressing - I am sure you can do better. Let's hope for the sake of both staff and customers that the answer to this question is 'yes'."

Anonymous, 14th November 2018

"polite and attentive staff - there was a wee wrinkle which necessitated a reschedule, but nicely handled and no dramas at all. Good advice re grants also (in Scotland) helped to further reduce my costs, so top marks for knowledge too (Sianika Malcolm) and subsequent contact with Molly and Jamie helpful also. Actual installation happened smoothly and at the stated time and finished as expected. "

Alan, 13th November 2018

"Every person at Chargemaster is friendly and helpful, and the electrician Marcus was superb. Just excellent!"

David, 13th November 2018

"Fast, efficient and very neatly installed. The engineer who did the installation was polite and very helpful in explaining how to use the charger. I have no hesitation in recommending Chargemaster. Excellent!"

Alison, 13th November 2018

"The installer was polite and understood my request to install. He knew his job well."

Sapna, 13th November 2018

"Fantastic service guys Credit to you all "

JAY, 13th November 2018

"Chap new what he was doing and got it done "

Anonymous, 13th November 2018

"They started off very helpful. Then not so good when they had the order. The guy that came out to fit was extremely helpful "

Anonymous, 13th November 2018

"Still early days but all is working very well, the young installer was very professional and helpful and was willing to go the extra mile with keeping me and my husband aware of usage. Well done Chargemaster hang on to this installer."

Caroline, 13th November 2018

"The installer was very polite and capable. All went smoothly "

Sean, 13th November 2018

"The engineering arrived in good time and did the installation in a timely manner including tidying up afterwards. Good instructions in how to use. Very polite"

Rosemarie, 13th November 2018

"Great job fitted in no time looks neat and tidied up after well pleased "

Peter, 13th November 2018

"Chargemaster’s engineer was a pleasure to have on site extremely tidy and very neat work, the Chargemaster is a very convenient way to charge my car "

Andrew, 13th November 2018

"Installer polite, helpful & speedy."

Anonymous, 13th November 2018

"Good service, polite and friendly engineer"

Anonymous, 13th November 2018

"Very courteous and helpful staff on phone. Emails replied to promptly. And the guy who fitted the charger was very professional and informative,he was also a very nice guy."

Gerald, 13th November 2018

"An excellent installation service. Couldn’t have been better. "

Julie, 13th November 2018

"Engineer was profesional"

PETER, 13th November 2018

"Fantastic service would definitely recommend to friends and family services and fitting second to none thank you Craig for all your help cheers "

Greig, 13th November 2018

"Prompt and polite. Would recommend."

Anonymous, 13th November 2018

"Having had a charger for a Nissan Leaf we wanted to try another provider when we changed to a new 2018 Leaf the old charger had burned out twice the second time just after the warranty had expired also the provider had said we were limited to 16 amps. Chargemaster came did a survey and could find no reason for limiting to 16 amps they fitted a 32 amp charger which had far superior charging speed. The whole experience was good efficient, friendly and timely. Even though we did not qualify for a grant having had one already it has been worth the money to get a recognised good quality charger from an established company with the 3 years warranty."

Angus, 13th November 2018

"Installation engineer was excellent. But, telephone advice was rubbish."

Robyn, 13th November 2018

"Great service and a good standard of installation"

Neil, 13th November 2018

"Your technician arrived as planned, and changed the Home Charge Unit from the original model to the new model with the minimum of inconvenience. We were delighted."

Michael, 13th November 2018

"Efficient and friendly installation."

Terence, 13th November 2018

"Excellent service from start to finish, particularly the installer, Scott, who was really helpful and did a very neat and tidy job of installing the charging point."

Richard, 13th November 2018

"The guy worked in a very professional way. Thank you!"

NIKI-EMANUEL, 13th November 2018

"very pleased with service"

Anonymous, 13th November 2018

"Very efficient and friendly installation of my Chragemaster Unit."

PETER, 13th November 2018

"Very good understanding of the electrical needs for a home charger Installation engineer excellent Real problem is lack of joined up policy As completely new to an electric hybrid I needed more help with- 1/ Selection of which charger Yes 7.5 KV needed but with or without cable? What is the use of a locking unit if it does not lock the cable into the unit? 2/ What is the use of a charger if on day of installation I have to go out & buy a cable from local Range Rover dealer As when asking Chargemaster it would take 2 days for delivery & installation engineer could not bring one 3/ Are Chargemaster part of Polar Instant or Polar Plus? Chargemaster told me to sign up for Polar Instant day before vehicle arrived Did so putting £20 credit on Nobody suggested I would need a charge cable or that in fact might need Polar Plus Card So first trip to charge point no card or cable Signed up to Polar Plus but then another 2-3 days (5 days post car collection) the card arrived After installing home charge point told I could sign up to Polar Plus at special rate but had already done so In conclusion make sure on initial call client signed up to a charge card of their choice & have the requisite card & cables The steep learning curve needs levelling & your company should help more Electric/ Hybrid cars may be the future but more help from the charger companies are needed to open the door to the future"

Anonymous, 13th November 2018

"The engineer arrived promptly and assessed the job, suggesting an installation which turned out to be very neat and tidy, hiding most of the cabling and fitting the box exactly where I wanted it. A great job well done."

Anonymous, 13th November 2018

"From start to finish I had everything explained in a way I could understand. The process was made easy because of the professional manner of the staff. Kadiza, Molly, and Paul. The most pleasant of people who are a credit to the company. Very happy with my home charger. "

Gary, 13th November 2018

"Excellent customer service all the way through and the engineer who fitted the charger was brilliant. "

Robert, 13th November 2018

"Fairly complicated getting everything organised but eventually everything went well. Very good engineer."

Paul, 13th November 2018

"Very professional installation and good customer service. "

Gemma, 13th November 2018

"Very pleased with our charger. Fitter arrived very promptly and had it fitted within 3 hours."

Mark, 13th November 2018

"Thom was speedy, efficient and very helpful."

Sue, 13th November 2018


Anonymous, 13th November 2018

"Options were clearly explained, the cost was as quoted, the date was arranged quickly, and installation was carried out neatly and efficiently. We chose the tethered unit which we know is not fully future proofed but is really easy and convenient to use. Very pleased."

Roger, 13th November 2018

"Very professional and excellent service! Wish more companies were like Chargemaster. Thank you."

Aaron, 13th November 2018

"Very helpful over the phone when setting up in the first place and very satisfied with installation"

Ann, 13th November 2018

"Excellent Service all way up to the installation. The installer was fantastic and credit to Chargemaster "

Jaspal, 13th November 2018

"Clarification on cabling requirements worked reasonably easily and the consumer unit was updated prior to engineer arrival. Very professional installation job."

Brian, 13th November 2018

"Not the best but I’m sure not the worst "

Anonymous, 13th November 2018

"Easy installation "

Anonymous, 13th November 2018

"The documentation needed prior to installation of a charger is daunting no doubt due to the government requirements for funding. Everyone at Chargemaster was very helpful. The day of the installation was flawless and Andy the electrician was excellent with his high standard of skill and workmanship."

Ian, 13th November 2018

"Mr Newby was prompt, courteous and friendly. He explained everything as he went along. At completion he explained everything to me and I felt very confident that it would all work well; and it does. Thanks ChargeMaster."

Andrew, 13th November 2018

"Very professional team. Very pleased with the fitting and operation of charge unit."

Gareth, 13th November 2018

"Very efficient booking service, friendly point of contact and given information on types of charger. Decided to go for tethered charge point for convenience. Contacted the day before installation by engineer, very polite gave me arrival time and idea for time required to fit. Arrived on time, explained what the installation would involve and discussed positioning. Explained types of charger and confirmed my choice of thethered, gave me an opportunity to change my selection if I wanted ( carried a selection of charge units on his van). Worked efficiently and finished on time, explained operation of charger and gave me an envelope with manual, guarantee and electrical sertification. Very pleased with Chargemaster’s service, only negative comments would be, took three weeks from first contacting Chargemaster to earliest install date (my garage told me it would take about 6 days. Also the tethered charger would be better with an extra metre of cable, the unit is clearly designed to accommodate a longer cable, l feel Chargemaster is penny pinching, at lease give the option for longer tethered cable."

Paul, 13th November 2018

"Excellent service and the installation was carried out very professionally. Thanks "

graham, 13th November 2018

"Your installer was fantastic- James. He was diligent and thorough and went out of his way to do the best possible job. I don’t normally leave reviews but I was very impressed. Thank you James. "

Jo, 13th November 2018

"Excellent service from Chargemaster from the initial phone call to the installation. Electrician did an amazing job of installing the charger with no mess left behind."

Russell, 13th November 2018

"The staff were very polite, helpful and knowledgeable."

Philip, 13th November 2018

"Install team were brilliant! Great advice and quick installation, couldn’t have done more! Alan 1 & 2 both come highly recommended! "

adam, 13th November 2018

"I would certainly recommend Chargemaster. I don't like anything "complicated", but the whole experience with Chargemaster was easy & the staff were friendly & helpful. My installation was awkward because my house earth was old & not up to spec but the engineer (a nice friendly chap - thanks Mike) told me what I needed to do. I was re-booked & my charge point was installed at the next visit. It works nicely & I'm very pleased. Thank you all at Chargemaster."

Timothy, 13th November 2018

"wow what a service , from the phone call to fitting just like clockwork dan our fitter what pride in work he done "

Mark, 13th November 2018

"Very happy"

Geoff, 13th November 2018

"A straightforward, clear process with good communication from the Company. The installation engineer was polite, knowledgeable and most helpful - a credit to Chargemaster! Thank you for a professional, friendly and efficient service."

Gregory, 13th November 2018

"The installation was. Arrived out in a OST professional way and entirely to my satisfaction"

DAVID, 13th November 2018

"Efficiently neatly and very pleasantly carried out. Thank you. "

Ron, 13th November 2018

"I was very lucky to have a cancellation The gentleman who came was very pleasant and did a super job"

Gail, 13th November 2018

"Very good service, arrived early and installed exactly where I wanted it. Could of cleared up the drilling mess but wasn't too bad. Thanks for the install, much appreciated."

Roger, 13th November 2018

"My installation engineer was fantastic, Arrived on time having called ahead, Explained everything very clearly & did an excellent job very neat and cleaned up after. Very happy."

Anonymous, 13th November 2018

"Found the process quite lengthy but everyone was polite and helpful. I ended up getting an electrician to check it was possible to install with our electrics as I didn’t really understand what was required. It turned out this wasn’t needed so extra cost incurred. The installation was very good, with the installer explaining everything well and doing a very neat and tidy job. Everything is working well. Thank you. "

Sarah, 13th November 2018

"Installation excellent. Communication a bit disjointed. All good in the end."

NIALL, 13th November 2018

"Service was excellent from start to finish, easy order process, engineer was great and did a fantastic job, left no mess and explained everything we needed to know. Very happy with my choice to use Chargemaster. Thank you."

Christopher, 13th November 2018

"installation was completed within two days of the site inspection. Job completed by a competent and pleasant technician (John Harris) who explained all I needed to know, Thank you for a job well done James Tranter. Staveley. Derbyshire "

James, 13th November 2018

"Very prompt punctual and efficient "

Ian, 13th November 2018

"Excellent service,neatly done. very satisfied, thank you"

Keith, 13th November 2018

"i had one of the 7kva socketed units fitted. The service from Chargemaster PLC was great, and the installation was done very neatly. So full marks for that. The disappointing thing s the charging unit itself - it charges the car, but there is no indication whether charging is complete, and the functionality of the website that shows the charging data is disappointing without an option to download useage stats."

Robert, 13th November 2018

"The fitter arrived on time, very polite and tidy work."

lee, 13th November 2018

"Very professional and warm approach by the whole team right from the start. The gentleman who came to install the charger very efficient and polite. Will definitely recommend "

Sanjay, 13th November 2018

"The information required i.e. photos, MPAN no. etc for some reason or other took quite sometime to sort out (pressure of work I presumed) once we were sorted everything went very smoothly. The engineer knew his job and my house was not an easy task with very thick stone walls, he was courteous and sociable."

Mary, 13th November 2018

"Excellent installation "

Jonathon, 13th November 2018

"the original fitter phoned in sick ,they arranged another fitter same day and he did a good neat job thanks"

Gordon, 13th November 2018

"Good courteous service from the installing technician that installed out charge point. Overall I would say that the whole process from initial enquiry to setup of the equipment and it’s operation was very good. "

Geoff, 13th November 2018

"Once an acceptable date for installation was agreed, it was fine "

Andrew, 13th November 2018

"God only knows how I ever got my charger installed; it was a disaster from beginning to end. Call centre staff cancelled my appointment without telling me, lost emails, I had to send my order 3 times, staff were only interested in blaming the customer not sorting out the issues, until I complained and finally got a senior member of staff to deal with my order. The electrician who surveyed my property gave incorrect advice that could have cost me quite a lot had my electrician not challenged it. When he finally installed the charger he positioned it in such a way I could no longer open the socket next to it. He left the charger lead draped on the floor, in the hope I wouldn't notice it interfered with my existing socket, and I had to tell him in the end the job was unsatisfactory and he had to move it, otherwise he would have left it as it was. Altogether if there was an alternative - if I could choose anyone but Chargemaster - I would. It's hard to find anything positive about this experience."

LYNNE, 13th November 2018

"Excellent professional installation. Very tidy job indeed. Highly recommended "

Philip, 13th November 2018

"The job was expertly handled - a cable routing discussion resulted in a better solution than I expected. It was professionally installed, tidied up and in use within 3 hours. Great service and my best compliments to Chargemaster for a job well done."

David, 13th November 2018

"The engineer who installed the chargemaster was highly professional, did a fantastically neat fitting and spent so much time explaining how it all worked. "

Gordon, 13th November 2018

"Good service"

Anonymous, 13th November 2018

"All very helpful with no problems."

Norman, 13th November 2018

"Good service . Prompt and friendly. Staff explained everything well. "

Kalpana, 13th November 2018

"Excellent booking process, good communication thoughout, unit fitted to very good standard."

Andy, 13th November 2018

"I am glad the experience of dealing with Chargemaster is over. I had nearly 30 emails from them, many of them irrelevant, and some of them wrong. The people I dealt with were delightful but the systems they work in need some serious attention."

Anonymous, 13th November 2018

"Stress free installation"

Roger, 13th November 2018

"Very good service however would have been helpful if the suggestion had been made to increse the main house fuse from 60 amp to 80 amp which we did at no cost with our energy grid western power which safely enabled the installation of the better charging 7kw charger as we were scheduled just to have the equivalent to just using a plug making charging very long especially with a small battery capacity smart car"

nick, 13th November 2018

"Clean install"

Anonymous, 13th November 2018

"James, the technician who installed the charging point was friendly, polite, helpful and knowledgeable. He was very happy to run the cable exactly as I wanted from the fuse box to the charging point. The installation was done in a very clean and tidy manner. He did full functional and safety tests and issued a detailed safety certificate. James was a great ambassador for Chargemaster, he was enthusiastic about the company and knowledgeable and positive about electric vehicles and renewable energy. "

James, 13th November 2018

"Great service "

George, 13th November 2018

"Surveyor told us to lay cable from main which is inside the house to outside whe "

Shalan, 13th November 2018

"Very friendly telephone team and so too were the surveyor and the installer. Still not getting much from the network- I gather that they have just acquired ecotricity’s electric highway which has done me proud for years Hopefully the wisdom will be pooled"

Mark, 13th November 2018

"Chargemaster first assessed electricity upgrade needs required from grid supplier, and then speedily arranged their own visit to install the charger. Friendly, helpful and timely throughout."

Susan, 13th November 2018

"Everything was really smooth from ordering to fitting which was done very professionally."

Alun, 13th November 2018

"I had all queries answered promptly and was given assistance in understanding the process. I was kept up to date about the process and the fitter was prompt and kept me informed of the progress."

David, 1st November 2018

"very efficient and helpful. many thanks"

Anonymous, 29th October 2018

"Excellent service"

Aimee, 26th October 2018


Anonymous, 26th October 2018

"All vert efficient - final fitting went well. Initial survey raised potential problems rather than being solution focused. "

Lisa, 26th October 2018

"Very good service. Engineer arrived when arranged and did a very neat installation. However I had to phone the office to remind them to send me the installation certificate after an email reminder which was ignored."

William, 24th October 2018

"Efficient, turned up on time, did a neat job."

Timothy, 24th October 2018

"Very good and tidy installation and workmanship. "

Anonymous, 24th October 2018

"Very pleased with the rapid service, thank you "

Anonymous, 23rd October 2018

"Very helpful with the admin for applying for the OLEV grant. The kit has worked faultlessly since installation. "

Anonymous, 23rd October 2018

"Professional and courteous staff during initial enquiry. Installer of the charge point very courteous and explained fully the operating procedures. He kept site clean during installation and upon completion. Would recommend Chargemaster in the future."

David, 23rd October 2018

"Very helpful people on the phones and great engineer who fitted the equipment. Cheers "

John, 23rd October 2018

"Overall good. Greater clarity about issues around main house fuse would have been helpful."

Robert, 23rd October 2018

"The installation of two units went smoothly and the installer was skilled and helpful. The sales advisors, were also knowledgeable and helpful. There was a problem over sales liaising intenrnally over the installation date. The service which was not so good was when that provided by Jamie Rucco and the home charge team. This department kept on sending out erroneous automated documents and seemed to totally ignore customer feedback. This drove me to despair Were it not for that I would be happy to highly recommend Chargemaster"

Edward, 23rd October 2018

"A very good service. Arrived on time and was kept informed of arrival time. Our engineer Andy was great. He explained everything he was doing and did a fast clean job. Very happy."

Matthew, 23rd October 2018

"Very efficient and tidy. "

Pauline, 23rd October 2018

"I was not happy when the installer came and would not remove a fuse as he said that my energy supplier needed to come. I called my energy supplier who said they only have appointment in one month time but any electrician can do that. I called my electricien who came and simply removed and put back the fuse. I called Chargmaster to let them know what had happened and they said they would come back to me. I had to call everyday for a week until I got a reply and a date to come and fix the charger which was not easy. I think you should do an investigation first before taking the money upfront to avoid customer having to chase to get an update. "

Anonymous, 23rd October 2018

"I found Chargemaster PLC very efficient and helpful. From my first contact via the phone through to the fitting of my charge point, they kept me well informed and processed my application and purchase without fuss. The fitter was also very efficient - and pleasant to deal with."

Kenneth, 23rd October 2018

"The survey was done by photographs and this included need to fit isolation switch."

Anonymous, 23rd October 2018

"Very professional installation. Neat and tidy job. Thank you."

Ben, 22nd October 2018

"Engineer was on time and kept his work space clean & tidy. He was also very informative and friendly. Could fault him."

Kirsty, 22nd October 2018


Anastasios, 22nd October 2018

"Engineer was very good explained details well and fitted charger in an appropriate place."

Roger, 22nd October 2018

"Although my original booking was cancelled, the follow-up occurred 3 days later and the installation was excellent - very neat cabling and highly professional approach by the Engineer."

Terence, 22nd October 2018

"Very efficient and correct. Did what was promised when it was promised. Installer was exceptional, thanks again Allan"

Anonymous, 22nd October 2018

"Fast, efficient service & very helpful!"

Louise, 22nd October 2018

"The initial telephone conversation was very helpful in clarifying my needs and any restrictions so that I could place an order. I was contacted only a few days later for an installation the same week and this was carried out on time and very tidily as far as I can tell. The installer was polite and helpful. The charger is working well."

Stephen, 22nd October 2018

"Excellent installation service "

Anonymous, 22nd October 2018

"Engineer was polite, informative, and totally knowledgeable in the whole installation process. He kept me informed at all stages and involved in the decision process for best place to install the charger too. Great end to end service. Very happy."

Stephen, 22nd October 2018

"From going through the process of booking the charge point to be fitted to the fitters arrival and seamless and speedy fitting. I could not recommend this service more highly"

Chris, 22nd October 2018

"Fast ,efficient, trustworthy and friendly. Vehicle not arrived yet but there's no reason to believe there will be a problem. I would thoroughly recommend Chargemaster for an EV installation."

Graham, 22nd October 2018

"The installer was good, but when organising the installation I was told I needed a dual pole isolator switch installed. Since neither my provider or independent electricians would complete this, I got a second isolator installed instead (with took allot of time to arrange and I had to pay for it). When the installer arrived it turns out he could just use the existing isolator, meaning I had wasted time and money on the isolator. Not impressed."

Michael, 22nd October 2018

"Very good service. Easy process to follow and a quick turnaround for the installation. Installer was very good and turned up on time and carried out the work very professionally. Overall I am extremely pleased. "

Martin, 22nd October 2018

"First rate customer service, a pleasure to deal with."

Nick, 22nd October 2018

"Very efficient. And we'll explained"

SAMANTHA, 22nd October 2018

"Efficient and knowledgable team "

Robert, 22nd October 2018

"Too many emails. Wrong/conflicting info. Phone calls/emails not responded to. Good intaller but refused to take away own rubbish/packaging. I wasted money paying an electrician at Chargemaster's insistence as this could have been done as part of installation. No call before installer arrival as promised. It is working and was located where I wanted but a lot of money for a straight forward fitting as all are charged same."

John, 22nd October 2018

"From the first email to the engineer who fitted my home point I was very impressed with the level of knowledge, customer interaction and quality of of work . I definitely recommend this company to anyone who requires a home charge point "

Ian, 22nd October 2018

"The office in Luton knew what they were about technically, but they failed to take down my email properly, so hat when they did get the correct address, it all became a bit rushed. On the day booked for installation, the Chargemaster van broke down. The charge point was installed on the following Saturday . That day would normally have been the the engineer's day off, but he came to avoid letting me down. The fitter knew his stuff"

Timothy, 22nd October 2018

"The fitter was very good and clean and prompt "

John, 22nd October 2018

"Job well done"

John, 22nd October 2018

"The service was quick, user friendly and painless. The installation was done professionally and to a very high standard of workmanship."

JONATHAN, 22nd October 2018

"Very good service. Installation was carried out efficiently with minimal disruption to the electricity supply."

Jana, 22nd October 2018

"Excellent - engineer on time - fitting was quick and efficient - he was very polite and pleasant. Good job al round Thanks"

Thomas, 22nd October 2018

"The sales team and booking in team very efficient but the after sales shocking. After lass than a week my charger was not working at all and I’m still waiting for it to be sorted, nobody has contacted me with any suitable times and dates for me to be there to rectify the fault or swap the unit. Not happy at all, would not recommend. "

Sharon, 22nd October 2018

"Excellent service, very tidy job, Glen was a great representative for your company "

David, 22nd October 2018

"They were fantastic! So helpful and patient with all of my questions! "

Susan, 22nd October 2018

"Very friendly and efficient service, great communication from the customer advisors to the engineer that fitted the charger. "

Lee, 22nd October 2018

"Chargemaster were very knowledgeable in this field, however they demanded an awful lot of information which took time and effort in sorting out. That said once this was sorted they met the installation date and the electrical engineer was very thorough, pleasant and efficient. I would recommend Chargemaster. October 2018"

Tony, 22nd October 2018

"Good quality install and very clear overview provided"

Chris, 22nd October 2018

"Fantastic service, engineer was brilliant, fitted the unit exactly where I wanted it."

Paul, 22nd October 2018

"Cable route required by first engineer was ridiculous (up through floorboards, wall and into loft, then across loft, out through soffits and down outside wall!) Fortunately some remedial work was needed before the installation could take place and our electrician simply ran the cable horizontally, a total length of 5m to get to the outside wall. Took him all of 30minutes. Much more experienced engineer attended at second visit, was more than happy at the route etc and completed the install without problem.Lovely guy, and a credit to the company. So very pleased with the outcome in the end!"

Anonymous, 22nd October 2018

"Prompt and efficient service "

John, 22nd October 2018

"The guy came @ 9am - great for me as I had a call @ 8am - was finished by 11.45. Very neat job "

Doreen, 22nd October 2018

"Very friendly and helpful service, they helped with explaining documents and supplied examples which made it very easy. Fitting engineer arrived on date and time. Overall very pleased, not used charger yet."

Colin, 22nd October 2018

"Just a simple online request followed by a couple of phone calls and an electrician was installing the charger in my garage. Neatly installed with all the correct paperwork; just need the car to arrive and it would be perfect."

Martin, 22nd October 2018

"Very helpful, courteous and efficient. "

Anonymous, 22nd October 2018

"Install of my home charge point went very smooth. From start to finish it has been very easy to deal with Chargemaster. The installation engineer was brilliant and did a great job."

WARREN, 22nd October 2018

"Very helpful, very clear, made it easy."

Laura, 22nd October 2018

"The charging unit is good but the process for installation was too complicated. The pricing includes options for any other electrical components needed and photos of locations of the house, garage, existing equipment etc. were needed but in fact I had to organise all extra works separately so that Chargemasater only had to connect the wallbox to an already installed spare circuit breaker. I really wanted a one stop shop for this. Was originally told I had to have a 32Amp circuit but couldn't see why for a 3.7Kw charger. In fact only needed 16A which was within the ratings of the existing cabling to the garage. The actual installation done by Chargemaster is good but it was a week later than intended due to the pre-work I had to arrange."

Ian, 22nd October 2018

"From initial contact to final installation everything was carried out in a professional manner. All the staff we dealt with both on the phone, by email and personally with the fitter had a very high degree of customer care. I would not hesitate to recommend Chargemaster to anyone."

Linda, 22nd October 2018

"Your engineer went to great lengths to conceal unsightly cables to the front of my house. Nothing was too much trouble and the installation was to a very high standard. "

Anthony, 22nd October 2018

"Hi, I am happy with the service in general. However the whole process took 3-4 months and was very fragmented. We live in an old house and we learned that our incoming elec service had to be modified. I had to deal with Chargemaster , British Gas and UK power networks. None of these talked to eachother....I had to be the focal point. So we had a number of visits as follows... Chargemaster 2 , British Gas 2 and UK Power 5. Thats a total of 9 visits which needed our presence . I'm retired so thats ok .However if I was still working I think I would have found it impossible. I suggest that Chargemaster should offer a turnkey service as a single point of contact with the customer."

Robert, 22nd October 2018

"Excellent service. Held my hand through any questions i had."

Bryan, 22nd October 2018

"Thank you for a wonderful service. Efficient, professional and tidy. "

Anonymous, 22nd October 2018

"Very informative, tidy and very polite engineer. "

Sean, 22nd October 2018

"The engineer that came to our home was great he contacted us before he turned up and phoned me once he got at my home and discussed where I wanted the installation, it’s all went in as discussed and was left very tidy.excelent service "

John, 22nd October 2018

"An efficient exercise in fitting a homecharging facility. Good quality equipment fitted on time and to budget. However I am still awaiting delivery of my car so have yet to test the kit."

Vivian, 22nd October 2018

"A bit of a long wait to get a survey- despite me having sent all required photos and details- only to be told tha I needed a larger fuseboard. When I eventually got a date the fixing itself was flawless and efficient"

Rhys, 22nd October 2018

"The service received from Chargemaster was excellent. All staff throughout the whole process from first contact, with special mention for Glen, who carried out the installation, to completion, we’re first class."

Barry, 22nd October 2018

"Excellent service. Was kept informed of progress from start to end. very efficient"

Nicola, 22nd October 2018

"The fitter was very polite and helpful.he did a great job "

Stephen, 22nd October 2018

"Came when promised and all working fine. Thank you! "

Anne, 22nd October 2018

"Getting acceptable photos submitted was a bit of a chore and slow to sort convenient dates to fit once completed ended up keeping provisional supplied date 4 weeks from original request"

Anonymous, 22nd October 2018

"Very competent and pleasant engineer. Neat installation done in good time."

Michael, 22nd October 2018

"Were do I start ! After I bought my My PHEV Mitsubishi Outlander. It has cost another £1,000 and delays . If I had bought an elec vehicle I would have been stuffed ! A. Information and photos and numbers difficult to find and when sent had to be resent again and again , bookings changed 3 times , not flexible and had to take a day of work (£150) House electric had to be modified £600, new leads fir car (£149 ) house charger (£549) unable to access charging points at 5 rivers gym due to none electric cars parking at charging points ! "

Jeff, 22nd October 2018

"The engineer arrived on time, he was very knowledgeable and we were very impressed with the quality of his wiring. He made sure all the relevant tests were completed and ensured we were given all the paperwork. An excellent installation."

Alan, 22nd October 2018


Anonymous, 22nd October 2018

"The booking process was very quick and straight forward. The work was arranged within a week. The installation was completed to a high standard. All round a good experience."

Anonymous, 22nd October 2018

"I found the experience a bit exhausting with all the information required to get your charger, but I do understand that it is required by the government."

Kenneth, 22nd October 2018

"Smooth and trouble free service from start to finish. Thank you. "

Mark, 22nd October 2018

"The engineer was prompt, worked quickly and efficient. No issues at all."

Anonymous, 22nd October 2018

"The service was brilliant but the unit is not preforming as l thought, sometimes the vehicle is not fully charged even after plugged in the whole night. "

Yvonne, 22nd October 2018

"The representative for Chargemaster PLC arrived on time. My partner had already laid the lead attached to the electric circuit so the representative carried on with the work and it was to perfection. Very happy."

Karen, 15th October 2018

"Very easy to organise and set up"

Wayne, 14th October 2018

"Professional, knowledgeable, efficient and courteous. A superb service and we are delighted with the charger! THANK YOU!! If only other companies could model themselves on your high level of customer service."

Peter, 13th October 2018

"Not very straightforward, but the chap who fitted the unit was efficient and genial and skilled. Thank you, Marcus!"

Cecelia, 12th October 2018

"Excellent. Would highly recommend "

David, 11th October 2018

"Installer was very helpful and left a tidy job."

Brian, 11th October 2018

"Installation excellent and very quick. Process was a little painful - felt like I had a load of forms thrown at me, didn’t get all of them, and was then chased for them. Overall very happy with the end result -just look at the customer experience to get there"

Anonymous, 11th October 2018

"Although I was initially concerned that the time to fit was going to a lot longer than the advertised 7 days in fact the company managed to squeeze me in for a quick install. Electrician was friendly and efficient, and the unit is neat and works perfectly."

Phil, 11th October 2018

"very prompt service happy with fitting"

Anthony, 10th October 2018

"Mixed review. The Chargemaster booking people were poor. I took ten emails to sort out instillation. The installer Matt was the opposite, very professional on time and did a terrific job. I wish all workmen had his attitude to customer service. "

Andrew, 10th October 2018

"The installation was very good and hardly any disruption."

Tim, 10th October 2018

"Despite extensive pre-screen questions we did not establish exactly where the 30A feed should be taken and so the engineer was sent out with the wrong parts"

Anonymous, 10th October 2018

"Helpful throughout the process, staff very friendly "

Caroline, 10th October 2018

"Really good customer service. Quick to book an appointment date that suited me, the installation engineer turned up on time and the work was carried out quickly. "

STEPHEN, 9th October 2018

"Charger was installed within 2 weeks, a clean tidy job with minimum disruption. All emails were answered quickly and efficiently and paper work was sorted out without any hassles. Works very well. Would highly recommend Chargemaster."

Dhiren, 9th October 2018

"The actual installation was really good, have given a poor review as the website said installed within 7 days and it took over a month!"

Matthew, 9th October 2018

"The engineer did a great job "

JOAO, 9th October 2018

"God communication, quik appointment date. The installer was very friendly and the wallbox is decent."

Anonymous, 9th October 2018

"Good installation."

Louise, 9th October 2018

"The engineer was fantastic, very helpful and did an excellent job. Booking in the installation took a lot of effort on my part. I was extremely close to not having an electric car due to the hassle of trying to get an acceptable date to survey my property and get the charger installed."

Steve, 9th October 2018

"very pleased especially with the engineer and the overall efficiency"

Nick, 9th October 2018

"Quick and tidy installation."

Anonymous, 9th October 2018

"The install was quick neat and the unit was positioned in my preferred location. The only disappointing thing was the extra cost over and above the grant.... Why are these things so expensive?? "

Mark, 9th October 2018

"Poor customer service; information about product misleading; placed an order for an additional cable that was only dispatched after two calls to complain. Initial appointment was cancelled at short notice only saving grace was the installation electrician who did a great job. "

Alison, 9th October 2018

"Very good"

Anonymous, 9th October 2018

"Excellent, professional service, kept updated of time of arrival. Installation was to a high standard , installer was excellent."

Kim, 9th October 2018

"Excellent customer services when required. Lots of charge points to choose from"

John, 9th October 2018


Clive, 9th October 2018

"Kadiza ber gum was extremely helpful, in the office ,also Thom the engineer was competent and very professional ."

Richard, 9th October 2018

"very good ,came on time and very great service"

Wayne, 9th October 2018

"Scott the fitter was very helpful - good lad"

Marie, 9th October 2018

"Excellent communication, service and installation. Highly recommended."

Andrew, 9th October 2018

"Very good service"

Steven, 9th October 2018

"On-site installation engineer was excellent. Did a fantastic job."

Anonymous, 9th October 2018

"Lovely chap turned up on time and had rung the day before to confirm. Did a really neat job."

Anonymous, 9th October 2018

"Its the administration that lets the company down."

Anonymous, 9th October 2018

"Came on time and did a great job. Also explained the system clearly."

barry, 9th October 2018

"Prompt, clean and polite, the engineer tidied up after himself and the installation is very neat."

Helene, 9th October 2018

"Overall, good. They did initially wrongly assess that my fuseboard, but this was resolved in the end."

Anonymous, 9th October 2018

"Excellent service, very neat job carried out by James. "

Anonymous, 9th October 2018

"Very good service "

mathew, 9th October 2018

"We were very impressed with how carefully our engineer managed our situation. The unit was very neatly installed. He worked very hard, and we are thankful to him. The unit itself is impressive and charges our BMW 330e so much more quickly than was possible with the three pin plug, with a lead going through the window. That took three and a half hours at least to achieve a full charge. With the unit it takes about one hour and a half. Really good."

Caroline, 9th October 2018

"Excellent efficient service."

Anonymous, 9th October 2018

"We recently had a home charger fitted,It was all done very quickly and professionally,Very Pleased with the result.Would definitely recommend Chargemaster."

Ritchie, 9th October 2018

"was a bit bombarded by e-mail to start with, but fitting was neat and tidy"

Gary, 9th October 2018

"Truest excellent back office and front line operational performance I have written to the CEO to commend Chargemaster"

David, 9th October 2018

"The installer could not be faulted turned up on time did the job in less than 2 hours without even needing to step through the door. Based on the photos I had submitted he had already decided where it could be fitted, had assembled the unit with it's wiring and simply had to screw it to the wall next to the meter box and connect it up."

Anonymous, 9th October 2018

"Very friendly service, quick to respond to emails. Fitting of device was easy and the fitter was efficient and helpful. "

Anne, 9th October 2018

"All went well and in quicktime."

Edward, 9th October 2018

"Maybe because we are a company rather than an individual, my dealings with your office have been drawn out and frustrating with more than one "computer says no" conversation. The sole reason for my 5 star rating is your engineer, Glen. Glen carried out the survey and also returned to carry out the work. He turned up when he said he would, did what he said he would, completed the job and tidied up. He was personable and knew what he was doing. If only all my contractors were like Glen! He really is a star, you need to keep hold of him. Emma Lane, Linden Homes South East. "

Emma, 9th October 2018

"Very good service efficient and helpful on the phone Fitter very pleasant and efficient very neat and tidy excellent job Very pleased with the whole experience would recommend to all"

Charles, 9th October 2018

"Great service and very efficient. Would definitely recommend. "

Emma, 9th October 2018

"Thanks for a good service guys- you were responsive to emails and calls and came up with the answers. The whole process was pretty complex but we got there in the end!"

Jonathan, 9th October 2018

"Great install by Neil"

Carol, 9th October 2018

"Installation great but unit faulty. I’m still waiting for a replacement a week later!"

Philip, 4th October 2018

"Efficient effective and pleasant service from start to finish. "

James, 3rd October 2018

"Very professional from start to finish, installation was very quick, neat and tidy. "

Stephen, 3rd October 2018

"Very quick and efficient and the engineer was very pleasant and informative."

Anonymous, 2nd October 2018

"Marcus install very thorough and professional"

Jonathan, 2nd October 2018

"Service engineer was very efficient & polite."

David, 1st October 2018

"Very good...end of !"

CLIVE, 1st October 2018

"took a while to get a date for the electrician to fit it but when he did there were no problems, fast and efficient"

GRANT, 1st October 2018

"Professional install carried out as required"

Leigh, 29th September 2018

"Installation was provided promptly and courteously by Paul"

John, 28th September 2018


Nuala, 28th September 2018

"The whole process from enquiring to ordering was fairly easy, all done by phone and email. The fitter Alan arrived on time with a text before hand just to let us know what time he expected to arrive. Fitting work as carried out to a good standard and everything was tidied after he'd finished. It took just over 2 hours from arrival to finishing so no problem there either. All in all it went to plan."

Dominic, 28th September 2018

"Arrived on time - efficient fitting - recommended."

juliet, 27th September 2018

"Very good engineer was a little negative in my opinion at the beginning almost not wanting to have to do the job. Got a good result in the end but felt like there were more finding issues than finding solutions."

Anonymous, 27th September 2018

"Whereas the initial consultations and help were of a good standard and the install/installer was great. The general follow up calls, response times and attitude of one particular employee regarding a booking I responded to within 3 hrs, was very poor, verging on rude. I definitely got the impression that you have plenty of work and it's not really a huge deal if you lose an enquiry."

Paul, 27th September 2018

"Fast efficient service, engineer very friendly. Very good service"

Larry, 27th September 2018

"Excellent job by the fitter, clean and tidy and talked me through the installation in a very professional manner, highly recommend."

Alan, 27th September 2018

"Exceptional Customer Service Everything from the first contact on the phone to the amazing installation guy , Dion. Booked in and had it fitted within a week. Very punctual both with delivery and installation. "

Constantinos, 27th September 2018

"The installer was not professional. Bit rude to start with. There is no definition of patience in his dictionary. Job wise he was ok. Chargemaster needs to teach their installer about customer service. "

Anonymous, 27th September 2018

"The actual installation was fine, done promptly and neatly. However, the installing engineer left with the keys and so the unit is currently unusable and almost a week later, I’m still waiting for them to be sent to me. In addition, I’ve not heard anything about the Polar network, which I’m supposed to get 3 months free membership of. I’m about to give them a call!"

Mark, 27th September 2018

" Great company. Installed the charge point in very flexible and user-friendly way. Engineer was really nice and arrived on time. Customer service has been excellent. "

Daniel, 27th September 2018

"My Chargemaster was fitted by an outstanding electrician where nothin was a problem. It is now doing exactly what it said in the pre instillation documents."

colin, 27th September 2018

"Great service start to finish "

Darrel, 27th September 2018

"Very straight forward. Professional staff and well organised company."

Sian, 27th September 2018

"Installation engineer was very thorough and able to answer all questions. "

Anonymous, 27th September 2018

"Service was good, dealing with the paperwork was so easy. Friendly staff, installation guy very professional."

Darren, 27th September 2018

"Completed an enquiry, quick to call me, sent all the Forms promptly. I returned then and then had a call to take the payment a week before instillation. Installer was here promptly, set it up exactly where I wanted it. Did a very neat job. Working well with no issues. "

Anonymous, 27th September 2018

"Pre installation: The information available on-line was clear and helpful. Contact was made promptly, and the home charge advisor was extremely helpful and efficient. She made sure that providing the necessary information was quick and easy. The installation engineer was very pleasant, highly skilled, and very efficient. He did a quick and tidy job, and explained what he was doing and why as he went along. The installation works brilliantly, with no problems."

ANDREW, 27th September 2018

"It is not free as car dealers tell you. If you have not got up to date electrics there are additional costs this would apply to all suppliers. also if you want to switch unit off so it is not always live you have to pay extra. The work carried out by Chargemaster (installing charger) was excellant"

David, 27th September 2018

"From the initial enquiry to the installation I found Chargemaster very professional and friendly."

Tim, 27th September 2018

"Excellent service x"

Angela, 27th September 2018

"Amazing service and our installer, Mike was extremely professional. Would recommend Chargemaster to anyone."

Anonymous, 27th September 2018

"Arrived very promptly and fitted cahargepoint quickly and with minimal mess. All staff especially Taylor were very helpful in completing paperwork "

Geoffrey, 27th September 2018

"Reasonably prompt service from submitting the application to the installation, including explanation of what was covered by government grant and what wasn't. Only hiccup was a slight mix-up over dates due to two people being involved and the need for an initial survey. The engineer who performed the survey and the installation was excellent, responding to our needs and being tidy, careful and systematic in his work. "

Frederick, 27th September 2018

"Very longwinded with numerous people sending me email about same thing. Delays meant I had to try-submit authority form. Staff involved always polite though."

Yvonne, 27th September 2018

"Entirely satisfied with the service from Chargemaster. The only issue we had was with the scheduling of our installation but when I raised this it was dealt with rapidly and courteously. That aside, the application process was straightforward, and our installation engineer, Craig, was first class. I certainty have no hesitation in recommending Chargemaster. "

Drew, 27th September 2018

"Everything from the first communication was well handled."

JAN, 27th September 2018

"They kept to appointments and the installation was to a high standard. "

Peter, 27th September 2018

"Installation was excellent - could not have been better. Craig phoned the evening before to say when he would be arriving and the quality of work was superb, a really neat job. I was shown how the charger works and all documentation was handed over before Craig left. It’s not often you get a great job these days but this certainly was. Full marks. "

Andrew, 27th September 2018

"Excellent service all round from taking order to delivery "

Anonymous, 27th September 2018

"Actual installation fine but process beforehand with paperwork painful. "

Anonymous, 27th September 2018

"On time, good fitter, neat job - should really clear up the mess afterwards and take all the packing away "

Anonymous, 27th September 2018

"Excellent helpful and informative service."

Beverley, 27th September 2018

"Xcellent fast service"

Anonymous, 27th September 2018

"Initial process was slow. I was responding quickly to provide the required information, yet, I waited days to get a response. Once payment was taken things started to speed up. Really good service from that point and installation was great. "

Adam, 27th September 2018

"Excellent customer service.Very helpful and knowledgeable.At installation date engineer arrived on time and gave us all necessary information and did very good job. Recommend this company to everyone."

Mehmet, 27th September 2018

"All good except black cable a bit unsightly on the front of my house "

Clive, 27th September 2018

"Excellent installation and quality of work carried out by John"

Nick, 27th September 2018

"Throughout the process, staff were helpful and accommodating, willing to answer any questions and made adjustments to my order when requested. The engineer sent to install the product was very professional, informative, had a good knowledge of his job and the options available for my house and setup. He was happy to explain things and help me decide which would best suit my situation. The work was very well done and the Homecharger was fitted to a high standard. He delivered a great result based on the options we had."

AARON, 27th September 2018

"Pre installation asked same questions on several occasions. Installation very efficient, installer knew his stuff and was polite and quick. Charger however not as quick as anticipated."

Steve, 27th September 2018

"Very helpful and considerate staff"

Ian, 27th September 2018

"Absolutely dreadful management. It seems that if one man goes ill they are unable to keep their appointments. Two days off wasted. One new car looking like it will have to be cancelled. Any company that seems to run without sufficient contingency cover does not deserve business from major suppliers. It doesn't matter how good your engineers are if you are unable to get them to your customers on the agreed date, never mind the agreed time. Worse! you had the nerve to suggest that I could be more flexible! Poor, very poor indeed. "

T, 25th September 2018

"The engineer called in advance, arrived on time and wasted no time in planning where everything would go. The charger installation and the cable routing were all done very professionally with some good advice thrown in. Overall, a great job."

Richard, 24th September 2018

"The engineer was very prompt and made a very tidy installation of the wiring in the house and the wiring/charging point outside of the house. "

Jayne, 22nd September 2018

"Emerson was very good, he persevered with the connection between the charger and our fuse box and was successful in that he was able to hide the cable in our loft, great job!"

Rod, 22nd September 2018

"There good"

John, 21st September 2018

"Polite, efficient service; did exactly what they said they would do - can't ask better than that! "

Anonymous, 21st September 2018

"Very helpful staff when arranging the installation. Kazia Begum was especially helpful. The installation was done in a very professional manner and the electrician obviously knew exactly what was required and explained everything in a very courteous and clear way. A good service all round"

Leonard, 21st September 2018

"Excellent swift service, box where I wanted it and very neat job"

Anonymous, 21st September 2018

"The service from Chargemaster was good, the engineer did a good job of installing and the end result is neat and tidy. "

Anonymous, 21st September 2018

"Trying to get through and deal with setting this up was a nightmare, never dealing with the same person, personnel asking for payements which were not part of the package, being fobbed of that they will get back to you when back of holiday etc etc. When we finally got the engineer to attend he was like a breath of fresh air extremely helfull and obviously well skilled a complete contrast to the office contact."

Colin, 21st September 2018

"Chose the BMW charger for my new i3S and Chargermaster carried out a perfect installation. Their engineer Matt was highly proficient, knowledgable and professional. He provided advice and insights regarding electric vehicles and in my opinion was the perfect ambassador for Chargemaster. Thank you Chargemaster and Matt."

Colin, 21st September 2018

"A very efficient and friendly service Thank you "

John, 21st September 2018

"The engineer who came to fit the Unit, was very professional and polite, I am very happy with everything from start to finish. Everybody seemed to know exactly what was needed when contacting Charge Master. Thank you. "

Edmondo, 21st September 2018

"Happy with price and installation, installer was prompt, friendly and helpful."

Mohammad, 21st September 2018

"Chargemaster have been very thorough in the whole process and their electrician did a very good job of fitting the charge point. "

Andrew, 21st September 2018

"Amazing service, very helpful and amazing team from customer services to the installers. "

Luke, 20th September 2018

"the charger port was put in the place we wanted. the work was carried out at the time arranged and there wasn't any mess. very good service. "

Steve, 20th September 2018

"thought the service and installation was very good"

Alan, 20th September 2018

"I have more to say than csn be accommodated here, both good and not so good. Suffice to say I am hoping that my association with Chargemaster will prove as positive as I originally hoped going forward."

Anthony, 20th September 2018

"Scott did a Brilliant Job on the Installation "

Nick, 20th September 2018

"Great Company and service could not do more when fitting the system. Even got and upgrade for no extra cost."

Andrew, 20th September 2018

"Everyone concerned did their job well."

Graham, 20th September 2018

"Very good service."

Mark, 20th September 2018

"the process was very straight forward and the installation extremely efficient. The engineer explained everything n a very straight forward and prefessional manner ...."

Gary, 20th September 2018

"The fitter, Paul based in Worthing was faultless, really helpful and knowledgeable 10/10. Kadiza Beghum was also very helpful, and even when the fitting time slot was change, she changed it back again very swiftly, no problems. However I found the chargemaster system a little difficult to deal with, for example, all expenses were being charged to my company, but in nearly every conversation, I was told how much the cost was going to be to me. my install date was changed after I had discusse and agreed a day / time (I work). "

Katy, 20th September 2018

"Excellent installation by Matt. Fast efficient very tidy and very friendly"

John, 20th September 2018

"Great service, friendy & knowledgable installer"

ANTHONY, 20th September 2018

"Charger was fitted nice and neat, slight problem with my electrics but the fitter fixed the problem, top bloke!! Kept informed throughout the whole process. Would highly recommend this company."

Vanessa, 20th September 2018

"The engineer turned up on time, took less time I thought it would take, showed me how to use the cable to charge my car and left. Job well done. Photos attached. "

Philip, 20th September 2018

"Alan Clark the engineer, was prompt completed the work efficiently and tidily and was the perfect advert for chargemaster"

gary, 20th September 2018

"Fantastic service from very helpful and friendly staff on the other end of the phone and email, as well as a very accommodating, helpful and professional installation engineer."

Jonny, 20th September 2018

"Having emailed many companies to undertake installation of charger. Chargemaster responding quickly and got on with the job. Had one response from another company but that was all it was. Good guidance provided in relation to applying for grant. Chap arrived on time, got on with the job, pleasant and polite. Price ok. would recommend"

David, 20th September 2018

"Very helpful staff, and very efficient installation."

Alan, 20th September 2018

"The only reason for marking down is the attitude of the engineer who installed ..."

Demosthenes, 20th September 2018

"Scott was excellent throughout the installation of the Chargemaster and completed it efficiently and professionally. Thanks "

Daniel, 20th September 2018

"The person who came to install the charger was excellent the customer service is shocking. There is no joined up processes and I had to submit documents multiple times and when I sent an email saying how poor the customer services was, the team leader replied and did not address the concerns I raised. "

Paul, 20th September 2018

"Everything you said happened on time and was nicely done, with good customer service, the electrician was great."

Drummond, 20th September 2018

"Although work was carried out reasonably promptly. Communication needs to be improved with little response to requests and a last minute appointment made for installation as a text the evening before."

Alex, 20th September 2018

"Fantastic job "

Mark, 20th September 2018

"Making the right choice of unit was not easy. It was not helpful that incorrect assumptions were made of my choice. Installation was excellent"

Anonymous, 20th September 2018

"Came when they said they would, fitted the charger, tidied up. What more do you need?"

Angela, 20th September 2018

"Supplied the data the preinstall team needed- photos of existing equipment etc, the size of the main house fuse could be an issue to some people installing a 7KW unit into an older house. Luckily I had a electrician nearby that could confirm the house fuse size. Phone call from "Mike" our installer the night before to confirm arrival time, he arrived within 5 mins of that time not bad as he had travelled from the Birmingham area to Manchester through rush hour and roadworks. He detailed his installation plan confirmed positions of equipment with other options of where to put the charger unit. Carried out installation and gave a demonstration of how to couple up the car. If Chargemaster made lager...….. 🙂 Why has your review for installation got postage details on it.Hello it was in your van "

Mark, 20th September 2018

"Installer understood and acted on my concerns ref cable routing on the front of the house (Old Georgian property)"

Nigel, 19th September 2018

"The installation guy we had was brilliant. So polite and helpful. Thank you"

william, 18th September 2018

"Problem free"

Philip, 18th September 2018

"Very easy process and well supported throughout Engineer very pleasant did a fantastic job Would recommend "

Hugh, 18th September 2018

"All very professional and painless. Thanks "

Samuel, 17th September 2018

"Found the Chargemaster personnel were very polite, knowledgeable as well as helpful. Gave clear and precise instructions and responses to my questions and queries. During installation, their engineer was excellent at advising us on every step of the work carried out to get the charging station installed on our property and took immense pride in his workmanship getting this installation just right. I ended up with a fantastic setup as seen in pictures attached. Many thanks to Chargemaster"

John, 17th September 2018

"Fitter Nathan - excellent. Disappointed that neither the unit nor the online ChargeVision dashboard actually show when the car is charged. The 13amp cable has a light showing fully charged, surprised this is missing from the Chargemaster dedicated socket."

Jason, 16th September 2018

"We are awaiting delivery of an electric car, but the fitting of our Charging Unit went without any problems. Very nice chap who came along to do it."

Steven, 16th September 2018

"Poor initial advice and technical warnings. Very good installation"

Robert, 16th September 2018

"Very impressed with Chargemaster service. The engineer was excellent: friendly, efficient, professional and explained everything very clearly. Would definitely recommend."

Alice, 15th September 2018


Anonymous, 15th September 2018

"What lovely people you all are! Thankyou to Jobena Begum, to Jamie Ruocco and to Kamar Ilyas. You were all so professional, approachable and helped me to understand the process and the installation. You weren't just on the Very Good mark - you were Excellent. Many thanks, Ruth Tams"

RUTH, 15th September 2018

"Friendly and professional "

JOHN, 14th September 2018

"I found the process of taking photos and sending them via email very difficult as I do not have a computer. I had to rely on friends to help me with that. It would have been much better for me to have had someone come to my property to survey. It would have been much less confusing for me. I was very close to cancelling the whole set up. However, the engineer that fitted the equipment was very polite and professional."

Martin, 14th September 2018

"Brilliant from start to finish. Helped to get the process going quickly after Renault initially messed it up. Then assisted with the upgrade of our household electrics via an inspection. And the installer couldn't have been nicer or more professional - a real credit to the team."

Richard, 14th September 2018

"Helpful and friendly staff, and the installer [Alan] was *fantastic*. Just a few small delays ."

Kim, 14th September 2018

"Excellent job polite & friendly engineer. "

Peter, 14th September 2018

"Helpful, quick"

Anonymous, 14th September 2018

"Excellent hassle-free installation"

Claire, 14th September 2018

"Excellent service and installation was trouble free with a super job by the installation engineer."

Mark, 13th September 2018

"It was a very easy process and the communication was really good. The installer was very friendly and professional and made sure we were happy and knew exactly how to use the charger. I would highly recommend Chargemaster "

Kevin, 13th September 2018

"Excellent service from start to finish"

Gary, 13th September 2018

"Guided me through the process and an easy experience."

Anonymous, 13th September 2018

"Electrician was excellent, office support though was a bit weak."

Paul, 13th September 2018

"Mike was very pleasant and provided an excellent and professional install. Very impressed."

Darren, 13th September 2018

"Excellent service during order process and installation couldn't have been easier "

Jason, 13th September 2018

"The installation was perfect, and your engineer was excellent Thank you"

Gary, 13th September 2018

"Really good customer service team: helpful, courteous and efficient. Installation engineer arrived on time, was pleasant, efficient and explained all the features well. I have the charger some two months before the car so great for timeliness. The paperwork is a little daunting and jargon laden, largely thanks to the government subsidy and I objected to uncharacteristically harassing emails from some part of the Chargemaster which was cross me for failing to return all the paperwork and photos within three days. "

Barry, 13th September 2018

"Very quick and efficient in administering the application. The Chargemaster Electrician was very polite and efficient, work was conducted to a high standard. Pleased with the work and outcome."

Anonymous, 13th September 2018

"Very Professional company, installer was superb and did a very neat and tidy job!! 5*"

Andrew, 13th September 2018

"Excellent service, many thanks. "

Lisa, 13th September 2018

"Terrific service from start to finish has been excellent. There were some technical challenges that needed to be addressed with our property but we were appropriately guided through the pre-requisites. Installation was great. Engineer was professional and polite. Very happy with the whole experience."

Anonymous, 13th September 2018

"Very efficient service, thanks"

Anonymous, 13th September 2018

"Excellent service and advise. "

William, 13th September 2018

"great job quick and easy"

George, 13th September 2018

"They did a great job. The engineer, Allan, was very nice and did the job as it was his own house. He carefully paid attention to every detail trying to hide the cable as much as possible. I will seriously recommend him and this company for your charging point."

Angel, 13th September 2018

"Excellent service"

Norma, 13th September 2018

"Bit hard work dealing with them. Had to chase them a few times as they weren’t very good at returning calls. The chaps that installed them were very good though and I’m very please with my two chargers. "

Simon, 13th September 2018

"Engineer was great, left no mess, unit works perfectly and the premium version give accurate statistics as to electrical usage. Can recommend."

Martin, 13th September 2018

"Placed order, staff very professional responding quickly and unit fitted within two weeks. Installation engineer very helpful, fitted unit where asked and made a very tidy job. Very pleased with the whole experience."

Derek, 13th September 2018

"Very good service, Amanda Ward in particular was very helpful and helped me every step of the way. Every step was exactly in the timescale advised, excellent communication."

Keith, 13th September 2018

"Actual installation was very good. Arrived on time, did a neat and professional job and left everything clean and tidy. The initial scheduling seemed disorganised but was eventually completed satisfactorily."

Anonymous, 13th September 2018

"The electrician was very effieient, however the installation took less than an hour, but Chargemaster still charge £199 on top of the £500 government grant. So £700 for an hour of work + a connection box worth less than £50 and 1 hour travel time. The disclaimer is worthless as orders do not proceed unless customers agrees it is good value. I feel cheated and the UK Government are being ripped off. Dissapointed"

Michael, 13th September 2018

"Too many emails asking for the same stuff and various issues due to your admin team being on holiday and not speaking to each other - the gent that fitted it eventually was top class"

Barrie, 13th September 2018

"From the first call to the home installation team through to the actual installation a seemless experience. It would not have been possible to have been more efficient and customer focused"

Anonymous, 13th September 2018

"Hi. Chargemaster recently installed a 7KW charge point at our home. The front office staff were professional and easy to deal with. Come the day of the installation I received prior notice the engineer would arrive between 12:30-13:00. He did. The engineer, Andy, quickly established what was to be done & we agreed a few final details. The job was completed in 3.5 hours. I am very happy with the result. Andy is a pleasure to deal with. Top marks Chargemaster. "

Martin, 13th September 2018

"The actual engineer who came out was fantastic. Helpful, polite and explained everything. No complaints at all. But the admin to get to that point was terrible. I received numerous contradictory emails. And then Chargemaster told me they had cancelled the installation date after I had booked time off work to be present. Gary did get this resolved for me which I am grateful for but I really shouldn't have to phone and shout to keep an appointment already made. It would appear that the admin team do not communicate with the installation team in any meaningful way."

Kathy, 13th September 2018

"Excellent communication and great fitter , very thorough brilliant "

Philip, 13th September 2018

"Arrived on time having rung earlier to give an approximate time. Fitted quickly and neatly. "

Liz, 13th September 2018

"First class service and friendly staff"

Gary, 13th September 2018

"The engineer who installed my chargemaster device was great - he was very professional and would say he deserves special recognition as I felt like an extremely valued customer. However - I was much less satisfied with the communication beforehand. I received so many emails confirming different information which was really confusing. I had the final confirmation for the install date and it transpired the job wasn't booked on the system ! Too many emails, a lack of communication behind the scenes which must get better. I would have said 'very poor' but the engineer was great so I'll say all in it's 'acceptable'"

Lloyd, 13th September 2018

"The initial survey was good with suggestions about how the cable could be installed to minimise visual impact and who to contact for upgrading the house supply from 60 to 100 Amps. The administrative arrangements were smooth. The installation went well except the cable from the Chargemaster car charger to the square black connector box was too short to go through the wooden partition to the inside of the garage so the ugly connector box sits underneath the attractive Chargemaster car charger on the outside of the garage. The visual effect was made worse by the addition of 2 yellow and black warning stickers. The black box and yellow stickers were not mentioned before installation and they are not in the pictures of the Chargemaster car charger on literature."

John, 13th September 2018

"Overall, pleased with the service. Some contact resulted in a delayed response however which could have been improved. Electrician was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable as well as on-time, all of which was very appreciated."

Chris, 13th September 2018

"The final result was excellent, with so much care to fit the unit in a convenient place for me to use. Your fitter was very concerned to offer me the best option."

A, 13th September 2018

"Daniel fitted our electric car charger and was extremely professional, thorough and a really nice person to have working on our property. Thank You.."

Deborah, 9th September 2018

"An excellent and tidy installation by a very polite Engineer. "

David, 7th September 2018

"Pleased with the speed at which they booked us in to install the charge point. "

Anonymous, 7th September 2018

"Very helpfully from start to finish"

Bryan, 7th September 2018

"It took a bit of time to arrange the install. The engineer was great - very efficient and friendly. Support in getting the additional grant was only achieved after sending four or five emails. Overall though I am happy."

David, 7th September 2018

"Very gd service, charge point was installed as requested. No issues. And engineer arrived at time he said he would. Thank you."

Richard, 6th September 2018

"The Engineer who installed the charging point did an excellent job, providing a very tidy finish to a complicated installation. Punctual, polite and friendly. The admin support was equally very helpful. "

Graham, 6th September 2018

"Excellent service, engineer very polite, respectful, no mess and explained everything clearly and concisely. Well done"

MICHAEL, 6th September 2018

"The guy that installed my charger was brilliant."

Paul, 6th September 2018

"Very efficient"

jean, 5th September 2018

"Engineer arrived early and fitted unit where we wanted it,quickly snd efficiently,then explained how to use it. Excellent sevice."

Nicholas, 5th September 2018

"Fast efficient service "

Anonymous, 5th September 2018

"Very efficient installation and helpful installer. All done promptly and tidily with a neat finish. Installer explained what he had done and how to use the charger. "

John, 5th September 2018

"Very professional and well executed "

Gary, 5th September 2018

"Soooo complicated."

Anonymous, 5th September 2018

"The installation went very smoothly and Chargemaster were very professional in the whole process."

Alison, 5th September 2018

"As a 70+ owner of a new electric car with minimal understanding of the technologies involved I was very apprehensive of the order process. I need not have been concerned. From day one I was treated with extreme respect and understanding from all the office personnel. The engineer who installed the charger was extremely professional and kept me informed throughout the job. First class service all round."

John, 5th September 2018

"Despite some initial issues with making contact and setting the process in motion the service and installation from Chargemaster was very good. The person who completed the survey prior to installation being agreed was very thorough and discussed the option with me. The installation completed after this survey was also of a very high standard and the workmanship was very good. "

Ian, 5th September 2018

"In all dealings with the company, we were treated with courtesy and efficiency notably in the office, Sianika, Rocco and another lady whose name escapes me! In particular, Alan Richardson, was professional throughout the appraisal and installation processes."

Richard, 5th September 2018

"An excellent, neat installation. The engineer was courteous and produced an excellent installation in spite of the fact that access was difficult."

Raymond, 5th September 2018

"Chargemaster were helpful getting through the awful bureaucracy of the OLEV and Scottish Electric car grant schemes but it was still painful. Installation was quick and efficient although the charger has been positioned in a way that means I can’t coil the charging lead On the charger"

Colin, 5th September 2018

"Very competent and informative installer. A nice, tidy installation."

Anonymous, 5th September 2018

"Very good fitter "

Anonymous, 5th September 2018

"Fast, professional installation."

ROSIE, 5th September 2018

"Chargemaster made the whole process as simple and pain free as possible. Their customer service was excellent. The engineer who attended to install the charge point was friendly and helpful - and did a really careful and neat job. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chargemaster to others. "

Lynda, 5th September 2018

"Excellent service from start to finish - highly recommended"

Gary, 5th September 2018

"The Chargemaster fitter arrived on time to fit our charging unit.We discussed the best position for the charger.The unit was ready to use an hour and a half. After 20mins paper work and a chat about operating procedures. The charger works great. Instructions on Chargmaster were left."

Chris, 5th September 2018

"(Apologies for waiting so long to respond! I've just received my EV today and wanted to ensure everything was working before sending a response!) Very neat and tidy job with minimal disruption on the day. Very happy with the service."

Gareth, 5th September 2018

"Clear, concise communication and excellent product. "

Anonymous, 5th September 2018

"Peter arrived as scheduled and has done a really good and efficient job, just waiting now for car to plug in to system. The service from the office side was really good too and explained everything in the way of photo’s required. All in all an excellent service all round, would recommend to anyone who may be interested in your product. Yours sincerely, Geoff Hartless."

Geoffrey, 5th September 2018

"Very good service overall. Excellent communications from the office. The installation went well and the engineer couldn't have been nicer."

Colin, 5th September 2018

"Very good installation. Engineer was very helpful and the work was both neat and tidy. An installation date was quickly arranged and engineer trlephone night before to confirm arrival time. "

Christopher, 5th September 2018

"Very good service "

Jonathan, 3rd September 2018

"Great experience! Helpful, friendly staff. Javardo Walsh (Sales) brilliant! An asset to the company. Mr N.Emmons friendly, tidy, installed the charger perfectly. No problem. Thank you Chargemaster x"

Vanessa, 1st September 2018

"The electrician arrived very promptly, was very efficient the planning and installing the necessary cabling and socket. The standard of work is very good. "

John, 1st September 2018

"The whole experience from the first telephone call to the completion of the installation was stress free and all the company representatives were helpful, knowledgable and courteous - well done. "

Winston, 30th August 2018

"Excellent customer service and friendly approachable staff made my total experience truly superb."

Trevor, 30th August 2018

"excellent installation by friendly engineer. a credit to your company"

David, 30th August 2018

"Bad: Could have been clearer about the length of time appointments in the north if Scotland take. Confusing for non electricians the requirements around the Zoe Wordy emails Good: Accomodated an earlier appointment when pushed. Really competent installer who was diligent and tidy"

DEIRDRE, 30th August 2018

"Good, efficient and fitter was a nice chap"

Vincent, 29th August 2018

"Timescale of the job was longer than I expected but the man who carried out the installation was excellent. Cheery,bright and min fuss"

Anonymous, 29th August 2018

"No complaints."

Anonymous, 29th August 2018

"Great product. Excellent service"

Oliver, 29th August 2018

"quick turn around and efficient "

Dan, 29th August 2018

"Excellent "

James, 29th August 2018

"Excellent workmanship and very friendly people to deal with all the way from the call center right through to the surveyor and installer. "

Rehaan, 29th August 2018

"Very pleased with the installation and the installer Craig Rodgers. It is a very neat job and he arrived when he said he would and was a tidy worker."

Daniel, 29th August 2018

"Mike who fitted the system was great. Getting to that stage was more problematical. Team seemed obsessed with getting the sale and booking fitting. Photo's provided should have made them realise that what I wanted, Mike was not going to be able to do on first visit and therefore we had an aborted fitting because of it. All sorted now though and working well"

David, 29th August 2018

"Great company superb communication great product and nothing short of stunning. Highly recommend and staff fantastic. Happy you bet!!!"

David, 29th August 2018

"Electrician who came to fit was excellent, knowledgeable and efficient."

Jamie, 29th August 2018

"Installation took a long time (about 6 hours), but happy with the end result - and rather this than it be a rush job. Engineer took the time to explain things and was flexible on our options."

Anonymous, 29th August 2018

"I had no idea what I was doing with regards buying a power unit, Chargemaster were great from the 1st time I called and for every bit of contact all the way. My dedicated adviser was so helpful, The fitter was a great guy who did a really neat job and I learnt a lot from his advise. I couldn't be happier I would totally recommend Chargemaster."

Peter, 29th August 2018

"Very helpful team throughout. Engineer was fantastic on the pre-visit and on the installation itself at helping us work out how to get the power out to the driveway, which wasn’t very straightforward for our property! Excellent customer service when handling my queries, very straightforward all round."

Anonymous, 29th August 2018

"Very efficient handling and processing of the relevant paperwork and grant appliocation by the head office. Great service from the engineer who fitted the charging point. I cannot fault any aspect of the Chargemaster service,"

Robin, 29th August 2018

"Friendly, helpful, efficient and timely"

, 29th August 2018

"Neil was very nice, quick, tidy, polite a pleasure to work with"

jerri, 29th August 2018

"Job well done. Gave me an early appointment before my car was delivered. Engineer did a very neat job and explained how to use very well"

Georgina, 29th August 2018

"The fitter who was sent was very pleasant and polite. The installation was made difficult due to having to fit the cable in the crawl space in a cellar. The fitter completed the task without complaint. Also we were fully informed about everything we needed to know regarding the application. Well done."

Frank, 29th August 2018

"Fast, friendly service, although would be nice if Chargemaster advised us beforehand that the BMW wall unit was shipped out separate."

Yvonne, 29th August 2018

"Great service - excellent install and pleasure to have him here "

Liam, 29th August 2018

"Very professional and responsive company. The electrician who came to fit the socket was very helpful and efficient and made sure all my questions were answered."

Alex, 29th August 2018

"I found all the people I have spoken with at Chargemaster to be knowledgable, competent and helpful. The engineer, Nathan, who came round to install the charger, was very good, and did a very good job. We are very happy with the installation, it was all very easy. "

Daphne, 29th August 2018

"I haven't been told about the data charge when I booked the appointment I was told the chargevision was free very disappointed when I heard it from TAXI drivers that I had to pay £80 a year for the chargevision "

Redouane, 29th August 2018

"I was pleased with the the way chargemaster handled all the aspects of installing my charger. They gave me all the information ready before the day and there installer arrived on time. The installation is very neat and tidy. "

Alan, 28th August 2018

"excellent unit, engineer was great, can't fault the customer service."

Anonymous, 27th August 2018

"Excellent service, did all of the hard work in preparing the forms etc. Excellent workmanship when fitting charging unit. Very, very pleased with it."

Ian, 26th August 2018

"Excellent and efficient and pleasant in every way "

Norman, 26th August 2018

"Despite pictures engineer couldn’t install into existing setup so now have no lights in garage."

Neil, 26th August 2018

"Service was food, and my engineer was very good."

Tina, 25th August 2018

"Very good service, received a text to say when they'd arrive, took 3 hours to install. Engineer was really friendly and polite. Power was only out for 20 minutes in the end which was a bonus. Charging point is a lot smaller than I expected as well."

Anonymous, 25th August 2018

"The engineer who came was very good. He explained all he was going to do, did the work efficiently and then went through everything at the end. He even divided the waste into two lts, one for recycling and one rubbish. "

Timothy, 24th August 2018

"Kadiza, very helpful and guided me through the process. Andy who fitted the unit was also a great ambassador for the company. as more people from my company will be getting hybrids I will not hesitate to recommend Chargemaster as the go to for getting a charger unit installed. thank you very much!"

Alisdair, 24th August 2018

"Very good efficient service, can not fault them at all. "

tarnia, 24th August 2018

"Only given 4 stars because it took so long to get fitted, but Marcus the installation engineer and Anne Marie who was my contact, were great can’t fault their work and help. 5 stars to them."

Rosie, 23rd August 2018

"Excellent electrician who attended (Matt), friendly, knowledgeable and punctual - what more could you ask for! Overall a very positive experience, thank you."

Mark, 23rd August 2018

"Engineer punctured a gas pipe while installing the charge point."

Anonymous, 23rd August 2018

"Very helpful, efficient service. Charge unit working well. Would recommend again."

Anonymous, 23rd August 2018

"Efficient and professional"

John, 23rd August 2018

"Engineer arrived on time and did a very neat job. "

Ian, 23rd August 2018

"From ordering to installation I was kept fully informed; the impression left was a well run professional approach to the task in hand topped off with a knowledgeable considerate professional engineer."

Greg, 23rd August 2018

"Turned up when they said, polite, helpful, did a great job !"

Paul, 23rd August 2018

"The whole ordering and installation process was well organised and I was kept informed throughout"

Colin, 23rd August 2018

"The booking and admin was a bit long-winded but the actual technical service on the installation day was excellent."

Anonymous, 23rd August 2018

"Great communications from the office/admin teams. Really helpful and really on the ball. Engineer was great to. Real credit to the company. Very tidy job. Professional trandesman! Would definitely recommend."

Douglas, 23rd August 2018

"I was disappointed that the staff I spoke to on the phone did not talk to me more about my options, after talking to the installer I feel I would have been better with a system that is connected.I had quite a discussion about it being tethered or not so that may have been the reason, but I think I would have been happier with a connected unit "

Jude, 23rd August 2018

"Excellent service."

Anonymous, 23rd August 2018

"The first install was made using under-sized wiring. Chargemaster reacted very quickly to this and 2 days later it had been reinstalled from scratch. It would have been 'very good' based on that install. My outstanding issue is that the building regs document was only issued for the first installation, and a new one was promised. This has never arrived."

Derek, 22nd August 2018

"Very happy with the service we received from Chargemaster. It was organised and efficient, they were able to advise well on the most appropriate charger for our needs. The engineer Mark who installed our charger was fantastic, very helpful, knowledgable and did a clean and tidy job. Thank you! "

Sara, 22nd August 2018

"Professional, knowledgeable and helpful staff"

Karen, 22nd August 2018

"The degree to which they demanded not only proof that I own my property but also made me pay for Land registry documents illustrating the boundary of my land because my garden is to the side and we are working on my home left a sour taste. The installation itself though was excellent and I would have rated the service with the full five stars if based on the service of the engineer alone. "

Lorna, 22nd August 2018

"Fitter was absolutely brilliant guy! Fantastic chap & Chargemaster should be proud! Great customer service! However, very disappointed that the breaker switches for charger have been placed on the front of the property in a box that is not lockable! Meaning anybody could tamper with my chargers electric supply or even electrocute themselves! Please can Charge Master address my concerns. Dan Daykin - IP25 6YX - App ID 60238 "

Daniel, 22nd August 2018

"helpful, prompt & efficient"

Jacquelyn, 22nd August 2018

"Every person that I spoke to at Chargemaster was professional. Sianika was who I was mainly in contact with was amazing. The engineer who installed the charger was prompt and explained everything to me . "

Vicki, 22nd August 2018

"Chargemaster where so helpful in advising me on my electric car requirements. They’re engineer was most efficient, tidy and very helpful with advise. Thank you to all the team for a successful installation. "

MARY, 22nd August 2018

"Andy the installer called me the evening before to confirm he was coming at 8.30am the next morning. He arrived dead on time and got stuck into his installation. He was a pleasure chatting with and very professional. He deserves a special medal as he had to put up with me nattering to him though out the installation. The job was completed to a very high standard in my humble opinion and looks good to boot."

Arthur, 22nd August 2018

"Deeply unimpressed with my “advisor” who provided incorrect or incomplete information wasting a lot of time and causing frustration. The installer did a good job despite this but he left brick dust in my cupboard under the stairs."

Shaun, 22nd August 2018

"Very helpful pre sales service and relatively easy to provide the relevant information required to facilitate the order. Unfortunately I was not able to get the faster charger due to a limiting switched supply for reduced amperage so to avoid major structural alteration accepted the slower charger. Web site said that payments were due after delivery but I was asked for money up front and they explained that the web site did not refer to services of fitting chargers. I requested that they change their website to clarify this confusion. On successful completion of the fitting of the lower charger, (Electrician arrived on time and was efficient and clearly explained the issues and operating) I realised that I had overpaid for the more expensive charger and was due a credit so emailed the company, but as yet I have not had a reply to my email. It seems that they fall over backwards to gain your order but are not as good in refunding overpayments. This has unfortunately caused me to reduce my overall good view of this company. "

Julian, 22nd August 2018

"Excellent device and neat installation."

Anonymous, 22nd August 2018

"Communications about the charge unit specifications and installation date were good. Installer turned up on time and completed a quick installation. "

Anonymous, 22nd August 2018

"Extremely helpful customer services. Fantastic engineer who fitted the socket. Would highly recommend. "

jackie, 22nd August 2018

"Electrician was 1 class"

John, 22nd August 2018

"Great and efficient installation but booking it was a lengthy process. "

Alan, 22nd August 2018

"Excellent. Arrived on time and completed the installation in just over an hour. Neat job."

Anonymous, 22nd August 2018

"Top class service from beginning till the end. The office Team and the Engineer that did the installation were exceptional. Fantastic experience. "

Olan, 22nd August 2018

" Excellent service throughout the process of choosing a suitable charge point option through to booking an installation date and carrying out the actual installation. The engineer explained the operation of the unit clearly. One thing which would have improved the service would be to ensure more consistency in the email communications - it was confusing to get emails from three separate people which often repeated standard requests for information which had already been supplied to the company. "

John, 22nd August 2018

"Installed unit was extremely good but customer service experience very poor. Had them tell me book a provisional date ring when fuse was changed and would bring date forward when I rang they denied this "

Simon, 22nd August 2018

"From start to finish: helpful, efficient and timely service."

Anonymous, 20th August 2018

"Very un professional and poor service. "

Terence, 19th August 2018

"I have found them very professional and did a great job would recommend them too anyone "

PETER, 16th August 2018

"There was a breakdown in communication between BMW and Chargemaster at the outset regarding but after that the service was excellemt."

Peter, 16th August 2018

"Would highly recommend Chargemaster. Seamless service from enquiry to installation. "

Alison, 16th August 2018

"Gary at Chargemaster was very helpful in guiding me through the complicated grant application. The installation engineer made some questionable decisions in how things looked after the installation, but Chargemaster were quick to offer a partial refund which will allow me to correct things. I love having my home charger and would recommend that if you can go for it - do it!"

Owain, 16th August 2018

"Very good service throughout from all members of the team."

Anonymous, 16th August 2018

"Neal the tecniction how fitted the charger was exercise."

OWEN, 16th August 2018


Anonymous, 16th August 2018

"The whole process was pretty painless. Quite a lot of paperwork to get the subsidy but that's to be expected."

Daniel, 15th August 2018

"John was on time and very professional. "

Alan, 15th August 2018

"I used Chargemaster to install my 7kwh charging point for my new car. I was given lots of choice in products and was never pushed to get something I didn't need. The engineer turned up on time, was very friendly, tidy and quick. He took less than two hours to get everything installed and tidied up after himself. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chargemaster"

Carl, 15th August 2018

"Service was excellent, through the sales process all the way up to the friendly and high quality installation engineer. Highly recommend"

Grant, 15th August 2018

"Very professional and helpful throughout the process. Michael, who came to fit the unit was friendly, efficient and a credit to Charge master. "

Michael, 15th August 2018

"Staff were helpful, costs were made clear, installation was painless."

Donald, 15th August 2018

"Very professional. Excellent job!!"

Sara, 15th August 2018

"Good job from ANDY. No hassle installation"

Robert, 15th August 2018

"Very professional service from start to finish"

Michael, 15th August 2018

"Great service and really nice engineer Allan did the job for us."

Jamie, 15th August 2018

"very easy to deal with. Nice and quick. The person who came to install was very friendly and professional. Installation was very quick, and he kept it all nice and clean. Well done"

Anonymous, 15th August 2018

"Technician arrived on time and installed the charging unit in a timely and very professional manner. The site was left in an immaculate condition and I would have no hesitation in recommending Chargemaster in the future."

John, 15th August 2018

"Process was clearcut and efficient from start to finish. Installation was very quick, neat and professional. "

Edward, 15th August 2018

"I found the process quite tortuous. I exchanged a dozen or more e-mails, had several telephone conversations and had to send several photographs etc, but this may have been because I was accessing a Government grant."

Vaughan, 15th August 2018

"very efficient and helpful."

Ian, 15th August 2018

"An efficient and responsive service"

Christopher, 15th August 2018

"Overall really pleased... the workman was a bit grumpy but other than that I can't complain"

Cheryl, 15th August 2018

"The fitter was punctual and professional couldn't have been any better "

Christian, 15th August 2018

"A brilliant company who were very informative. I was told of all their products, what installation issues need to be addressed, and my final install date was arrange to suit me best. The installation engineer was courteous, tidy in his work and informative on the handover of the Charge Unit. Highly recommended all around!"

ANTHONY, 15th August 2018

"A lot of faffing about emails back and fourth could be simplified alot more."

Anonymous, 15th August 2018

"Excellent from start to finish!!! "

Jason, 12th August 2018

"The gentleman fitting our new socket was very professional and courteous. He did a find job."

John, 12th August 2018

"Very friebdly efficient service. Arrived several hours earlier than booked, but this was fine."

Anonymous, 9th August 2018

"I had to call in a Electrition 2 times to my house to alter my fuse board, which cost me £180 When the fitter came he fired a box outside so my Electrition s time I payed for was waisted, Also this made the installation wait from first contact last weeks Not happy "

Sarah, 8th August 2018

"Great work, very neat!! "

Carl, 7th August 2018

"Very pleased with the job done . Tidy and polite "

Luke, 7th August 2018

"The charger was fitted very quickly and efficiently. The arrangement of sending photographic evidence of the consumer unit and location of charging point in advance was very effective - and when it had been approved, an installation date was given very quickly. Whole process was excellent."

MARGARET, 7th August 2018

"Rang me in advanced to ensure I was available for the appointment. Arrived on time. Very polite. Explained everything very clearly. Gave me a demo of the charging process. Cleaned up after himself. Ensured I had all the documentation and explained it clearly. I was very pleased with the service. Thank you very much."

Matthew, 7th August 2018

"Very helpful the installer (electrician) was excellent polite thorough fantastic job Thankyou"

John, 7th August 2018

"The whole process from booking the Homecharge to having the unit fitted was perfect - communications were great, support completing forms etc. The engineer visited to check the install as mine wasn't straight forward, and on the day everything went perfectly, he was professional, efficient and quick. "

Helen, 7th August 2018

"Engineer was very friendly and efficient and done a cracking job. Very pleased with overall experience. Job booked in also with no issues. "

Ryan, 7th August 2018

"Excellent Service Very help full customer service Very Professional "

Kamila, 7th August 2018

"The first survey was carried out promptly. At no time did the operative try to ‘sell’ the Chargemaster product, but it quickly became apparent that the BMW charging point needed a new 32A cable to the non-attached garage, while the Chargemaster charger could be run from the existing electricity supply. It was a no-brainer. I decided on the Chargemaster product and it was provided a week later, installed efficiently and safely and the Electrician , Nathan, was extremely helpful and a very good worker. A pleasure to do business with - although I have to say that for such simple piece of equipment, all these chargers, whoever the. Supplier may be, are extremely over-priced for what they are. A week later all seems to be going well and I am very satisfied."

Anonymous, 7th August 2018

"really good communication and engineer done great quality job"

James, 7th August 2018

"Company very good great installation minimum disruption . Office staff very helpful and informative"

Thomas, 7th August 2018

"Charge master provided excellent service and all the people we had contact with were very pleasant and helpful."

Susan, 7th August 2018

"The whole process was easy. Engineer turned up on time. He was efficient and polite. "

Henricus, 7th August 2018

"Neil was a credit to your company. His product knowledge and customer service was outstanding. The installation was efficient, neat and clean. "

Parry, 7th August 2018

"Great service received, very professional. Charger looks very good and installation is neat. "

Anonymous, 7th August 2018

"Chargemaster provides a complete service when I brought my Zoe contacting me as soon as the car was allocated a chassis number and walking me through the entire process. They dealt with the OLEV grant and the install was quick and professional. I’m still waiting to use my charger but so far I’ve no complaints."

Alex, 7th August 2018

"The guy who fitted the Chargemaster was excellent very professional and knowledgable. "

Tracey, 7th August 2018

"Both the survey and instalation went well and both electricians were very pleasant to deal with. My only issue is that they ran 4mm cable which is sufficent for a 32 amp charger, where as 6 mm cable would have been more future proof. However the whole experience has been a good one."

Kevin, 7th August 2018

"Very helpful from start to finish. Great service. "

James, 7th August 2018

"Arrived on time, sorted out the mess that our supplier had left the meter cupboard in, installed the chargepoint where we wanted , tided up, explained everything and left. What more do you want?"

Anonymous, 7th August 2018

"Very helpful and professional company. The engineer that attended was very tidy and kept me informed throughout the work being completed. Excellent Service from start to finish."

Martyn, 7th August 2018

"The technician who came to fit the charging unit was very helpful regarding his explanation of where to fit the unit and how it worked. He also ensured that the fitting was neat and tidy and he checked that all the required earth and electrical connections were fitted correctly in my consumer unit. In fact, the whole process and everyone I dealt with were outstanding. highly recommended."

Richard, 7th August 2018

"Very thorough fitting of new unit and cable. Thoroughly tested."

Paul, 7th August 2018

"Very prompt and helpful installer who was very efficient and personable. Full demo on how to charge and info about mobile charging that was invaluable. "

Elaine, 7th August 2018

"arrived at specified time, good communications - advised on what was to be done, completed work efficiently and in a timely manner, gave details of what he had done, how to use and after sales service. Went through paperwork - pleasant manner - met expectations - good experience. "

Mark, 7th August 2018

"Installer was very helpful and friendly."

David, 7th August 2018

"when we obtained approval everything went very well!! Daniel the installer was very good, excellent "

Glenn, 7th August 2018

"This is a first class company to deal with very professional . If all customer service staff were as good as Taylor Firmin-Brooks , contacting companies by phone or email would be a much better experience . From initial contact to booking to installation quick and super smooth. Thankyou a job well done."

Keith, 7th August 2018

"Excellent communication and efficiency throughout the whole process, from initial enquiry to install. The installation engineer also informed me of his estimated arrival time the night before. Highly recommended 5☆"

Robert, 7th August 2018

"Your installation engineer was very thorough in testing and his installation was extremely neat. "

Diane, 7th August 2018

"Excellent install engineer "

Christopher, 7th August 2018

"Excellent installation however the promised website for cost of charging has not been explained and so do not have access "

Robert, 7th August 2018

"Enginner who installed the unit was exceptional "

John, 6th August 2018

"I am very pleased with the excellent service I got from Chargemaster. Thank you!"

John, 6th August 2018

"Almost every person we dealt with was efficient and helpful, particularly the initial contact who moved the installation through quickly when our car arrived, and the installer who went the extra mile to accommodate us. Thank you. "

Jane, 3rd August 2018

"The engineer who came to do our installation (Tom) was very competent and friendly. He kept us informed at every stage of the work, explained how the charging point worked and was able to answer questions. Very happy!"

David, 3rd August 2018

"I was very impressed with the fitter of our charger- he did a very clean, tidy job and explained how the charger worked before he left. I’d definitely recommend Chargemaster to anyone considering a charger fitting. "

Rhona, 2nd August 2018

"Excellent. The communication was good, the installer - John from Hull was on time and polite. He took the time to discuss my options before starting the work, something I feel was very important. He was clearly qualified and competent, as well as being tidy and respecting my home. He also answered my questions with a keen interest on the subject of EV's. I feel John was as decent and friendly as I could have wished for, and exceeded all of my expectations. My installation was financed by OLEV and Renault, and would have been fairly expensive if I had paid, but then the unit cost and an electrician for half a day is expensive - so I can't complain and certainly wouldn't want a company who cut corners to save a few quid. The unit was tested (for functionality with a test rig) by John, and clearly explained how to use it (as well as being given full instructions on paper, and a full electrical works certificate, and I witnessed electrical tests on the circuit during installation). The first time I used the charger it worked flawlessly - plug in and it charges! Clearly John installs in a professional manor, presumably to Chargemasters usual standard, however I do feel he went above and beyond what i'd expect from any tradesman."

Samuel, 2nd August 2018

"Very complicated to start with, but worth the effort. Regards Frank"

frank, 1st August 2018

"Really good service, lovely to be chased by a company for information for a change, instead of being the one doing the chasing!! Arrived on time and fitted the unit promptly. Professional service and good information given about use of charging unit"

NICOLA, 1st August 2018

"The service provided by Chargemaster was excellent and the engineer very efficient, including clearing away debris after the work was completed. The charging point is working well and meets all my expectations."

Ian, 1st August 2018

"They provided an excellent service, communicating clearly what I needed to have in place first, giving me options of dates for fitting and letting me know the time it would take. The fitter couldn't have been more pleasant and accommodating despite having to come back to complete the job because my energy company hadn't fitted the isolating switch correctly."

Beverley, 1st August 2018

"Very poor communication: * Had emails from five different employees * Was hassled weekly to move the installation date forward despite advising them that my car was not available for 2.5 months * Same documents requested repeatedly when I had already provided them * Compliance team requested a ridiculous amount of proof that the garage was part of the property, despite the fact the charger was being installed on the house * Had my appointment time changed with no notification. The installation itself went smoothly and the installer was knowledgeable, polite and tidied up after himself."

Anonymous, 1st August 2018

"The good fitter was done the job and I was very happy thanks "

Ashok, 1st August 2018

"Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional installer. It was a pleasure to have the engineer work in my home."

Lewis, 1st August 2018

"Friendly and helpful "

Anonymous, 1st August 2018

"Excellent staff Very very clean installation"

Suchila, 31st July 2018

"Super easy installation and professional service."

Anonymous, 31st July 2018

"Installer was excellent - very careful and thorough. My only criticism of the product is that there is no charge indicator! "

David, 31st July 2018

"Professional and responsive to all inquirys-a dedicated team member made the process more straightforward."

Anonymous, 31st July 2018

"Excellent communication and very helpful staff. Unit is discreet but appears very user friendly (haven’t actually used it yet as don’t get new car for a few days yet)."

JACQUILINE, 31st July 2018

"Apart from the number of unnecessary emails after a fitting date had been agreed, the fitting of the Chargemaster went ahead with no problems, and was properly discussed between the fitter and myself. If marks were given out of ten, I would have awarded him 10."

Philip, 31st July 2018

"All work was carried out as planned and to a high standard."

Anonymous, 31st July 2018

"Turned up on time. Phoned before arriving. Fitted charging point in about one hour. Very clean job and polite installer."

Keith, 31st July 2018

"After various complications over whether one could be installed, I am delighted with my 7.5kw Chargemaster. The engineer was very professional and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend Chargemaster. Don't give up on the project when there are obstacles pre-installation!"

Margaret, 31st July 2018

"excellent service provided by the engineer. Thank you. Len Shah "

len, 30th July 2018

"A good product which was installed efficiently. So far it has proved good. "

Alan, 30th July 2018

"Punctual service with a knowledgeable electrician. Unit fitted as requested and so very satisfied with the whole thing."

Anonymous, 30th July 2018

"very good"

Scott, 30th July 2018

"Engineer was good at his job and knowledgeable but made a point of telling me the office had booked the job wrong and saying he should not have been doing this work without me being charged. Not sure as a customer he should be blaming another employee for making mistakes."

Anonymous, 30th July 2018

"Excellent installation "

Glenys, 30th July 2018

"Tended to send out General emails through the process advising on each what was needed, even though I'd provided documents. Would benefit from tailoring. Also, took a while to get installed. Why sent an email giving availability (except in Scotland) when they knew I was in Scotland? Had to chase up a response to my email advising this and asking for another date after no response for 5 days. Wasn't issued with my Polar card, had to phone and ask for it. Was told it wasn't ordered because I live in Scotland, I pointed out that 1) there are Polar units in Scotland 2) I do venture over the border on the odd occasion. Can't fault the installer, and the unit works as expected."

Tracey, 30th July 2018

"Turned up on time and completed the job quickly and very professionally."

Gary, 30th July 2018

"Simple, efficient and helpful throughput the whole process - highly recommended "

Martin, 30th July 2018

"They need to know everything, including your inside leg measurement, but this is all to do with the government grant, but overhaul everything went quite smoothly..."

Michael, 30th July 2018

"Neil was excellent in his work. He was very professional & did a very neat job with upmost dedication. He explained to us everything he was doing. It great to see dedicated staff like Neil. We are very happy that we choose Chargemaster. Please keep up the good work "

Ashish, 30th July 2018

"Friendly, patient and helpful in the discussion and purchase phase. Lovely friendly and respectful installer too, many thanks"

Julie, 30th July 2018

"Very good service throughout both ordering and installation "

Graeme, 30th July 2018

"Start to finish was easy, lady (Sianika) who emailed me was an asset to their company and the installer (John Harris) was bang on time, pleasant and left the areas he worked very tidy. "

Ian, 30th July 2018

"Account manager and installers were very helpful Just check with you network provider first in case your supply is not sufficient!"

Anonymous, 30th July 2018

"I was very pleased with my Chargemaster installation. Mike understood my reluctance to attach the unit to our ageing meter box and came up with a great alternative, which also meant there were no wires visible on the outside wall from the meter cupboard to the charging point. He also made sure I was happy with the height before the installation and gave me some useful usage tips once finished. I've used the meter a few times now and it works perfectly. My installation was fully paid for by the car manufacturer and a government grant. The process to complete the required forms was via the internet and both quick and straightforward. If you need to have a charger installed, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Chargemaster."

LISA, 30th July 2018

"Unit was professionally installed. Very pleased with the installation..."

Andrew, 30th July 2018

"The installation engineer was fantastic. Please pass on my thanks and feedback to him"

David, 30th July 2018

"Work done well and in reasonable time."

Anonymous, 30th July 2018

"Great service, started installation in the morning charging in the afternoon"

Kevin, 30th July 2018

"The installer was quite efficient "

Robert, 30th July 2018

"My card did not work. I rang the 24hr service twice and nobody answered. I later spoke to a lady that said my card maybe faulty and she said she would send a new card out. That was on Sunday the 22nd. I spoke to someone at your office to say I had not recieved the card on the 25th. He said he would look into it and email me back a reply within 24hrs. To date I have no card or email."

Peter, 30th July 2018

"It was a pleasure dealing with Chargemaster from the very 1st phonecall right through to installation. I was given all the information required to make an informed decision on the product i wanted. Definately recommend Chargemaster to all."

Yusuf, 30th July 2018

"Very good service all round, very simple to find what you require on their website, good customer service and excellent fitting service. Would definitely recommend. "

Anonymous, 30th July 2018

"The support team was helpful and asked a lot questions before the fitter came to install. The fitter called to confirm appointment and could come earlier than booked, he was very quick and did a great job of the installation "

Scott, 30th July 2018

"Miss communication between chargemaster and dealership. Tried charging me twice for unit when it was on offer purchasing new car. Could have easily been avoided. Installation very good. "

Anonymous, 30th July 2018

"Friendly and knowledgeable admin staff and installer. Made the entire process simple, and even turned up 10 minutes early for the install appointment!"

James, 30th July 2018

"Engineer worked well and completed in a timely manner in very hoy conditions. Very happy with installation."

Simon, 30th July 2018

"Very efficient and professional "

Clive, 30th July 2018

"Good service. Always courteous and dependable. "

Anonymous, 30th July 2018

"Very professional and tidy install. Many thanks "

Colin, 30th July 2018

"They were on time - Neat, Tidy and Efficient. Very pleased. "

David, 30th July 2018

"Excellent installation. "

Martin, 30th July 2018

"The gentleman who came to fit the charger was efficient and professional "

Anthony, 30th July 2018

"The engineer on the day was absolutely first class. But dealing with chargemaster in lead up to the day was a little frustrating, with demands for information and photos and requirements to do things with poor guidance about how to do them. "

Martin, 30th July 2018

"constantly asked for information we had already submitted. Was not clear on installation times and we felt we were lied to on several occasions regarding installation times. electrictian who installed 'blew' the house and i was without electric for several hours. not a good experience. Charger is working fine and tidy installation eventually so the job was carried out satisfactorily eventually "

Anonymous, 30th July 2018

"Seamless operation from start to finish "

Donald, 30th July 2018

"Arrived on time, work carried out without any fuss, cleaned up once completed. Demonstrated operation."

Colin, 30th July 2018

"Installer was excellent. He called the day before to confirm appointment. He turned up on time and had a positive conversation about where to install the charger. We discussed the pros and cons of locations and reached an agreement. He worked hard and was very neat. Would definitely recommend. I’m happy with the charger and installation. No hassle whatsoever"

Anonymous, 30th July 2018

"Everything was very efficient and the service was dependable and reliable."

Phil, 30th July 2018

"Great service and the engineer was a delight!"

Sophia, 30th July 2018

"Certain aspects were excellent. Staff were always polite but the whole process of arranging a survey and then install was extremely confused and disjointed and so it took over amonth. My house electrics are not modern and this caused issues, but this should be a fairly normal occurrence. I felt I was dealing through a call centre and it was frustrating. The install itself was excellent - your guy was very good indeed"

Rob, 30th July 2018

"Very neat and tidy also informative. Arrived on time."

Jonathan, 30th July 2018

"Really helpful great service, fitted quickly with no hassle. My only minor issue is they show a unit with a black lead on the website, I asked for this as my Home is grade 2 listed. But it’s not available."

Clifford, 30th July 2018

"Excellent work carried out to a high standard. Great communication from engineer to advise on time of visit."

Paul, 30th July 2018

"Very courteous engineer - ordering and installation proved to be very fast and efficient."

Roger, 30th July 2018

"Once applying I was kept informed all the way the whole process was efficent and worry free. "

Christopher, 30th July 2018

"All elements of contact with the company were excellent. Work was started on time and carried out efficiently and with the minimum of disruption."

Jackie, 30th July 2018

"My experience in dealing with Chargemaster was good from start to I would recommend their services to anybody Finish with special thanks to Amanda personal advisorand and Tom who came to fit the unit I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chargemaster"

Stephen, 30th July 2018

"Very efficient installation & good value product"

Ian, 30th July 2018

"neat tidy install - listened to my requests & cracked on. thanks."

Nigel, 30th July 2018

"Very efficient and quickly arranged a date to install"

Anonymous, 30th July 2018

"Your office teams were excellent and helped me enormously ,however the field engineer was a massive let down, "

Martin, 30th July 2018

"Excellent customer service throughout - help deciding on point to install - and the installer was excellent really knowledgeable and helpful. So easy just to drive upend plug in - exceptionally pleased."

Hayley, 30th July 2018

"Thorough and professional installation"

john, 30th July 2018

"Electrician came on time, was very polite, technically very proficient. Neat Job all round."

Brian, 30th July 2018

"Efficient from the beginning of the process to the end. Engineer very professional. Make sure you only choose what you need as sometimes you can be led towards a more expensive charger when it is not necessary. Take advise from where you purchase your car as well as from Chargemaster. "

Susan, 30th July 2018

"Excellent service recieved"

Paul, 30th July 2018

"Electrician left rubbish and brick dust all Over my property. Complaint rasied with no real response, just advised it will be passed to lead electrician"

Daniel, 30th July 2018

"Great installation service, very helpful advice"

Nick, 30th July 2018

"Very good quite a difficult install however the two Allan engineers were excellent and a credit to your company"

Peter, 30th July 2018

"Efficient cable delivery "

David, 30th July 2018

"The installer was friendly and helpful, did exactly what we wanted and left everything really neat and tidy."

Alison, 30th July 2018

"Very good response to enquiry, excellent service from start to finish. "

Ian, 30th July 2018

"Very good service, quick and accurate"

Andrew, 30th July 2018

"Excellent would highly recommend"

Anonymous, 30th July 2018

"I found chargemaster very helpful and easy to use through all the stages of the process from choosing the box to installation and dealing with paperwork."

Gary, 30th July 2018

"Competent, efficient and helpful. Brilliant service and installation."

Anonymous, 30th July 2018

"Easy to deal with on the phone, installer was friendly and efficient."

Tracey, 30th July 2018

"Good response to original enquiry. Survey went good accordingly. Installation was effeciant and progressed with care and attention to detail. perfect in all respects."

Christopher, 30th July 2018

"Engineer who finally installed charging station was excellent but admin and communications leading up to installation were confused, misleading and shambolic "

Anonymous, 30th July 2018

"Very professional and helpful company, very easy to communicate with. The electtrician turned up on time and quickly fitted the charger without disruption. Great service."

Giacomo, 30th July 2018

"very good"

Stephen, 30th July 2018

"Appointment was for between 12.00 and 3.00 pm but Engineer phoned to say he could be with us by 10.30am. This, in fact, suited us better and the job was done cleanly and without fuss. He explained all the workings of the unit and we were delighted with the installation. Good customer service!"

James, 30th July 2018

"The installation engineer John was excellent. His professional approach and pleasant personality was very refreshing. John arrived exactly when he said he would and was very clean and tidy whilst working. My only slight moan (and it is very slight) wo the amount of e-mail correspondence that was received requesting the same information when planning the visit. This could be reduced and condensed into one or two e-mails. All in all it was a very good experience and I would recommend Chargemaster PLC to anyone."

Paul, 30th July 2018

"Communication and confirmation trying to book was poor "

Ben, 30th July 2018

"Engineer was on time, knowledgeable, talked me through the options and did a really professional job."

Matthew, 30th July 2018

"Very slick service from start to finish."

Patricia, 30th July 2018

"One of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. The whole experience was a disgrace. I dealt with 3 different people from ordering to fitting, none of who coordinated with each other. Even the fitter didn't turn up with the right part although the site was surveyed and I had already pre paid!. I would never recommend you to anyone and intend to write to BMW with my views!!"

Anonymous, 30th July 2018

"Very happy with the service provided"

Andrew, 30th July 2018

"Engineer was very professional, a credit to Chargemaster."

Andrew, 29th July 2018

"excellent service"

Anonymous, 26th July 2018

"Friendly professional installation "

David, 25th July 2018

"The whole process was very well managed by chargemaster from first contact to the final installation. This made the whole experience hassle free "

Martin, 23rd July 2018

"Great service and advice from chargemaster and superb installation engineer who was determined to give us the best possible installation including changing the original plan at great additional effort he crawled through a small roof space (on the hottest day) so we didn't see the cable on the outside of the house very impressed with this great attitude to customer service and level of individual professionalism"

Timothy, 22nd July 2018

"Fitted cabling where we wanted around and into the house, but although a detailed drawing was submitted to Chargemaster of the construction of the house over the doorway where the cabling hole had to be drilled. It was pointed out that the drill hole would have to pass through 120mm of Hardwood timber lintel and that a wood drill would be best for this. However the operator said he had not seen our drawing or the need for a wood drill and that he did not have a wood drill long enough. Hence he had to persevere with a masonry drill burning the hole through eventually, causing burnt wood smoke and taking him an additional half an hour instead of 5 minutes.. Hence lack of understanding/communication between their operatives. This was a 2nd visit as the first the operator could not get sufficient access for fitting the secondary consumer unit and we had to make alterations to enable this to happen. However the final job overall was satisfactory and staff pleasant. "

DOROTHY, 22nd July 2018

"This is the 2nd time I have used them"

Chetan, 21st July 2018

"The ordering process was simple although there was a lot of information they needed to be eligible for the government grant. The installation was quick and straight forward. The installer turned up on time and was very friendly. I would recommend 🙂 "

Lein, 21st July 2018

"Survey and subsequent installation were very good and pleasant to deal with."

Simon, 21st July 2018

"The technician arrived on time, was polite and courteous and did a neat and tidy job. All trouble free. Sorting out the paperwork for the grant was a bit laborious but worked out in the end. "

Simon, 19th July 2018

"The installer was a little late on arrival due to the dreaded M25 but once on site he took to the task in hand and was very knowledgable extremely helpful and a real credit to Chargemaster. This was not a straight forward job but I must say he made it look easy , The finished article was perfect . I would recommend Chargemaster to all of my friends and family Thanks once again Cliff KT186AA "

Clifford, 19th July 2018

"Very good service,was fast and very efficient..."

Francis, 18th July 2018

"I found all the staff at Chargemaster to be helpful and the fitter who fitted our chargemaster to be friendly, efficient,, and helpful"

David, 18th July 2018

"Excellent service from start to finish after we had been let down by Podpoint.... If you get a choice choose these Podpoint so unhelpful. Chargemaster 5star!"

Sandra, 18th July 2018

"I found the staff I was dealing with on the phone helpful but the engineer who carried out the installation was outstanding providing good technical advice. My one and only point is for potential customers to consider they may need to contact their electric supplier and check the main fuse to their property is sufficient to protect the property. I had to upgrade fro an 80 amp to 100 amp fuse but this only took a week or so. I'm still getting to grips with recharging at service points while on the move so am not in a position to give an opinion on this yet."

Bradley, 17th July 2018

"The first appointment was cancelled after it was booked a number of weeks previously."

Danny, 16th July 2018

"Excellent service , clean and efficient"

harold, 16th July 2018

"very friendly staff, fitted my 7kw outlet very quickly despite it not being a straightforward job. they solved problems rather than creating them."

Jon, 15th July 2018

"Quick efficient service, everything explained and when issue arose at installation is was sorted there and then. Installer was efficient and explained what he was going to do. Cleaned up he had finished."

Desmond, 15th July 2018

"Efficient,punctual and courteous."

Antony, 15th July 2018

"When I first requested the installation I had 5 different people send me the same 5 emails about how to apply for government discount, which charger to have, what photo's and information they required and whst date it could be installed. Once I had selected one of them it all went very well. Installer actually arrived half an hour earlier than expected and did a very clean and professional job."

Jonathan, 14th July 2018

"The engineer arrived promptly and did a very neat installation of the charge point."

John, 14th July 2018

"I found the installation of my charging point hard work. The guys at chargemaster were always pilot and helpful and yet the customer journey was very disjointed (too many handovers), information had to be repeated/resent and I often found it difficult to understand who was responsible for what and what was expected of me. "

David, 14th July 2018

"A first class service from start to finish."

Chris, 14th July 2018

"Job done in tricky installation. Engineers bookings well managed. Good Comms."

Anne, 13th July 2018

"good service and very neat installation"

Joseph, 13th July 2018

"Competent installation technician. Ability to complete required documentation electronically via the internet."

David, 13th July 2018

"Prompt dealing and explanation of our work. Engineer arrived on time and carried out the work very efficiently and cleanly. He took trouble with the best route for the wiring which is largely hidden."

Michael, 13th July 2018

"Very professional, helpful service to customers. Equally friendly helpful understanding by installation work carried out"

robert, 13th July 2018

"Very well indeed"

Anonymous, 13th July 2018

"They were informative and helpful to a person with no knowledge. The charge point was fitted fast and without any problems. "

Francis, 13th July 2018

"Very polite and professional helped me throughout and no problems"

Brian, 13th July 2018

"Excellent fitter"

Sally-Ann, 13th July 2018

"They were so professional lots of information was provided prior to installation the fitter was very informative nothing was too much polite and very clean worker"

Colin, 13th July 2018

"Quality of the work was 1st class, very thorough and tidy!"

Philip, 13th July 2018

"The pre-installation process was incredibly complex but the installation itself was excellent"

Peter, 13th July 2018

"Very pleasant fitter; only took 2 hours. Very neat job, including drilling diagonally through a brick outbutting section of wall so wires are all neat and hidden. Fab job!"

Simon, 13th July 2018

"No fuss installation. Exactly in the position I wanted. Very neat and no mess. "

Bill, 13th July 2018

"Prompt service, excellent installation. Really friendly and informative staff on the phone."

Derek, 13th July 2018

"Excellent service throughout."

Enid, 13th July 2018

"Professional service from initial contact through to installation. Product is exactly as advertised "

Hugh, 12th July 2018

"Very easy to deal with, clear, quick service, customer services were very nice"

Anthony, 12th July 2018

"Charge point installed fine and works perfectly but I have not had an invoice to show the full cost of the work and have not had any information sent through about how to access the online portal to view how much electricity the charging point has used despite contacting through the website."

Luke, 12th July 2018

"Arrived on time as arranged, courteous and helpful in agreeing location of charger, swift and tidy when job was done."

Alan, 12th July 2018

"Excellent service and they were very quick from start to finish"

kalwinder, 12th July 2018

"they carried out what they said when they said they would"

Timothy, 12th July 2018

"Very helpful service from Belinda in the office to the engineer who carried out the installation."

Stuart, 12th July 2018

"Poor customer service but the fitter was very good. "

Anonymous, 12th July 2018

"Very professional and quick installation"

Duncan, 12th July 2018

"Arrived on time. Explained the installation. Tested and explained the operation of the charger. Cleared up after the work."

Colin, 12th July 2018

"Fuss free installation, responsive & helpful installation staff"

Paul, 12th July 2018

"Installer very professional and neat. Excellent job."

Tim, 12th July 2018

"I am very pleased with the service from Chargemaster and would recommend them to anyone wishing to purchase a car charger for home or work. From instal to after sales top class."

Neil, 12th July 2018

"Installations completed to my satisfaction. Adequate amount of information given on request."

Prem, 12th July 2018

"Polite and efficient installation engineer and office staff have always been helpful and informative "

David, 12th July 2018

"On time and professional installation, very courteous and tidy engineer. "

Anonymous, 12th July 2018

"great service"

Henry, 12th July 2018

"From the sales girls right through to the electrical engineer installation team, everything went smooth. Alan done a superb job all working and tested and the unit is nice and small, kept the work area nice and tidy and everything completed to a high standard. "

Stuart, 12th July 2018

"fitted what I needed quickly in time"

attila, 12th July 2018

"The Electrical Engineer was very efficient and helpful. Made no mess, and exlained everything after completing the job."

Michael, 12th July 2018

"Chargemaster staff were very helpful all the way through the process of choosing a charging unit right through to installation and commissioning. They provided helpful guidelines on checking the suitability of my home electrics and instructions on what was needed in order for their installation to go ahead. Once the electricity supplier had ensured everything was in order then the Chargemaster engineer completed the installation without any fuss, his work was quick and tidy. The unit was commissioned the same day and up and running when the engineer left, the whole installation took only about 3 hours. Now happily charging my car without extension leads trailing out of the house!"

Paul, 12th July 2018

"Very good installer"

Nick, 12th July 2018

"A very helpful advisor (AnnMarie Mhouar) and a helpful engineer to carry out the installation."

Eric, 12th July 2018

"Efficient, courteous and professional installation"

Martin, 12th July 2018

"Excellent communication from start to finish, great customer service from the installer."

Gareth, 12th July 2018

"Our installer John was great, lovely guy. You'd have got a 'Very Good' if I didn't have to crawl under my floorboards myself to install the cable - but otherwise very happy :)"

Kristian, 12th July 2018

"Poor coordination and communication. "

Eric, 12th July 2018

"Very happy with service, friendly and competent technician"

Mark, 12th July 2018

"Product was installed neatly and tidily ahead of the due date for installation. All staff involved were efficient and easy to deal with. "

PHILIP, 12th July 2018

"It’s good to be able to charge the car at home as there are very few chargers in the Leeds vicinity. We have noted that there are none in Whitby or within 15 miles!"

Sharman, 12th July 2018

"Customer service was excellent!"

Anonymous, 12th July 2018

"Excellent service, especially the engineer (Marcus) who surveyed and installed my charger."

Eric, 12th July 2018

"The engineer who installed the charger was extremely efficient and friendly. The wiring was done very neatly. "

Robert, 12th July 2018

"Installation engineer (Billy) was fantastic. The install was exceptionally neat and tidy with a finish that required no further cosmetic repair to the walls. All trunking was sealed in toblook part of the wall. Great to see tradespeople with such high standards. A credit to your company. Thank you David"

David, 12th July 2018

"Laborious process, forms had to be completed multiple times etc."

Anonymous, 12th July 2018

"Guided through the different options and prices as well as organising the install was very easy and done with the minimum fuss."

Alastair, 12th July 2018

"Helpful friendly installer and booking afvisors"

Nazia, 12th July 2018

"The office team dealt with the enquiry efficiently and made the process easy to understand The installation engineer was very helpful and made a clean & tidy job of the installation. He also provided his phone number for any follow up questions. "

Anonymous, 12th July 2018

"Delay due to high demand to start with & then outside factors (SSE) & sickness, but would say overall it was a good job done & always kept me informed of any changes ASAP. Would recommend them."

Gillian, 12th July 2018

"Good communication over 6 months waiting for my Zoe to be delivered. Prompt service once delivery was confirmed. Efficient and pleasant installer, very neat job."

Anonymous, 12th July 2018

"A couple of issues arranging an appointment but once the installer made it he did a great job and explained everything well. Thanks "

Jonathan, 12th July 2018

"Clean and tidy install"

Lee, 12th July 2018

"Good service on order, administration and installation. Friendly and helpful throughout."

Veli, 12th July 2018

"Chargemaster are very easy to deal with. The fitting process is performed very efficiently and professionally, very courteous."

Anonymous, 12th July 2018

"The installation was very quick and easy"

Anonymous, 12th July 2018

"The installation was completed by John Harris in a very professional manner and the site was left very neat and tidy."

william, 12th July 2018

"Very happy with the service. Admin staff very helpful walking me through the process. And the engineer that installed my charger was also very friendly and helpful. 10/10"

Ian, 12th July 2018

"The engineer turned up on time and installed the unit very well A very good job"

Anonymous, 12th July 2018

"Excellent service. Excellent service engineer that was a real people person that anwsered all my questions professionally."

Andris, 12th July 2018

"Good service "

Robert, 12th July 2018

"The charger works, therefore I’m able to confidently relax knowing my ev Zoe will be charged as and when required. "

Teresa, 12th July 2018

"Great service.most helpful engineer fitted it promptly Many thanks"

Ian, 12th July 2018

"home charger point was fitted on 02.07.18. It took the fitter most of the morning to fit. Just waiting for my car to be built in November "

Christopher, 12th July 2018

"Efficient, simple to book and kind professional staff "

Barbara, 12th July 2018

"The install was quick and professional, carried out by a true gent. Thank you"

Dan, 12th July 2018

"Great customer service. "

Jane, 12th July 2018

"Still awaiting the car, however, the installation was achieved very quickly by a young man who was extremely helpful. The charger is very neat, I am sure that it will perform well, in keeping with it’s well finished design"

Doreen, 12th July 2018

"Very efficient service. Clear explanation of what was required, and quick to arrange installation appointment once all previous work had been done. "

Wendy, 12th July 2018

"Very helpful site engineer, well done."

Kevan, 12th July 2018

"Good service"

John, 12th July 2018

"An efficient and knowledgable engineer who satisfied me that we had the right man for the job in hand"

Stuart, 12th July 2018

"They made everything verry easy and streamlined with amazing support from day one. "

Catalin, 12th July 2018

"Excellent service from the first phone call and electrician did very neat job"

Karl, 12th July 2018

"Good service and engineer was very knowledgeable,polite whilst he was at my premises. Not used charger yet as still waiting for my cab."

Neil, 12th July 2018

"Neat and tidy installation."

Anonymous, 12th July 2018

"arranged appointment fast installed nice and neatly."

Anonymous, 12th July 2018

"pleasant and friendly electrical John from Hull made it all very simple and easy ."

Anonymous, 12th July 2018

"Office staff very helpful and polite and the technician Neil was fantastic really nice guy who did a great job. I look forward to years of EV use and maybe a go in a tesla with the bidding scheme."

Stephen, 12th July 2018

"Excellent customer service and notification when ordering and when fitted Technician who fitted it cleaned everywhere after fitting was very chatty and would answer any questions I had "

Ian, 4th July 2018

"Alan Richardson was incredibly good on the day. He was Polite, Professional and a very good installation, thank you."

Anonymous, 18th June 2018

"Very helpful overall very good "

Anonymous, 14th June 2018

"From the girls who set up the installation to the guy who installed charging system very professional and courteous. "

Nigel, 11th June 2018

"Very good..."

Anonymous, 6th June 2018

"quick, friendly, tidy"

Cary, 6th June 2018

"The chargemaster team were very helpful and found us an appointment very quickly, the fitter arrived on time and fitted the charger very efficiently."

Bryan, 6th June 2018

"Good communication and answer all customer queries. Very good time keeping."

Subramani, 6th June 2018

"John was excellent, arrived on time and fitted the unit efficiently "

Stephen, 6th June 2018

"Easy installation - exactly where I wanted it to go"

Anonymous, 6th June 2018

"Engineer that arrived was very professional and really thought about the impact on the house and did a great job to route cables. The aspect that lets your service down is the lack of talking between you agents and your planning team. The engagement started really well in Jan with the checking of my electrical system via photo's and then I arranged a date at the end of May for the installation. After that almost every week I got an email or a call from a Jamie Ruocco that simple didn't get that I didn't want the installation date moving forward. He was also asking for information that I had already provided on the electrical system. "

Tim, 6th June 2018

"Easy process, installer was right on time, very friendly and professional"

Anonymous, 6th June 2018

"The fitter was most helpful and efficient. "

James, 6th June 2018

"The charger has been installed on Friday 01.06.18 by Marcus and I wanted to leave a feedback for installation so it can be passed onto the installation Technician. Marcus done a great job, the charger looks great, it's installed very neatly, can’t even tell that the charging point and cable is mounted at the front side of the house. Professional and competent work, thank you very much."

Irina, 6th June 2018

"On time, friendly engineer, quick installation, very neat & cleaned up all mess, a great job done."

Roger, 6th June 2018

"Arrived in the time slot they texted to me the day before. Really nice polite engineer. No hassles and made sure I knew how to work it before he left."

Sally, 6th June 2018

"good service although bit confusing as contacted by several different people. "

James, 6th June 2018

"Efficient service and good installation engineer. Could have been excellent but for lack of site visit and constant emails from installation dept giving alternate dates was confusing after date agreed. Thanks "

Neil, 5th June 2018

"Excellent, prompt and informative service. "

Helena, 5th June 2018

"Engineer turned up on time, was very polite and helpful, discussed and explained the installation clearly, tidied up afterwards, and did an excellent job."

NEIL, 5th June 2018

"Excellent engineer. Polite, prompt and funny!!!"

Neil, 5th June 2018

"Very quick and efficient service. Understood my location options to install the device and talked me through the process."

Anonymous, 5th June 2018

"Excellent communication and excellent customer care"

Richard, 5th June 2018

"Took a while to get sorted but very happy with installation and result is I can charge my car !"

Stephen, 5th June 2018

"The fitter left the rubbish from the installation outside my house"

Andrew, 5th June 2018

"Good communication and reliable. Courteous and cheerful fitter who took note of our preferences and was very thorough in his work. Inspired confidence. "

Elaine, 5th June 2018

"The engineer was very efficient, friendly and helpful."

Glenn, 5th June 2018

"Great service and neat installation."

Andrew, 5th June 2018

"Exemplaryservice. Well done"

David, 5th June 2018

"Engineer was on time, very tidy, professional and took the time to give a good demonstration afterwards - Billy was his name."

GARY, 5th June 2018

"Good installation service, professional, courteous and helpful."

Colin, 5th June 2018

"Billy the installer couldn’t have been better. Arrived on time, got on with the job efficiently, was knowledgeable and informative. Install was tidy and all working perfectly. "

Mark, 5th June 2018

"Really professional electrician! Clean and tidy"

Rhys, 5th June 2018

"Communication leading up to Installation was very good. Installed on the date and time frame. Engineer Carl Lawrence was excellent, very professional and gave a detailed explanation at the completion of the fitting. A very happy customer."

Mervyn, 5th June 2018

"Carl was an excellent installer. He was very polite and courteous, explaining everything as he went and was very tidy and thorough. He was a credit to the company. "

David, 5th June 2018

"Excellent communication and work completed very quickly and professionally"

Karen, 5th June 2018

"Arrived on time. Installation fast and efficient. Engineer knew his job. "

Raymond, 2nd June 2018

"Very obliging and efficient. Communication is very good as is their administration. Very personable."

Anonymous, 31st May 2018

"very good work completed, engineer very polite and tidy"

Stuart, 31st May 2018

"it seems to be good and quick in charging. About 1.5 hours to recharge the battery from 0 to 100"

Barry, 30th May 2018

"its was nice and easy, the guy who came round to do the install was great"

Paul, 30th May 2018

"Very happy with the quick and tidy installation of my charge point"

Nick, 30th May 2018

"Th enginner was very efficient, informative and helpful. No problems at all!"

Anonymous, 30th May 2018

"Arrived on time. Took care to site the Chargemaster where it would cause the least problems for recharging and did a very neat job of the installation."

Anonymous, 30th May 2018

"Very efficient service, requesting photographs to carry out the survey. Appointment was booked and installer was very polite and friendly."

Anonymous, 30th May 2018

"Installation done in professional manner, in reasonable time and explained well."

JAMES, 30th May 2018

"Very helpful staff, with the unit installed exactly where we asked wanted it."

Richard, 30th May 2018

"quick and efficient"

Anonymous, 30th May 2018

"Excellence service. Very polite and efficient staff and good workmanship."

Anonymous, 30th May 2018

"Fitting was very efficient & everything has been explained in detail."

Tracey, 30th May 2018

"A few issues booking it in but very professional & the charger fitted with no agro....thank you"

Darrell, 30th May 2018

"Good personable electrician "

Gareth, 30th May 2018

"Excellent service, very knowledgeable and helpful representative to install."

Ian, 30th May 2018

"Great service all round from agreeing the work, booking the job and installation. The engineer was friendly, knowledgeable and completed the work with no fuss and as expected and with no mess being left behind. Thank you."

Satnam, 30th May 2018

"Kadiza was very helpful as was the installer "

Erin, 30th May 2018

"Great service, very expedient. Engineer Dan was excellent."

Nathan, 30th May 2018

"Excellent installation engineer, took great pains to ensure all drill dust was collect in dustpan and used sheet to protect wooden floor. Checked with customer at all stages of installation. Finished work to high standard!"

Martin, 30th May 2018

"Prompt, Polite, Efficient and cleaned up after himself"

Levkios, 30th May 2018

"Excellent friendly technician. Phone answered promptly by call centre. Advice and information clear"

Anonymous, 30th May 2018

"Very happy excellent service "

David, 30th May 2018

"I was on Holiday when I bought the car so communication on my part was difficult due to poor mobile reception. I also had to rely on the staff contacting the Nissan sales team as I had no access to the information required for the installation. They were all very helpful and answered the telephone promptly. The engineer who installed the charging pod was very efficient and helpful. "

Janet, 30th May 2018

"Matt from Chargemadter was first class. He did a great job, tidied up and kept us up to date on progress. Can’t fault the whole progress"

Duncan, 30th May 2018

"Your fitter was very pleasant and cooperative. He was also very knowledgeable."

Michael, 28th May 2018

"Communication is really poor, the attitude of the staff really wasn’t good, sold me a product they did not have to sell me! Then to tell me that they actually sent mine to someone else - Sent a red email demanding payment when they hadn’t actual asked for it to start with - Changed the dates due to poor delivery service! They also had a second delivery delivered to my home for their engineers other jobs! The whole experience is really poor! They told me that they have the whole contract for BMW, after checking with the dealer this is apparently not true! The only positive was the installer - really good job... "

Sion, 26th May 2018

"Punctuality "

Geoffrey, 24th May 2018

"Very good installation in my garage. Easy to use. Gives a full charge in about 6 hours."

keith, 24th May 2018

"Installer did a good job, very professional."

Wai, 24th May 2018

"All very smooth"

Gordon, 24th May 2018

"Very quick, good information and electrician very efficient and knowledgeable. "

Tony, 23rd May 2018

"Firstly I didn't choose them they came with the car as such. They made an appointment to survey our electrical supply and realised we needed a separate 30 amp,supply. The same chap came back to install the cable which needed some work as I had raised roman ship was exemplary some flagstones and within an hour the cable was in place but needed fixing. This was done and early p.m. all was finished and the car arrived. "

Anonymous, 23rd May 2018

"It works and the instructions were good."

Anonymous, 23rd May 2018

"Great process. Quick, simple and smooth."

Nicolo, 23rd May 2018

"Very convenient and efficient home system quick charging. Very practical and safe method to charge an electric vehicle."

Thomas, 23rd May 2018

"the guy you sent to do the installation was very good. But the paperwork with head office was a horror show."

Lisette, 23rd May 2018

"Painless and faultless installation."

Mark, 23rd May 2018

"Done on a Sunday, good service"

Graeme, 23rd May 2018

"Very responsive and quick delivery. Very satisfied with the installed charger."

Andrew, 23rd May 2018

"Very helpful and accommodating once we worked out how to route the cable."

Paul, 23rd May 2018

"The installation engineer was first class, couldn't have been more helpfull"

Wesley, 23rd May 2018

"Fitter telephoned to confirm when he was coming. Carried out the job quickly and efficiently and showed me how to operate the system."

IRENE, 23rd May 2018

"Good communication and service. "

John, 23rd May 2018

"Quick, efficeient and friendly service. Daniel the engineer was first class. Thank You"

David, 23rd May 2018

"Kadiza was very friendly and helpful throughout.James arrived on time , and was very informative about the charger.They both made me feel like I had made the right decision going electric "

Mark, 23rd May 2018

"excellent service , great advice from the installer, works perfectly and installation was beautifully installed with minimal disruption and installed neatly. very pleased"

phillip, 23rd May 2018

"Quick installation, knowledgeable staff and helpful throughout process, would highly recommend"

Anonymous, 23rd May 2018

"My experience with Chargemaster was highly professional from my initial enquiry to final installation. Emails were responded to appropriately and most promptly. The engineer, Andy, who carried out my survey, and at my request, the installation, informed me what was and was not possible, was innovative and had an eye for aesthetics, whilst ensuring electrical safety. I haven’t used the charger yet, as I await my car, with excitement, but I’m sure I’ll be very happy, when I start to do so, together with their Chargenow network. "

Ian, 23rd May 2018

"On time, fully explained the install process, kept me informed of each step, fully tested the charger and explained the statistics coming from the test equipment. The guy cleared away the debris, he is clearly professional and a credit to Charge master"

Anonymous, 23rd May 2018

"The installer who came was absolutely fantastic, he couldn't have been more interested in leaving the job exactly as I wanted it, down to the last cable bracket and making sure the warning labels were stuck perfectly square on the equipment. First class job and much cheaper than I was quoted by other companies."

Anonymous, 23rd May 2018

"Good, came when they said. Helpful on the phone"

Anonymous, 23rd May 2018

"efficient and helpful service."

Anonymous, 23rd May 2018

"The friendliness and efficiency of the installation engineer."

Edward, 23rd May 2018

"Quick efficient service when ordering. Timely and informed installation and follow up."

David, 23rd May 2018

"the installation went quickly without any issues, the unit is working. Chargevision service is a disappointment so far don't record any information "

David, 23rd May 2018

"no specific comments"

Anonymous, 23rd May 2018

"Excellent customer service Prompt service Polite"

joblu, 23rd May 2018

"Chargemaster have provided an excellent service. The initial telephone and email consultation was very professional. The engineer was brilliant, knowledgeable, and professional too. I previously had attempted to get a charger fitted by a competitor (chargedev) who let me down at the last moment, on the day before the installation, after a 5 week wait, and couldn't rearrange the installation for a further 4 weeks. Chargemaster completed the installation as agreed in just 2 weeks from placing the order."

Nathan, 23rd May 2018

"Efficient, reliable and extremely sensitive to any queries. A marvellous outfit "

Bernard, 23rd May 2018

"Great service from beginning to end. Site not as first thought, so plan b quickly enacted :-)"

Darren, 23rd May 2018

"It's working "

Anonymous, 23rd May 2018

"Fantastic service, thank you. Our fitter Thom was absolutely superb and did a sterling and very neat job. "

Nicky, 23rd May 2018

"great service "

Stuart, 23rd May 2018

"Good communication, appointments kept, neat installation"

Geoffrey, 23rd May 2018

"Failed to clean up drill debris from hole"

Brian, 23rd May 2018

"The engineer was polite and personable, and happy to talk about the technical details which interest me. Installation proceeded smoothly and neatly done. Nice work!"

Jerry, 23rd May 2018

"Engineer was very competent and quickly got on with the job."

Anonymous, 23rd May 2018

"The knowledge and expertise of the engineers of the installing engineers"

Peter, 23rd May 2018

"Arrived when they said, installed quickly and left my home how they found it! Excellent Service. "

Kevin, 23rd May 2018

"Kept me fully informed throughout the process. Installation done with care and consideration."

Anonymous, 23rd May 2018

"Very pleased with the service provided. The electrician was very helpful & did very good job."

Joe, 23rd May 2018

"Unit was installed relatively quickly."

Geoffrey, 23rd May 2018

"I thought Matt was very efficient, polite and friendly! His workmanship appeared to be of a very high standard, I am very pleased with the installation. "

Nathan, 23rd May 2018

"Very patient, very informative and very tidy job."

Robert, 23rd May 2018

"The engineer was great and needs a commendation and recognition "

Darren, 23rd May 2018

"The chap fitting the charger was professional, he worked tidily, dligently and left everything in a very good condition. He was happy to take questions and answered them very thoroughly. He was the sort of workman I was very happy to have at my house. One improvement would be the people on the phone could have provided more info about the products available, and less interested in getting me to sign up and pay, I was already guaranteed to be a customer, but just needed more info. The guy who fitted the charger was a lot better at providing info. "

Anonymous, 22nd May 2018

"Installer was friendly and informative and did a very neat job exactly as I wanted. Also your office staff were friendly and helpful in answering my questions. Overall I'm very satisfied with your service."

Kenneth, 19th May 2018

"The young man who carried out the installation was exemplary, a credit to your organisation. The device was located in the best position and the routing of the cable went exactly where I wanted it without fuss. He even pointed out that my electricity meter was unsafe and personally insisted to my energy supplier that they send out an operative immediately to rectify this situation. Lose this employee at your peril! As yet, I don't have the vehicle for which this device has been fitted, but I'm confident that there will be no problem."

Allan, 19th May 2018

"Great service, installation guy was very tidy and polite Thanks again"

Jim, 17th May 2018

"We are very pleased with Chargemaster. Elaine organised everything and kept us informed at every step. She was very supportive and gave us confidence that everything would be thorough and correct. The installation was carried out by Alan , the engineer, who arrived at the arranged time and carried out the installation without hitch. He was very competent and pleasant. He took the time to explain what he was doing and when complete, he showed us how it worked and took us through the paperwork. Thank you for a very professional job."

Maureen, 17th May 2018

"The installer, Jean-Billy Simba, was excellent. He arrived on time, was courteous, efficient and informative."

Lance, 17th May 2018

"Punctual and professional."

Trevor, 17th May 2018

"Prompt response to emails and telephone calls. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. "

David, 16th May 2018

"Excellent service"

Anonymous, 16th May 2018

"Very good fitter"

Richard, 16th May 2018

"very proactive. moved appointments forward (flexible). Pleasant and flexible installer. great experience overall, from the moment I was first contacted to the day the chargemaster was installed"

NIKOLAOS, 15th May 2018

"Very efficient about the whole process - very pleased!"

Anonymous, 15th May 2018

"The installation happened very quickly after all the documentation was received. It took them a while to send me the link for the sign-able documents. "

Chloe, 15th May 2018

"Great service really neat work, the charge point isn't ugly like some are. Works fantastic. Very happy"

Anonymous, 15th May 2018

"Moving from a ICE vehicle to an EV can be an anxious time, with many things to grasp. I found Chargermaster and their staff help me to understand all the options and make the right choice. They went far beyond just fitting my EV charger"

Anonymous, 15th May 2018

"The engineer arrived on time.He fitted the charging unit where we had decided on the site visit.He also answered all our questions.He was polite courteous and affable.Would recommend Chargemaster to my family & friends."

Clive, 15th May 2018

"Engineer had a very pleasant manner; he fitted the equipment very neatly; he was knowledgeable and provided a clear explanation of the equipment. The office staff were able to bring forward the date for the fitting of the equipment - this was very helpful. "

John, 15th May 2018

"Very quick turnaround, responsive and helped pull alll the paperwork together. Unit looks good and no problems so far."

Neil, 15th May 2018

"Very efficient installation service. Friendly, knowledgeable technician. "

Nigel, 15th May 2018

"Quick response to any enquiry, engineer confirmed appointment day before, talked through job when on site and agreed position, cable run etc. Professional attitude."

Simon, 14th May 2018

"My fitter was very friendly and knowledgeable. He was swift and professional and an asset to Chargemaster :)"

James, 14th May 2018

"Friendly happy service "

Derek, 14th May 2018

"did everything as they said they would"

Anonymous, 14th May 2018

"All good, neat professional job, although not used it yet! "

John, 14th May 2018

"Kept me informed. Arrived and installed with no fuss."

Stephen, 14th May 2018

"I called and have sent a message Faye Best. The chargers supplied have a blue cable. I specifically wanted a black cable with Black & White charger plug. I feel the way we were updated about this change in the product seemed very underhand. (in very small print in a last minute confirmation e-mail)"

Keith, 14th May 2018

"Very quick. Very efficient. Excellent installer and installation."

Michael, 14th May 2018

"Excellent service - good communication throughout ordering & installation process. "

Peter, 14th May 2018

"Excellent installation, average to above administration."

Anonymous, 14th May 2018


Natalie, 14th May 2018

"Fitter was great, managed to fit it under difficult circumstances. All the paperwork and one dept not always liasing with each other was difficult at times. Staff always very polite"

Margaret, 14th May 2018

"Life is to short . Now it is fixed but we don’t have any idea how much it is costing us to charge it ?"

Anonymous, 14th May 2018

"Very prompt, courteous and efficient service. The work was carried out to a high standard and us very neat. Very satisfied "

David, 14th May 2018

"Very efficient "

Terry, 14th May 2018

"Swift, efficient and professional service. Consulted at each stage of the process and a clear explanation of what was going to happen."

Jonathan, 14th May 2018

"Great communication. Lovely engineer. Great service all round."

Julie, 14th May 2018

"Simple, neat functional—great!"

Anonymous, 14th May 2018

"Very neat and helpful installer."

Anonymous, 14th May 2018

"Respect naively and flexible with booking the fitting slot. Professional fitter, carried out the job with minimal mess or fuss."

Anonymous, 14th May 2018

"Installer was excellent, he listened to my thoughts, questioned me about how I would use the charger going forward and provided an excellent solution for a not-straight-forward install. Couldn't be more pleased."

Anthony, 14th May 2018

"very ,good i am very happy with the work, wonderful people"

Woon, 14th May 2018

"Efficient and easy to deal with. Installer was courteous and knowledgeable. Not the cheapest but the kit seems to be good quality. "

Anonymous, 14th May 2018

"Engineer made a very neat job of what was a challenging installation."

Peter, 14th May 2018

"The guy who installed it was a real pleasure to chat to and worked hard to get the job done"

Dave, 14th May 2018

"Excellent service and very easy process"

Nicholas, 14th May 2018

"We now have a charger point and it works."

Anonymous, 14th May 2018

"The install was done proffessionally. However, I was quoted based on the previous grant amount and not made aware of any deadlines for the change or the fact that I would never be able to claim the £500 grant and would be £300 based on when I applied. Chargemaster did not honour their quote or explain why I was quoted for something which I would never be able to receive. This part of the service was disappointing."

Anonymous, 14th May 2018

"Allan the engineer was prompt, polite and did a very professional and tidy job."

Anonymous, 14th May 2018

"Very quick and clean job completed by Matt Thank you "

ROGER, 14th May 2018

"Contact with chargemaster was very easy. Additional technical requirements were clearly stated. The electrician who came to do the installation was on time, extremely personable and did a great job. I could not endorse Chargemaster's performance any more strongly; highly recommended."

richard, 14th May 2018

"They were very polite and efficient."

Anonymous, 14th May 2018

"The electrician came on time; he was very pleasant and clearly knew his stuff; cables, etc were installed exactly where I wanted them; he tidied up when finished."

Malcolm, 14th May 2018

"Good clean job easy to use"

Anonymous, 14th May 2018

"Efficient,effective polite staff. Great service."

Sally, 14th May 2018

"very good service, good communication & good quality of install"

Dave, 14th May 2018

"Very efficient from booking to installation,the technician was helpful and friendly and left no mess."

craig, 14th May 2018

"Communication was very good."

Michael, 14th May 2018

"Turned up as promised, installer was polite, charger worked with no problems so far. "

David, 14th May 2018

"The application process was made very clear Tina and was handled efficiently without any fuss. The charge point installer explained all the placement options and completed the installation quickly without any mess or damage. "

Gary, 14th May 2018

"Riaz was a competent engineer with a good sense of humour and appreciated the preliminary work which my own electrician had carried out. The installation was completed in very good time. Excellent!!"

A, 14th May 2018

"Very professional people. Quick and expedient service. Many thanks"

Steven, 14th May 2018

"Effective pre visit communication and data collection, followed by an excellent installation experience with a competent and friendly engineer."

Philip, 14th May 2018

"The fitting of the charging unit was carried out well. The fitter tidied up after the job too!"

Paul, 14th May 2018

"Good service and communication to install "

Steve, 14th May 2018

"A professional, efficient and friendly installation"

David, 14th May 2018

"Great service from John who installed my charger everything explained in full and all working well so far."

Anthony, 14th May 2018

"Good service all works"

Mark, 14th May 2018

"They gave clear information. Very cooperative and helpful staff. "

Anonymous, 14th May 2018

"Installer arrived on time, was polite and very tidy leaving the site as found. He explained the installation process clearly and ensured I understood and was happy with the work he'd completed."

Simon, 13th May 2018

"Relevant, timely communications and help with the paperwork. Professional installation."

Garry, 6th May 2018

"Quick, easy and professional."

Anonymous, 4th May 2018

"Very good responsiveness and communication. "

Christine, 3rd May 2018

"Prompt friendly and efficient "

Dennis, 3rd May 2018

"Helpful and cheerful installation engineer. Booking easy and informed of progress"

Brian, 2nd May 2018

"Professional, well informed and courteous staff - job completed in a timely manner"

Anonymous, 2nd May 2018

"Excellent job,carried out very efficiently,very courteous and helpfull"

DE, 2nd May 2018

"Prompt, friendly, efficient"

Richard, 2nd May 2018

"Excellent service, great advise and turned up on the day as planned and delivered what was agreed "

Minne, 1st May 2018

"Excellent service from Kadiza taking my booking details through to Allan doing the installation from my experience I would very highly recommend this company "

Peter, 1st May 2018

"Good to have the reassurance my car can be charged at home. Ideally would have liked conventional plug in same convenient position but will arrange for an electrician to do this"

Nick, 1st May 2018

"Very informative for my initial enquiry and had the plug installed pretty quickly. First appointment was changed at on the day it was booked as engineer had run over on another job which was inconvenient hence 4 stars not 5! Fitted very neatly with minimum visible cable."

Anonymous, 1st May 2018

"very efficient and helpful"

Paresh, 1st May 2018

"Engineer was polite, friendly and tidy. He was flexible enough to offer to finish the job on a weekend, when it turned out to be a long one. He didn’t need to do so, in the end, but it showed commitment."

Anonymous, 1st May 2018

"On time, pleasant and efficient. "

Anonymous, 1st May 2018

"Excellent service great electrician and good communication from all the team. Charger installed before car collected and within 4 days of being advised of vehicle purchase "

Mark, 1st May 2018

"They provided an extremely professional and prompt service whilst remaining friendly anf helpful."

David, 1st May 2018

"Your on site technician was great - super helpful, professional and did a neat job. "

Nikki, 30th April 2018

"Disjointed communication between internal teams, duplicate requests for paperwork etc"

Anonymous, 30th April 2018

"Very good service Fast and efficient "

Matthew, 30th April 2018

"Great service and advice on how to use new charging station. Very well delivered and installed. Highly recommend "

Sergey, 30th April 2018

"Everything went very well. The engineer called the night before to say what time he was coming, he then arrived on time, did the work quickly and with no mess. Thank you"

Matthew, 30th April 2018

"Excellent and professional service."

Nikki, 30th April 2018

"Very efficient and friendly, could not have asked for a better service"

Hayley, 30th April 2018

"Excellent job, nice engineer and very helpful and professional. Treated the job as if he was installing it in his own home. Thank you to all at chargemaster would recommend. "

Jonathan, 30th April 2018

"Engineer and support staff very knowledgeable and friendly. "

Anonymous, 30th April 2018

"Efficient, friendly, clean and quick."

Anonymous, 30th April 2018

"Quick and efficient installation. Very good installation engineer. System working as expected. Very good job. Keith Beeton"

Keith, 30th April 2018

"the engineer was extremely knowledgeable. he advised me on th different chargers available, he had a can do attitude, worked quickly and efficiently and solved any problems he came across"

lynn, 30th April 2018

"Communication was excellent and the installation was carried to the highest of standards. Nothing was too much trouble for Scott the engineer who was incredibly professional. You would not know that the chargepoint was not installed as part of the original build"

Stephen, 30th April 2018

"Quick efficient installation. "

Anonymous, 30th April 2018

"from start to installation the help and level of service was very professional. thank you"

Anonymous, 30th April 2018

"Neil who installed my i3s charger the connect model was very professional and knowledable"

Dariusz, 30th April 2018

"Chargemaster kept me up to date about my appointment"

Anonymous, 30th April 2018

"It was quite confused when applied charger as we had different campanies to emails me and do process is difficult for 1st time use car charger ad it is new to me. They came quickly when gave me a date do fix home charger."

Simon, 30th April 2018

"Communication via e-mail was slow, although communication via phone was excellent.. For me though your installer is the reason for the 5 stars. He was excellent, looked after my property, worked methodically, his quality of workmanship was superb & he kept me updated on progress & explained job fully on completition."

Carl, 30th April 2018

"They sent a fitter who knew what he was talking about and who set to work with no fuss "

John, 30th April 2018

"Informative electrician who completed job in an efficient and timely manner."

Anonymous, 30th April 2018

"Prompt efficient & friendly/helpfull"

Desmond, 30th April 2018

"Very good service "

philip, 30th April 2018

"Your survey and installation was excellent and the office very good"

David, 30th April 2018

"The installation by Alan was first class, nothing was to much trouble, went through every detail & explained how it works before he left"

Peter, 30th April 2018

"Excellent telephone support "

Anonymous, 30th April 2018

"The installation was very good"

Evan, 30th April 2018

"Prompt, well organised, friendly, helpful staff."

Emma, 30th April 2018

"Quite satisfied with the sales and installation process."

Alex, 30th April 2018

"Very professional &friendly staff"

Nicholas, 30th April 2018

"The installer (Matt) was very efficient and did an excellent job despite a few challenges. It is too early to assess the long term performance/reliability of the charging unit, but I like the ability to monitor electricity cost. I understand this facility is limited to the first three years, which I think is a nuisance. Hopefully that can be extended."

Alan, 30th April 2018

"They agreed a suitable date and time for my installation. He arrived as promised and completed the job very efficiently and quickly. He cleaned up after he completed the installation. He was an interesting and affable person!"

Stephen, 30th April 2018

"Very neat installation"

Julia, 30th April 2018

"Efficient and friendly service "

Anonymous, 30th April 2018

"very polite man, nothing was a problem for him, felt totally at ease knowing he was very more than capable of carrying out his work. I would definitely recommend charge master to anyone who requires a EV charge point, the engineer was a credit to your company, well done."

Gary, 30th April 2018

"Really helpful even though I had to change the installation date - couldn’t have been more helpful and Matt who came to survey and install was lovely!"

Sally, 30th April 2018

"Very professional service on the Day "

Stephen, 30th April 2018

"Good job well done. Administration staff very helpful . "

Donald, 30th April 2018

"Lovely guy, really good job. Really happy with our BMW wall plus box. Thank you"

Penelope, 30th April 2018

"My liaison person was helpful and the installation was fine."

DAVID, 30th April 2018

"Very accommodating and helpful; both with the phone/email service and electrician that installed the station."

ANDREW, 30th April 2018

"Thom was absolutely amazing did and incredible job setting the charger in the most efficient and less invasive way"

Guilia, 30th April 2018

"quick response, happy to deal with problems. "

Anonymous, 30th April 2018

"Technician reached before agreed time and installed professionaly"

NAISENT, 30th April 2018

"The engineer arrived within the given slot. He was polite and efficient and the job was completed in good time."

Anonymous, 30th April 2018

"Very efficient person and polite "

Aung, 30th April 2018

"Excellent service "

Anonymous, 30th April 2018

"Excellent installation, very tidy and efficient "

Jonathan, 30th April 2018

"Issue raised by engineer on how to run cable. Suggest he flowed same route as current Jacuzzi cable but use wider trunking. Route is fine and I did say that I was not worried about corner coving being cut out and left. However, trunking hasn't been mitred in and end have been filled with white mastic. Outside not the neatest but will live with it"

David, 30th April 2018

"Installer engineer did a good job on the day, admin office not so hot, different person every time in contact delays with paperwork and overly keen on prompt payment in my view "

Garry, 30th April 2018

"Friendly and efficient booking process with expert installation and explanation of how to use the device."

Peter, 30th April 2018

"Kadiza Begum was very helpful regarding our charge point installation and kept us right with forms etc. Craig who surveyed and then installed the charge point was very professional. He texted to say when he was arriving which was helpful, efficiently did the survey and installation and even cleared up the dust etc afterwards."

Jean, 30th April 2018

"Works for now perfect ;)"

Jan, 30th April 2018

"Brilliant service"

Matt, 30th April 2018

"The job was carried out relatively quickly"

K, 30th April 2018

"The service was good. "

Anna, 30th April 2018

"Simple straight forward process and good communication throughout"

Anonymous, 30th April 2018

"Very efficient and good quality fittig"

Ian, 30th April 2018

"Everything went off to plan . Yes a bit of bother for getting things right but we got there in the end. The ladies were most helpful when I requested that the technician come early rather than later and they obliged. The Person who came was very good professional and well skilled. So al went well The only disappointment we have is that our unit does not have a lock whereas we have seen others with locks"

Cyrus, 30th April 2018

"Fitted and explained charge point quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption after arriving promptly."

Keith, 30th April 2018

"Service was great - although that was after a slow and disappointing start. Installation very good - electrical engineer was courteous, knowledgeable and very helpful. Polar network guys also very helpful in setting up the account and remotely dealing with an issue on one of their charge posts."

Phil, 30th April 2018

"Engineer on time, friendly, efficient and did a very good job at installing the charger"

Paula, 21st April 2018

"Process from 1st contact clear and efficient. Fitting appointment booked and worked carried out on-time and professionally."

Sidharta, 19th April 2018

"Excellent communication"

Christopher, 18th April 2018

"Very efficient and helpful from start to finish."

Anonymous, 18th April 2018

"The application process was straightforward and we were treated very courteously by staff. The engineer who fitted the unit worked to a very high standard, was able to give good advice on the best option for fitting, and ensured that we understood how to operate the equipment and ensure it would be kept in good condition."

Colin, 18th April 2018

"Very efficient "

Stephen, 17th April 2018

"I will be getting a EV soon and applied for a charger with CM. The process was swift including instructions on how to receive the OLEV grant and what informations I needed to send. Electrician came on time but due to the layout of the house the installation needed a slight modification. In the end the installation was successful "

Simon, 17th April 2018

"Installation was efficient, but experience spoiled by unexpected charge for garage board"

Anonymous, 17th April 2018

"good quality"

Anonymous, 17th April 2018

"After a shaky start with BMW your team made things happen and your installer Ilyas Kamar did a great job Thanks Kind regards Chris "

Christopher, 17th April 2018

"The service I have received has been excellent and very friendly. "

MICHAEL, 17th April 2018

"The electrician came very promptly, was very amenable and helpful regarding routing of cable etc. His work was neat and tidy, and gave some useful advice. "

ian, 17th April 2018

"Arrived on time. Carried out the installation very efficiently. Installation engineer very personable and talked me through how to use it. "

Clive, 17th April 2018

"Easy to deal with, came out to carry out a pre installation survey free of charge prior to taking any money to check my property was suitable. The engineer (Daniel) turned up on time and was very efficient."

Philip, 17th April 2018

"The install engineer was very helpful and friendly"

Anonymous, 17th April 2018

"Communication was terrible Never again with this company "

Anonymous, 17th April 2018

"The engineer that visited (Gary) was polite, friendly, enthusiastic and very helpful and efficient."

Megan, 17th April 2018

"1. When I called to make the necessary inquiries it was one person I spoke to, I wasn’t put on hold or passed to anyone else and they were able to answer my questions 2. The forms were emailed through immediately after our call. 3. They also went out of their way to get a quick installation for me and the date I suggested. 4. Everyone one of your staff were extremely efficient, polite and a real pleasure to talk with. 5. I’ve not come across a company that I could praise and recommend enough, thank you."

Sonna, 17th April 2018

"Came on time Did the job well No more to be said "

Paul, 17th April 2018

"Job well done"

Anonymous, 17th April 2018

"Good pre-visit communications, clear options pricing. Chargemaster dealt with the Government OLEV application on my behalf. On Installation the electrician arrived on time, worked around some oddities of my home electrical set-up and upgraded my mains earth wires to support the EV link. Site was left clean and tidy, engineer walked through the equipment and process before leaving."

Mal, 17th April 2018

"Very efficient service, from taking pictures of the fuse board so that any issues can be sorted out to the excellent electrician you sent to install the box. Very helpful man who did a quality installation. "

Malcolm, 17th April 2018

"Excellent from first contact to finished installation "

John, 17th April 2018

"Really pleased with the support from the installation engineer. Very professional and clean job"

Paul, 17th April 2018

"Engineer was very knowledgeable and installed the charger with no problems or mess. Using photos in advance is a very good idea and ensured there was no complications. "

Anthony, 17th April 2018

"Daniel was very polite and professional and the work looks excellent."

MICHAEL, 17th April 2018

"Excellent communications from first call to engineers visit. Installation inside estimated advice, clean job ."

Christopher, 17th April 2018

"Easy application process. Little glitch on the colour but sorted before delivery. Installer really good, able to discuss siting and cable runs with him."

Anonymous, 17th April 2018

"V friendly, knowledgeable and efficient man, great job thanks. "

Karen, 17th April 2018

"Laura VERY helpful ***** The Installer Very POLITE and on time as he said. ***** "

Kuldeep, 17th April 2018

"Great install "

Anonymous, 17th April 2018

"Excellent customer service very helpful staff and well informed to all options. Excellent fitter in installation of the Chargemaster product and explanation of product. "

Sarah, 17th April 2018

"The engineer turned up on time and carried out the work with no hassle."

Graham, 17th April 2018

"Installed on time and as specified"

Michael, 17th April 2018

"Everything very efficient. The process went smoothly."

John, 17th April 2018

"Very Happy with the service I received from Chargemaster. The Chap who installed my charger was excellent- very pleasant and very clean and tidy."

Sonia, 15th April 2018

"I was very happy with the service that we received from the engineer, Jean-Billy Simba who came to complete our installation. I received a text that morning before he arrived to let me know he would be arriving by 8am and he arrived in good time to start work by 8. He discussed with me the positioning that would be best for my needs of the charging unit and got to work straight away. The wiring had to go around the outside of the house and into the garage and he did a great, neat job of the installation of the charging unit and in positioning the wiring so that it is barely noticeable. In addition he was polite and courteous and worked with minimum disruption to me and my daughter who were both at home and carefully explained to me how the unit works and the attached paperwork once he had completed the job. I feel that the service I received for the installation was excellent, thank you. "

Emma, 15th April 2018

"Quick efficient installation everything completed as promised"

Anonymous, 14th April 2018

"1. We sent pictures of the fusebox and arranged a fitting date 2 weeks later. On the day of the fitting you rang to say that you had looked at the picture and the fusebox needed extra work and so the charger couldn't be fitted. We had both arranged to be off work that day! Why didn't you look at the picture 2 weeks earlier?? 2. You asked us to contact the electrical supplier to do the fusebox work. It took 10 days to get through and they then said any electrician could do it.We then needed to find an electrician available to do the work. 3. Our electrician said that what you had recommended was wrong and spoke to your electrician and agreed a different alteration. 4. After almost 2 months the charge point was finally fitted - your electrician was fine. In the meantime we were being pressurised by the car showroom to take delivery of the car. Your office is completely disorganised and its a wonder anyone gets their charge point fitted."

Jane, 12th April 2018

"Nice polite people, easy to understand and very helpful "

Alan, 11th April 2018

"Polite, punctual, predictable and polished. Thanks"

Patricia, 11th April 2018

"Knowledgeable engineer. "

Anonymous, 11th April 2018

"Efficient service, well liked operator"

Margaret, 11th April 2018

"Installed my charger with little fuss and a lot of expertise "

Frederick, 11th April 2018

"the installer was very helpful, considered the look of my house and how best to minimise the impact to my house. "

Baljit, 11th April 2018

"Excellent Service"

Anonymous, 10th April 2018

"Reasonably fast response by helpful people. The process was made painless for the customer"

Mark, 10th April 2018

"Far too bureaucratic a process. It should not take dozens of emails and several calls to set up installation. Surely it would be better for someone to be sent to the property to assess and advise instead of the ridiculous number of emails that went back and forth."

Anonymous, 10th April 2018

"Product was fitted by polite and efficient electrician. Everything was checked and is working correctly "

Martin, 10th April 2018

"Efficient telephone and email communication prior to site visit and installation as well as a good service by engineer on the 2 visits he made."

Julia, 10th April 2018

"the work was tidy "

Anonymous, 10th April 2018

"Did the job efficiently, on time and in budget "

Ken, 10th April 2018

"Charger fitted as planned and fitted well. Interesting that the fitter thought it appropriate to tell me he didn’t like Renaults! Yes I’ve bought a Renault Zoe. He also thought it appropriate to question me about my marital status and did I have children and tell me I should have children! Couldn’t wait for him to leave! "

Anonymous, 10th April 2018

"The electrician on the day did an excellent job, well tested and test documentation provided."

Peter, 10th April 2018

"Fitted charge point quickly "

Anonymous, 10th April 2018

"The arrangements and the whole process was very efficient. Unfortunately the electrician did not clean up after his work, and he left quite a mess both inside the house and outside. Were it not for this, I would have awarded 10/10."

Anonymous, 10th April 2018

"Professional and knowledgeable team both in the office and the engineer who completed the on site install."

Anonymous, 10th April 2018

"Very efficient. Primary survey & installation carried out very professionally by same person. Excellent service."

Anonymous, 10th April 2018

"Very polite, professional and informative installer."

David, 10th April 2018

"Chargemaster handled the installation from inception to completion very well. Note we actually had three installations (new 100amp Fuse, new isolator switch and charge point) by different companies (UK power networks, Electricity provider and Chargemaster). You have to organise the other two by yourself, Chargemaster does not get involved there."

PATRICK, 10th April 2018

"The speed and efficiency that they dealt with my enquiry right through to the installation. All parties were knowledgeable and helpful."

David, 10th April 2018

"Good service, polite, tidy, helpful and on time."

Anonymous, 10th April 2018

"Despite the appointment being cancelled twice, the installation engineers service was first class, so 10 our of 10 for Alan Clarke"

Steve, 10th April 2018


Mario, 10th April 2018

"Superb communication, done as requested, professional service product and installation. Couldn’t have asked for more. A+"

Mark, 10th April 2018

"The office staff very efficient & helpful in arranging the installation. Engineer turned up on time and did a very good job. Only down side is that he appears to have broken the lock for our electricity meter."

Anonymous, 10th April 2018

"Great company,fast fitting and brilliant communications throughout id recommended to everyone"

Stacey, 10th April 2018

"Came on time, did a good job and Billy was a very friendly guy with plenty of advice. "

Keith, 10th April 2018

"Elaine at the the office was very professional. John the engineer was spot on. Both very informative and quick."

Ian, 10th April 2018

"Very helpful, professional and friendly staff. The engineer was polite, punctual and knowledgeable."

Steve, 10th April 2018

"Turned up when they said"

Malcolm, 10th April 2018

"While the process of getting the right information to Chargemaster was a bit of a chore, the installation process was excellent, electrician was efficient and tidy, leaving no mess and a really good job done. "

ROBERT, 10th April 2018

"It took over 3 weeks for them to change contact me to arrange an appointment "

Anonymous, 10th April 2018

"Taylor was very helpful in run up, answering all my questions and the engineer on the day was also very thorough and quick. I was very pleased with the finished job. Very neat."

Helen, 10th April 2018

"Prompt service and all useful information provided"

Jim, 9th April 2018

"Confusing emails from them at the beginning, but good job in the end by a friendly installer. "

Anonymous, 9th April 2018

"Excellent service especially with the communication before and during installation. The Operations team and Engineers were exceptionally professional throughout."

Anonymous, 9th April 2018

"The liaison with Head office was very good, and the engineer who came to fit the charger did a very neat and professional job."

Nicholas, 8th April 2018

"Did an excellent job."

Sharon, 8th April 2018

"I already had a charge point and was told I needed a new one as I had bought a newer car in the Nissan Leaf range. This was not true. The old one would have worked fine. I then have got to take my old one to the recycling centre as they did not take it away. "

Margaret, 6th April 2018

"Very helpful and super fast service"

Anonymous, 6th April 2018

"Pre installation team (Belinder) and installer were all great help. The whole team provided insightful and helpful advice. Really pleased with the service and they listened to my concerns and preferences. "

Andrew, 5th April 2018

"Did a good job and put it in the best possible position. Now charges are much shorter!!"

Jeremy, 5th April 2018

"When booking the date I had to change it a couple of times but they were very prompt in responding. The installation went very smoothly, the engineer was pleasant and thorough, cleaning up after himself and was very open to my questions. I had confidence that he knew what he was doing. "

ANNE, 4th April 2018

"Really knowledgeable and friendly installation engineer, very helpful and extremely neat work!"

ANDREW, 4th April 2018

"Very good tidy job and helpful explanations"

Gaynor, 4th April 2018

"Courteous, efficient and effective telephone staff. Email updates throughout the process. Charger fitted exactly into my preferred position, without fuss or disturbance."

Gary, 4th April 2018

"Well I would not say and in line with any company I deal with made me feel happy, I deal with a company because they provide me with a service in this case there is no direct cost (pay for it through the purchase of the vehicle) to come down to earth and not stick with these American concepts and answer a question how do I feel about Chargemaster. Having dealt with them with my 1st leaf and now. I am pleased with the Admin; Gary who dealt with on both events is very helpful and 'knows his stuff', and the on site installation of the device was carried out most satisfactorily. All I want now is the car???when I know not. Thank you"

Mike, 4th April 2018

"Friendly, efficient service. Neat installation with no mess."

Colin, 4th April 2018

"Excellent service. The engineer, called Kumar, came within 24 hours of my booking the appointment and he was finished in 2! He kept me fully informed of what he was doing. When he had finished he carefully explained how to operate the charger and left the site clean and tidy. Very impressed."

PAUL, 4th April 2018

"Service and fitter was some of the best I have dealt with."

Caroline, 4th April 2018

"Installer very knowledgeable and friendly. Explained everything about the installation and then give a demonstration on connecting the car to the charger. Very satisfied with everything. "

Patrick, 3rd April 2018

"Very efficient service"

Sambandam, 3rd April 2018

"The cable wasn't fixed and the engineer had to return almost as soon as he left , I also felt that the job was competed in 40min and the engineer sat around for 3 hours just to make the time up."

Malcolm, 3rd April 2018

"Chargemaster managed to book my fitting appointment for the day after my new car arrived, ensuring I could charge it almost from the word go. The electrician who fitted my charging point was very professional and made sure everything was working before he left. I'm very happy with the service I received."

Anonymous, 3rd April 2018

"The installer John was very pleasant and professional and the whole process throughout relatively smooth."

Tony, 3rd April 2018

"Efficient friendly"

Lee, 3rd April 2018

"Chargemaster recently installed a home charging socket for me for the electric car I had ordered. Billy Simba, the installation engineer who was sent to my house did a very good job, and was clearly very professional in his approach. I am very pleased with him and the quality of his work. I took delivery of the electric car yesterday and have used the socket to charge it. The socket worked perfectly. "

Clement, 3rd April 2018

"Called me the day before installing to let me know when to expect them. Turned up on time and made a good job of the installation. Fitter was polite and when he finished he did a quick demonstration of how to use the charger. I was very pleased with the finished job. Thank you."

Alan, 3rd April 2018

"Simple process but had to push"

ALAN, 3rd April 2018

"quick process"

bogdan, 3rd April 2018

"The information provided in order to have a charging unit fitted at my home was clear and concise with a timely installation. Very satisfied with the whole process. Excellent service from Chargemaster PLC."

Alan, 3rd April 2018

"Excellent install by a competent engineer who knew exactly what was the best option. The charger is in a perfect location and the cabling is hidden from view. There was no mess and it only took 2 hours to complete"

Alan, 3rd April 2018

"The charging point is excellent, fitted in under an hour, the engineer was helpful. I was told when booking i'd get some details about viewing my usage online, i'm still waiting for this access."

Anonymous, 1st April 2018

"Before and after service has been excellent. Our questions and queries were answered and staff are quite knowledgable. Would recommend to family and friends 🙂 :)"

Bhupat, 30th March 2018

"The engineer was Helpful, knowledgeable, did a neat and tidy job, and left everywhere clean both inside and out when he had finished."

Anonymous, 29th March 2018

"The young electrician who came to fit the unit, was very polite, presentable and keen to fit the unit as I wanted it fitted. This alone gained 5 stars. However the ability of the office staff to answer e.mails would have only gained 1 star. But as all too often nowadays the hard work of the practical people 'out in the network' is dragged down by the 'office', I rated it purely on the face to face practical experience."

TERRY, 29th March 2018

"Really good team that helped take me through the process right up to the installation engineer "

Martin, 28th March 2018

"Very quick and clean install"

Simon, 28th March 2018

"Polite courteous,knowledgeable and excellent ."

Amar, 28th March 2018

"excellent customer service"

Zahid, 28th March 2018

"The Chargemaster representative turned up when he was supposed to, was pleasant, did a neat job, and demonstrated the charger to us before he left."

Margaret, 28th March 2018

"Professional job completed by Matt. External electrician has looked at charge masters work and was very impressed with it!! "

Robert, 27th March 2018

"I found the whole process confusing as to which device I needed as well as the costs. What was covered vs. not. The timescales quoted for the fit was 4 hours however the job only took just over an hour. From a time management perspective a more accurate timescale it would help manage the day. The engineer on the day was fantastic, he was efficient and tidy and explained everything in detail. "

Lorraine, 27th March 2018

"From placing the order the charger was fitted within 10 days. The fitter turned up on time and had the charger fitted with the minimum of distruption."

Rob, 27th March 2018

"All the staff were very easy to deal with, the installation went ahead on the planned date and the installer did so quickly with the minimum of disruption. In all it was very efficient."

Stephen, 27th March 2018

"Excellent service!! Great guy who came to attend, Scott was very helpful and did a great job."

Rachael, 27th March 2018

"Although the installation date was longer than first promised, the engineer who attended was very polite and attentive. "

Ian, 27th March 2018

"The engineer, Daniel Saunders, was extremely helpful and explained every step. The installation was very neat and tidy."

Gerald, 27th March 2018

"Matt who fitted the charger was fantastic shame the first appointment was missed!! The reason given was slightly dubious!!"

Clare, 27th March 2018

"Excellent service from phone call to fitter thankyou"

Julie, 27th March 2018

"Your engineer was so competent, friendly and such a clean worker, he was prepared to listen to all our requests. "

Nigel, 27th March 2018

"From initiation to installation all was done with friendly efficiency."

DAVID, 26th March 2018

"Brilliant customer service and the installation went perfectly. Highly recommended. "

Derek, 26th March 2018

"Nice easy process. Great service by installer. "

David, 26th March 2018

"It was fitted where I wanted and when I wanted. The unit was fitted in about 3 hours and works just fine."

John, 26th March 2018

"Great service both before and after installation "

Tom, 26th March 2018

"The equipment was installed very efficiently with minimum disruption. Everything was clearly communicated and all the equipment fully tested and explained at the end of the installation."

Rachel, 26th March 2018

"Excellent service "

Anonymous, 26th March 2018

"Kept me fully informed from start. Arrived at time stated installed in the time stated. Electrician was very pleasant and hard working. Would not even accept a coffee on a very cold morning. Left work area clean. An asset to your company"

Thomas, 26th March 2018

"Effecient and helpful."

Anonymous, 26th March 2018

"A great price after receiving the Government grant and topped off with a fast,friendly and efficient service."

Frederick, 26th March 2018

"The installation was perfect friendly punctual and professional but the process involving getting all the right forms filled in and sent then resent then getting different forms to send was agony "

Mark, 26th March 2018

"Great fitter, thank you"

Terence, 26th March 2018

"The installation was good. Regerstring my polar plus card is turning into a bit of nightmare. 3 times I’ve rang 3 times I’ve been given different info. Still not sure if my cards ready to use ?????"

Andrew, 26th March 2018

"Completed work on time and as agreed"

Robert, 26th March 2018

"Phone staff are very helpful, and electrician was good and helpful, just need to be more supportive straight away, as he needs to understand he’s the expert and the people he’s dealing with may lack the knowledge. But please may I add he was great in the end "

Daniel, 26th March 2018

"Quick, efficient, neat, polite."

mark, 26th March 2018

"From the start to the finish chargemaster kept me informed more or less on a daily basis what the next step would be. The electrician that installed the charging unit phoned the day before the installation and gave me an arrival time. The electrician was on tine and the installation went smoothly. "

Brian, 26th March 2018

"Nice charging unit, however details regarding communicating from unit to phone were not automatically forthcoming. "

Simon, 26th March 2018

"The installer turned up on time. He was polite and good at his job. I am pleased with the installation. On a different subject I think that Polar Instant customers should be able to charge at all of your charging points. I accept that they should pay more than Polar Plus customers."

Paul, 26th March 2018

"Really professional install. Cables hidden well. The final look was very neat and looked very good. The engineer was very clear and concise. Very happy"

Munsuf, 22nd March 2018

"Installer was very helpful and made sure I was satisfied with location. Installation was neat and tidy."

Russell, 21st March 2018

"Excellent service"

Anonymous, 21st March 2018

"James , the technician who fitted the system was excellent and a credit to the Company "

Glenn, 20th March 2018

"Very good communication, every question was dealt with in a rather timely and friendly way. I was kept well informed throughout the whole process, which turned out to be completely hassle free. "

Anonymous, 20th March 2018

"Kept in touch well and was efficient while at our property. However the cable routing looks untidy and could have been better."

Jason, 20th March 2018

"Electrician surveyed property & advised on installation. While fitting charger he explained what he was doing &showed how to use it afterwards. No mess left & I was very satisfied."

Peter, 20th March 2018

"Efficient. Good work practices. Polite and friendly. "

Andrew, 20th March 2018

"The Engineer that fitted the charge point was polite punctual & did a very neat job of installing the product. Would recommend."

David, 20th March 2018

"The communication was good and the unit was well fitted on the exact time that was organised, the charging units are easy to use."

Norman, 20th March 2018

"Excellent service. Installation was quick and neat. Would recommend "

Anonymous, 20th March 2018

"Lovely engineer, very polite and helpful"

Sarah, 20th March 2018

"Your installation engineer was very competent, friendly and keen to do a good job. Unfortunately, this cannot be said of the office based Team who are extremely frustrating to deal with."

John, 20th March 2018

"Excellent service from the start of my initial enquiry to the installation itself."

Anonymous, 20th March 2018

"Good service . Good polite electrician came and fitted .Good device in all ."

Graham, 20th March 2018

"Very efficient. Prompt and pleasant attitude"

Anonymous, 19th March 2018

"Your installer was v friendly and helpful, and did a great job! All interaction with the firm was efficient and friendly. Thankyou!"

Nick, 19th March 2018

"People in office don't no what the other is doing "

Alec, 19th March 2018

"Nice and friendly installer, very thorough installation"

Andrew, 19th March 2018

"Fast response, friendly staff, excellent service"

Nigel, 19th March 2018

"Generally the service was good both with the call handler and the installation person. The reason why I gave four not five stars is the first appointment was missed ; and I had to chase Chargemaster up out find out why they had not arrived- apparently an engineer went sick and due to a 'system problem' I was not advised. Apart from that all went smoothly and to my satisfaction."

Stephen, 19th March 2018

"Good comms. Efficient polite engineer No problems at all "

PETER, 19th March 2018

"Very professional and knowledgeable "

Anonymous, 19th March 2018


Anonymous, 19th March 2018

"Excellent communication with Elaine via email & phone and great service from the engineer."

Stephen, 19th March 2018

"The fitter was so polite"

Anonymous, 19th March 2018

"Helpful and informative in communication. Gentleman who fitted the charge point spent time to find the least obtrusive route for the cable, and worked efficiently and cheerfully in awful weather"

BRENDA, 19th March 2018

"Helpful technician, job well done."

MICHAEL, 19th March 2018

"I was kept informed of every step of the installation by email or phone call and any question was answered quickly and with full satisfaction. The engineer that came was very friendly and made a very clean and 100% satisfactory installation. Highly recommend."

Dean, 19th March 2018

"Very good communication and fast service "

Bethanie, 19th March 2018

"Great, informative and friendly service from 1st contact through to final demonstration of how to use the charger that had been fitted."

Anonymous, 19th March 2018

"Technician was very efficient and whilst I was not present for the install, he kept me updated and informed at each stage of the install. Cant fault his work, a great job well done. "

Ken, 19th March 2018

"Very neat installation"

Dermot, 19th March 2018

"Installer arrived in time and have done work promptly. Good quality charger."

Anonymous, 19th March 2018

"Chargemaster were extremely helpful and kept me informed at every step. The engineer who installed the charger arrived on time, was extremely courteous and completed the work in good time and without any mess."

David, 19th March 2018

"quick and efficient i haven't use it yet but i hope that works fine "

JOSE, 19th March 2018

"Booking confirmed and time kept well. Very helpful on location and excellent concealed location. Advice given meant change to untethered charger which was arranged immediately. "

Michael, 19th March 2018

"Engineer was great but admin was useless. I had to send my photos 5x as no one seemed to communicate with anyone else."

Frances, 19th March 2018

"Excellent customer service from first contact, organisation of installation was seamless and installer carried out all work to a very professional standard"

Anonymous, 19th March 2018

"Ours was a complicated installation due to the cabling distance to be run and congestion in our incoming supply cabinet. However, it was completed cheerfully in a long day."

PETER, 18th March 2018

"The installer was friendly, professional and did a great job including a carefulexplanation of how everything works."

Andrew, 16th March 2018

"Fast effect with quote. Electrician did the job without fuss. Only thing - wish Electrician gave more details as to logging onto website so electricity used could be monitored."

Anonymous, 16th March 2018

"Good prompt and good work"

Boban, 15th March 2018

"Great engineer, polite and did the job well."

Adam, 14th March 2018

"Efficient and were able to problem solve. Our energy company were less good!"

Anonymous, 14th March 2018

"MK is good location for me. Staff were friendly and efficient. Extended test gave good impression of the car not possible in a short test drive. "

Michael, 14th March 2018

"Great service and use of an i3 for a week"

Dean, 14th March 2018

"Fantastic service "

Anonymous, 14th March 2018

"Firstly the installer was prompt and very courteous on the visit. Out of 5 stars I would give 6 if possible. Excellent installer. I would recommend Charge Master to every friend, acquaintance or family member. Great Job !"

Benedetta, 13th March 2018

"They did a good job and on time."

Steve, 13th March 2018

"I was very happy with the time it took from the first phone call to the time of installation no messing me about was told a date and time and that is exactly when it happened "

james, 13th March 2018

"Their communications were excellent, every single staff member I spoke to were helpful, friendly and very professional. Even the fitter offered me advice on cables over and beyond his duty. I am very impressed with this company and have already recommended them to colleagues who are considering similar types of car."

Mark, 13th March 2018

"Unnecessary demand for documents relating to my property. Poor sales procedure that failed to explain what device options are available. Completely disorganised response when my installation appointment had to be cancelled because of bad weather."

Stephen, 13th March 2018


Geoff, 13th March 2018

"There seemed to be some confusion with the initial set up and inter office communication. However the actual installation experience by Paul was second to none. He was courteous, professional and could not have been more helpful. Based on the office experience of arranging the installation I would not have recommended Chargemaster, but the installation itself was so well handled by the installer that I would recommend Chargemaster on this basis alone."

Millie, 13th March 2018

"Process was simple and straight forward, all my questions were answered throughout the process even the very technical ones!"

Anil, 13th March 2018

"They were efficient and knew exactly what had to be done."

Edward, 13th March 2018

"Very accommodating, understanding and went beyond on the installation day. "

Leila, 13th March 2018

"Great communications from start to finish. Very pleased with a perfect install"

Anonymous, 12th March 2018

"Responsive customer services and friendly and polite installation engineer."

Anonymous, 12th March 2018

"Very professional service and responsive. Totally impressed by Chargemaster."

Jag, 12th March 2018

"Appointment on time. Technician (Kamar) most efficient and helpful. Equipment located where required. "

Anonymous, 12th March 2018

"The fit of my home charger was well above standard. However I did have a strange conversation with a fitter where he was trying to tell me that electric cars are cons. Way to bite the hand that feeds you"

ANDREW, 12th March 2018

"I would be happy if I had a receipt for the work done.Please could this be emailed to me"

Paul, 12th March 2018

"After having the installation booked for three weeks the engineer turned up without the charger unit. Phoning the Chargemaster team I was told that they would be able to reschedule for the next week leaving me without a charger for my car. After I sent a sensibly worded email to senior management they came through and managed to install a charger later that day. The engineer was polite, knowledgable and left a professional installation. "

Anonymous, 12th March 2018

"great engineer - very polite & helpful "

Richard, 12th March 2018

"The man who fitted my charge unit was very curtius and professional, the work is neat and tidy. "

Brian, 12th March 2018

"Prompt, polite and very efficient. Explained very clearly how he was doing the installation and demonstrated how it works. Cleaned up and removed any mess."

Paul, 12th March 2018

"Installer phoned me the day before to confirm appointment and came on time. Installer was friendly and seemed to be competent. "

Graham, 12th March 2018

"Excellent and efficient installer. Phoned the night before to let me know his arrival time, and arrived as promised. Worked without a break to complete the job. Checked with me about the details of the work during installation. Job well done ! "

Chris, 12th March 2018

"Installer arrived on time and was professional and friendly. Gave me some general tips about charging and how to avoid issues in future."

Anonymous, 12th March 2018

"Paul answered every question i had did a thoroughly professional installation was clean and tidy and a pleasure to meet as a member of the chargemaster team."

john, 12th March 2018

"They went under the floor boards as opposed to leaving the cable around the house. Neat solution. Thank you. Only draw back was that we had to take a day off as it couobe accommodated at another time. Nice guys. Friendly and modest. "

Anonymous, 12th March 2018

"Because they sorted out our charger for us within about 5 days after car dealer had been dealing with it for 7weeks so thank you chargemaster"

Malcolm, 12th March 2018

"I can only comment on the installation, which was excellent. We have yet to take delivery of our electric car, it was meant to come in May and will now be September…"

Miranda, 12th March 2018

"The ChargeMaster team operated promptly and efficiently throughout the purchasing process."

Margaret, 12th March 2018

"Chargemaster dealt with all the grant paperwork submission very efficiently. Glen Moulton our engineer turned up bang on time and discussed the installation and routing of cables carefully before carrying out a very neat trouble free installation. My hybrid car won't arrive until the end of March, but I am sure the Chargemaster unit will function perfectly. "

Stan, 12th March 2018

"Convenient to use"

Neeta, 10th March 2018

"On a miserable day, the installation was carried out despiye most of the roads being blocked with snow, making it very difficult for Allan to get to me."

Bob, 10th March 2018

"Arrived on time (despite the weather) very professional installation "

Kenneth, 7th March 2018

"Installed on time on the correct date. Haven't been able to test the unit as my car is not yet available."

Kenneth, 7th March 2018

"Good communication throughout the whole process. Engineer was friendly and professional and did a really good job of installation and explaining how it all works. "

Michelle, 6th March 2018

"turned up on time .during snowy weather and cold and got on with job"

Douglas, 6th March 2018

"Installer was fantastic. Battled the snow and got the install complete in a morning. Only negative is the fact Chargemaster won't install LAN cables on BMW i wall box plus which looses the functionality of the app. You can buy the £300.00 more expensive connect version of the wallbox or attempt the LAN install yourself which i'm told by BMW i customer service potentially voids the Warranty!"

Andrew, 6th March 2018

"Professional fitting by informative engineer. Just a shame that extra charges for essential equipment (RCBO) arise in a “free” fitting."

Keith, 6th March 2018

"The electrician who installed the unit was excellent, very conscientious and professional. Good comms from Chargemaster, very happy all round -it was a good customer experience. "

Nigel, 6th March 2018

"Good quality of service and installation to my required standard "

Don, 6th March 2018

"The installation was excellently carried out, but I had to make all the phone calls to initiate this, had I not persevered I think that I would still be waiting"

Ian, 6th March 2018

"they installed what I wanted where I wanted."

shaun, 6th March 2018

"Application process straight forward and installation within a few days. Installation was very neat and electrician cleaned up very well."

Philip, 6th March 2018

"Very friendly, professional service. The actual engineer arrived promptly in the snowy weather and walked hard outside in freezing conditions. His customer service skills were excellent. All round a very good experience from start to finish, couldn’t be happier with Chargemaster."

JOSIE, 6th March 2018

"Very efficient and polite Reliable Cleared up well"

Anthea, 6th March 2018

"Friendly knowledgeable fitter and a good product."

Richard, 6th March 2018

"Professional efficient service. Delivered as expected by a friendly professional. Well done"

Anonymous, 5th March 2018

"Friendly staff, great installer, easy to organise with clear explanations and advice. I would recommend Chargemaster."

Adrian, 5th March 2018

"Friendly people, efficient, punctual, clear info and install work carried out very well. "

Anonymous, 5th March 2018

"Helpful on the phone and very courteous an professional fitter"

David, 5th March 2018

"Pleasant installer who cleaned up after himself and worked diligently. In fact he forgot to drink the coffee I made for him. "

Rakesh, 5th March 2018

"Eventual installation was trouble-free and neat"

Anonymous, 5th March 2018

"Excellent service and a great job from start to finish. "

Beth, 5th March 2018

"Prompt responses to calls and emails. Helpful, efficient and professional. "

Joseph, 5th March 2018

" Clean tidy install. We charge our two electric cars with it using universal connection."

ANDREW, 5th March 2018

"Electrician arrived on time, all the parcels delivered on time. He was polite and professional. He wasted no time installing the charger, even tidying up some wires in the fuze cabinet. And left the cupboard clean. He then explained the guarrantee and paperwork clearly and showed me how to use the charger. The charger works perfectly."

Ian, 5th March 2018

"Took 3 attempts to get charge point fitted to property. Was given incomplete information for the installation to take place. Paperwork then expired even though it was clear to Chargemaster that this would happen due to the time of the 1st installation date planned. No survey was done until 2nd installation date at which point we were told it could not go ahead. (we were not told that this was going to be a survey but an installation) I had contact with half a dozen or more different people at Chargemaster all giving incomplete or different information . The one saving grace was that when I did phone, the person I spoke to was helpful and a date was finally arranged prior to the car getting delivered. The installer was also very good, efficient and helpful. "

Theodora, 5th March 2018

"Service was great by Chargemaster. The fitting was quick and they worked around my timescale."

Anonymous, 5th March 2018

"A little slow but otherwise good"

Krishnan, 5th March 2018

"Professional service, knowledgeable technician, high-quality installation, helpful demonstration and tips. My thumbs up and cheers to the Chargemaster PLC."

Radek, 5th March 2018

"Excellent service from enquiry to installation!"

Clif, 5th March 2018

"The installation was good came out in the snow and everything works ok"

Stuart, 5th March 2018

"Kept my appointment despite the weather"

John, 5th March 2018

"Your installer was extremely helpful, efficient and friendly. He turned up exactly on time, explained everything to me in detail and gave me the choice of where best to install the Homecharge unit, with the minimum of fuss. I was most impressed. Really good service!"

Roger, 5th March 2018

"After several calls and two home visits they did eventually install my home charger and I am very happy with it. "

Anonymous, 5th March 2018

"The application w as straightforward. The installation engineer was very well mannered and made little disruption. Overall a very good experience."

Andrew, 3rd March 2018

"The installation engineer Marcus was very professional and well informed. He advised me exactly the most efficient way to install the charger and what parts to buy in advance. The liaison by email was easy and well explained."

Sameer, 2nd March 2018

"They did the job"

Anonymous, 2nd March 2018

"The device was fitted with consummate professionalism and meticulous care by Carl."

David, 27th February 2018

"Great installation"

Charles, 27th February 2018

"Your installer Dan was fantastic, conscious tidy worker and knew exactly what was needed for my install. It was the icing on the cake to end a simple process with Chargemaster "

Paul, 26th February 2018

"On time /courteous "

Anonymous, 26th February 2018

"Fantastic service from start to finish, kept me informed all the way through the process and completed the install ahead of my expected date. Highly recommended."

James, 26th February 2018

"The installer was very helpful."

Anonymous, 26th February 2018

"Very pleased great job very professional cleaned up afterwards can't fault them"

sarah, 26th February 2018

"Arrived promptly to carry out survey then immediately carried out the installation. No need for a second visit."

Anonymous, 26th February 2018

"Engineer was very professional "

Rob, 26th February 2018

"It’s puntuality friendly and suggestive services"

Anonymous, 26th February 2018

"Efficient and friendly"

Graeme, 26th February 2018

"The electrician Thom was professional and made a superb job of the installation. On top of that his customer service skills were 10/10 . Thanks "

Steven, 26th February 2018

"The young man who came and installed the charger was very considerate and efficient. Thankyou."

PENELOPE, 26th February 2018

"Knowledgeable engineer who went out of his way to do a good job. He asked me my preferences and tried hard to meet them and he did. He completed the job entirely to my satisfaction."

DAVID, 26th February 2018

"Installation was efficient and with friendly service."

Nilesh, 26th February 2018

"Craig Rodgers who fitted the charge point phoned in advance to tell me when he would arrive then helpfully, informatively and efficiently carried out the installation and explained how to use it. "

Jocelyn, 26th February 2018

"Following my intitial call the service from Chargemaster was very good, however after my allocated adviser was taken ill there was some confusion at Chargemaster as to the detailed requirements of my chargepoint installation. This was compounded when the survey engineer did not seem to know the details. It was only after a visit from my utility provider's engineer that the details were agreed with Chargemaster and finally after six weeks my charge point was installed. Having said this, the intallation engineer was punctual, polite and friendly. He worked in dreadful weather to install the charger quickly and to my satisfaction."

Grant, 26th February 2018

"Very efficient, in correspondence and installation"

simon, 26th February 2018


Julian, 26th February 2018

"Very easy to arrange installation and on the day the engineer took time to talk through best possible route for cabling - all done well and very neat. "

Stephen, 26th February 2018

"The installation engineer Alan was very polite and respectful. Carried out the work with no fuss and left no mess whatsoever. Wish all tradesmen were this good and reliable. Thank you"

Paul, 26th February 2018

"Friendly, efficient and effective service, all completed in good time and without mess."

Kevin, 26th February 2018

"The installer, Mat, was exceptional. The cable route he suggested was far more discreet than I'd hoped for. A credit to your company. "

Joanna, 26th February 2018

"I am very happy with the service and to the person who set it all up for me he was very god and explained what he was doing."

anthony, 26th February 2018

"Service quick and efficient."

Anonymous, 26th February 2018

"Very quick and efficient installation. "

Chinye, 26th February 2018

"Excellent service, clear communication and a very neat installation."

SIMON, 26th February 2018

"On time. Completed in time. "

Roy, 26th February 2018

"The provides sound advice to enable me to get the (custom) installation I wanted for my property. Would have been even better if they could have facilitated the ground works themselves!"

Martin, 26th February 2018

"Alan did an excellent job and even cleared up afterwards.Thank you very much"

Mike, 26th February 2018

"Efficient provision and installation of equipment. The staff are pleasant to deal with. The engineer who fitted the charger was an exceptionally good engineer. "

Andrew, 26th February 2018

"Very friendly and knowledgable engineer "

Anonymous, 26th February 2018

"The engineer did not arrive as planned for the appointment and I did not receive any notification, so this was not good as I had a taken a day off work. However, the second appointment with a different engineer (James - it wasn't his normal area) went as planned and I was very pleased with the service. He was prompt, efficient and very helpful. "

Steve, 26th February 2018

"Positives Professional efficient installation. The engineer was polite, today and very communicative. Areas To Improve Initial contact was poor, I tried many times to make contact and was never replied to. Eventually I was able to make contact successfully by phone after leaving at least 5 messages."

Darren, 26th February 2018

"Even with the delays caused by a shared power supply and not their fault, the charger was installed as soon as the issue was rectified."

MARK, 26th February 2018

"I always use chargemaster/Polar 'Ultrchargers' as my rapid chargers of choice as they are reliable with good speeds. Have also recently completed one of their 'EV Experience' weeks which I bid for using points, I got a BMW i3 (usualy drive an Ioniq Electric) which was great. Only criticism I would have is a lack of flexability of what days you can pick the cars up and drop thekm off. "

James, 16th February 2018

"I currently own a PHEV vehicle that I charge at any possible location as I don't have access to a charger at home at the moment. In the 18 months or so that I have had my car, Chargemaster/Polar seem to be the network with the most chargers available and I have really noticed their growth in comparison to other companies. As part of the subscription, I'd collected enough points to be able to bid for a 6 day experience in a Tesla Model S. From the first email from Zoe to let me know that I had been successful in the bid to collecting the car, things couldn't have been easier. Dave called the day before to sort out the deposit and then helpfully collected me from the station in the Model S and was bale to run through the controls. We got back to the EV centre and I was able to drive straight off and be on my way. On the second day, I had a slight issue with the car as the door handles wouldn't present themselves and the key was inside the car! I was locked out in a shopping centre car park! Fortunately I had my phone in my pocket so was able to call Chargemaster for help and advice. Evie could not have been more patient and helpful in this situation and we soon had it resolved with some assistance from Tesla service support. Another member of their team was on their way down to Kent with a spare key too - they really went above and beyond in this situation. Returning the car was also very easy, yet sad! Staff in the EV Experience shop were friendly and offered a further test drive in a vehicle I'd shown an interest in. This whole experience has left me with an even more positive image of Chargemaster and I would recommend subscribing to their network to anyone, not just for their vast and reliable network, but also for this opportunity to experience real-life in another car. Thank you all once again. I look forward to the next time....."

Loretta, 9th February 2018

"Picked up an e-golf for a week. This is part of the polar plus experience where you can pick from a number of vehicles that they have on their fleet. Handover and return were handled efficiently and the staff was particularly helpful. The centre at Milton Keynes centre was great and I even had a run out in the Golf GTE upon returning the car to the centre. Polar plus scheme is great and with the ever-growing number of rapid chargers being installed, soon owning an electric car will be even easier. The actual e- golf was a 2015 model so range was limited to around 60/70 miles to a full charge, hopefully, the new generation 35kw/h Golf will be available on the fleet soon so the range should be significantly improved. But full marks for making this scheme available."

Tony, 6th February 2018

"Excellent network, very reliable and cost effective. The ev experience opportunity is awesome too. Had 6 days in a Tesla S fantastic, thanks guys. "

Barry, 29th January 2018

"Just completed our first EV experience week in a Zoe. From bidding right through to returning the Zoe we have been kept well informed. All staff that I have come in to contact with email,phone and face to face. Have been knowledgable, helpful and courteous. "

Mike, 29th January 2018

"The staff at Milton Keynes EV Experience Centre were very welcoming and friendly. Even better, they really know their stuff about electric cars. The BMW i3 was huge fun to drive, with amazing acceleration and nippy, if rather bouncy, handling. The car developed a drivetrain fault towards the end of the week, so full performance was not available on the return journey to drop the car off."

Tim, 29th January 2018

"I run a Nissan Leaf, and use the Chargemaster network frequently as I have no home charging. The ever expanding network makes running an EV a practical choice for my circumstances. What is more, I was successful in bidding for their members EV Experience scheme and had the use of a Tesla Model X 90D for a week, simply awesome, thanks Chargemaster!"

Jon,, 29th January 2018

"The engineer who came to fit the charger was wonderful, helpful, polite and he did an excellent job."

Philip, 23rd January 2018

"I’ve charged my Zoe for three years effortlessly using my Chargemaster installed unit. I’ve been a member for the same time and have charged all over the country. Last week I was loaned a £70K plus Tesla model X to enjoy for seven days.. the whole team Dave, Zoe and Jamie bent over backwards to make it a special occasion. I’ll never forget it. Thanks for everything I’ll never forget it! "

Trevor, 23rd January 2018

"I would like to thank you for the installation of my chargemaster home charger. The fitter Alan was really helpful. He arrived on time explained the process and ensured that everything was explained clearly. The wiring that was carried out was neat and tidy and the charge point was located exactly where required. "

Ross, 22nd January 2018

"Had a Home charge point fitted by Chargemaster. The installer arrived promptly, was very helpful and explained the entire process clearly. I am really pleased with both the installation and the charge point, which makes the charging process so much more convenient and quick. I am very pleased with the service provided by Chargemaster."

Gav, 15th January 2018

"The Chargemaster team help you through the process and are very thorough and when they say they will do someth8ng they do. Very happy with the installation of my EV Charger in th3 garage. Happy to recommend Chargemaste4 to others."

Alan, 12th January 2018

"Arrived on time, completed on time, neat tidy job - what else could I ask for?"

Graham, 11th January 2018

"Very pleasant to deal with throughout the whole process"

Andrew, 10th January 2018

"excellent service from the team in the office to the person who installed"

Stuart, 10th January 2018

"Excellent service. Prompt, professional and reliable"

Kelly, 10th January 2018

"From the first contact up to the fitting the service and attitude from all concerned was first class, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. "

Pete, 10th January 2018

"Excellent company to deal with."

David, 10th January 2018

"All went to program and very efficiently. Total satisfaction "

John, 10th January 2018

"inspection and installation on same day. Very high standard of workmanship. Detailed instruction given."

Stan, 10th January 2018

"Excellent installation and it hasn't stopped working."

John, 10th January 2018

"Good engineers. On time & expert in their work."

James, 10th January 2018

"The Installation was professional and precise."

IanBB, 10th January 2018

"Mainly the clarity of the order process and the great co-operation of the engineer that came to fit the Chargemaster"

Bob, 9th January 2018

"The Homecharge unit was installed efficiently and carefully and has worked perfectly well over the last 8 weeks since being fitted. Hopefully that will continue."

Mike, 9th January 2018

"Extremely well organised and efficient- good communication and workmanship"

Anonymous, 9th January 2018

"The office sales contact Elaine completed the process cheerfully , sometimes outside normal hours. The engineer Alan went the extra mile in fitting the unit and the result was aesthetically excellent."

John, 9th January 2018

"Installed without any problems, and is working fine."

Anonymous, 9th January 2018

"Jon Leary was our engineer and he was right on time very knowledgable on what he was doing also spent time advising us on our new charge master and owning an electric car. Thank you Jon and chargemaster for your professional service. "

Lexmore, 9th January 2018

"Herewith a copy of the e-mail I sent to Chargemaster last week: From: Bill Quantrill [] Sent: 05 January 2018 09:49 To: '' Subject: RE: EV Charger Installation Confirmation, Chargemaster Hi Jamie Thank you for arranging for your engineer Daniel Saunders to come to our house to install the EV Charger on 29 December. I will take action to activate our Polar network membership nearer the time when we take possession of our new vehicle (currently estimated for 9 April). In the meantime I would like to record how impressed my wife and I were by Daniel: we found him smart and courteous, clearly well qualified technically for the work he was doing and a fast and efficient worker. He showed initiative in sorting out the problem which arose from the mistake made by Scottish and Southern Electricity who had failed to install the requested two pole isolator switch when their engineers came to the house on 15 December. It was a pleasure to meet him and you can be proud to have him as a member of your team. Best wishes Bill Quantrill "

Bill, 9th January 2018

"Because everything was done efficiently thank you very much Amanda. Best Regards Vic Smith "

Vic, 9th January 2018

"The engineers/fitters were helpful, happy and did a very neat and tidy job. They explained what they were doing and asked once finished if I was happy with how the had been done and if I was happy with how they were leaving my property. If only all trademen were as good as the ones I experienced with Chargemaster."

Jill, 9th January 2018

"The installer arrived on time and explained what he planned to do. He advised us that installing an extra fuse would be a sensible option and made clear that it would be an extra cost. He then got on with the job and when he finished went through how the charger operated, leaving everything neat and tidy."

Robert, 9th January 2018

"A neat quick job"

Michael, 9th January 2018

"The process worked well once the many forms were all completed. "

Martin, 9th January 2018

"Dear Chargemaster Team, today my homecharge unit installed and job done very professionally. My special thanks to Mr Nathan Bowers who installed it. Best Regards, M.Oksuz "

M.Oksuz, 9th January 2018

"The installation engineer was extremely helpful and went beyond the call of duty to ensure that everything was up and running correctly."

Chris, 9th January 2018

"Really easy from start to finish, installation was on time, the engineer courteous and efficient, and kept the work space and our home clear of dirt and debris."

Mark, 9th January 2018

"Efficient and reliable service "

Rachel, 9th January 2018

"Good customer service throughout, from fitting of the charger at home to questions directed to the staff at H.Q."

Anonymous, 9th January 2018

"Quick response to my email resolved my issue, very impressed"

Patrick, 9th January 2018

"Well organized, professional, helpful and reasonably priced."

Anonymous, 9th January 2018

"The installer was very professional, did a good job and cleaned to afterwards. "

Chris, 9th January 2018

"Installation of charge point got delayed by one day but they upgraded the charger point to a higher specification for my inconvienance. The installation was carried out to high specification and standard and the installation engineer cleaned up dust from any drilling during the install which only took approximatlone and a half hours. Paper work for installation grant was a little time consuming. Very happy with charging system. Though looking at membership of polar network chargers for public charging not yet taken up as a lot of the networks charge points don't seem to be in mainstream public places or motorway networks. Looking into others to compare options. "

Anonymous, 9th January 2018

"Easy to use, faster charging time, good for the environment, what's not to like! "

Rob, 9th January 2018

"Everything was handled very professionally and the installer took care to route the cable neatly as requested even though it meant extra work for him. Very pleased all round."

Ian, 9th January 2018

"I use both my Chargemaster and the mains electricity umbilical that came with my PHEV. The Chargemeaster is more convenient, but, the umbilical can be more flexible as to location, eg, in the garage. Chargemaster has failed me once, possibly due to water ingress tripping the system, so that the car wasn't charge when I needed it. I eventually reset the isolator and normal service was restored, so I guess this demonstrated system robustness!"

Ian, 9th January 2018

"Very efficient service, pleasant and reliable staff, both admin and operative."

Anne, 9th January 2018

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