Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers think…

"Prompt service and all useful information provided"

Jim, 9th April 2018

"Confusing emails from them at the beginning, but good job in the end by a friendly installer. "

Anonymous, 9th April 2018

"The liaison with Head office was very good, and the engineer who came to fit the charger did a very neat and professional job."

Nicholas, 8th April 2018

"Did an excellent job."

Sharon, 8th April 2018

"I already had a charge point and was told I needed a new one as I had bought a newer car in the Nissan Leaf range. This was not true. The old one would have worked fine. I then have got to take my old one to the recycling centre as they did not take it away. "

Margaret, 6th April 2018

"Very helpful and super fast service"

Anonymous, 6th April 2018

"Pre installation team (Belinder) and installer were all great help. The whole team provided insightful and helpful advice. Really pleased with the service and they listened to my concerns and preferences. "

Andrew, 5th April 2018

"Did a good job and put it in the best possible position. Now charges are much shorter!!"

Jeremy, 5th April 2018

"When booking the date I had to change it a couple of times but they were very prompt in responding. The installation went very smoothly, the engineer was pleasant and thorough, cleaning up after himself and was very open to my questions. I had confidence that he knew what he was doing. "

ANNE, 4th April 2018

"Really knowledgeable and friendly installation engineer, very helpful and extremely neat work!"

ANDREW, 4th April 2018

"Very good tidy job and helpful explanations"

Gaynor, 4th April 2018

"Courteous, efficient and effective telephone staff. Email updates throughout the process. Charger fitted exactly into my preferred position, without fuss or disturbance."

Gary, 4th April 2018

"Well I would not say and in line with any company I deal with made me feel happy, I deal with a company because they provide me with a service in this case there is no direct cost (pay for it through the purchase of the vehicle) to come down to earth and not stick with these American concepts and answer a question how do I feel about Chargemaster. Having dealt with them with my 1st leaf and now. I am pleased with the Admin; Gary who dealt with on both events is very helpful and 'knows his stuff', and the on site installation of the device was carried out most satisfactorily. All I want now is the car???when I know not. Thank you"

Mike, 4th April 2018

"Friendly, efficient service. Neat installation with no mess."

Colin, 4th April 2018

"Excellent service. The engineer, called Kumar, came within 24 hours of my booking the appointment and he was finished in 2! He kept me fully informed of what he was doing. When he had finished he carefully explained how to operate the charger and left the site clean and tidy. Very impressed."

PAUL, 4th April 2018

"Service and fitter was some of the best I have dealt with."

Caroline, 4th April 2018

"Installer very knowledgeable and friendly. Explained everything about the installation and then give a demonstration on connecting the car to the charger. Very satisfied with everything. "

Patrick, 3rd April 2018

"Very efficient service"

Sambandam, 3rd April 2018

"The cable wasn't fixed and the engineer had to return almost as soon as he left , I also felt that the job was competed in 40min and the engineer sat around for 3 hours just to make the time up."

Malcolm, 3rd April 2018

"Chargemaster managed to book my fitting appointment for the day after my new car arrived, ensuring I could charge it almost from the word go. The electrician who fitted my charging point was very professional and made sure everything was working before he left. I'm very happy with the service I received."

Anonymous, 3rd April 2018

"The installer John was very pleasant and professional and the whole process throughout relatively smooth."

Tony, 3rd April 2018

"Efficient friendly"

Lee, 3rd April 2018

"Chargemaster recently installed a home charging socket for me for the electric car I had ordered. Billy Simba, the installation engineer who was sent to my house did a very good job, and was clearly very professional in his approach. I am very pleased with him and the quality of his work. I took delivery of the electric car yesterday and have used the socket to charge it. The socket worked perfectly. "

Clement, 3rd April 2018

"Called me the day before installing to let me know when to expect them. Turned up on time and made a good job of the installation. Fitter was polite and when he finished he did a quick demonstration of how to use the charger. I was very pleased with the finished job. Thank you."

Alan, 3rd April 2018

"Simple process but had to push"

ALAN, 3rd April 2018

"quick process"

bogdan, 3rd April 2018

"The information provided in order to have a charging unit fitted at my home was clear and concise with a timely installation. Very satisfied with the whole process. Excellent service from Chargemaster PLC."

Alan, 3rd April 2018

"Excellent install by a competent engineer who knew exactly what was the best option. The charger is in a perfect location and the cabling is hidden from view. There was no mess and it only took 2 hours to complete"

Alan, 3rd April 2018

"The charging point is excellent, fitted in under an hour, the engineer was helpful. I was told when booking i'd get some details about viewing my usage online, i'm still waiting for this access."

Anonymous, 1st April 2018

"Before and after service has been excellent. Our questions and queries were answered and staff are quite knowledgable. Would recommend to family and friends 🙂 :)"

Bhupat, 30th March 2018

"The engineer was Helpful, knowledgeable, did a neat and tidy job, and left everywhere clean both inside and out when he had finished."

Anonymous, 29th March 2018

"The young electrician who came to fit the unit, was very polite, presentable and keen to fit the unit as I wanted it fitted. This alone gained 5 stars. However the ability of the office staff to answer e.mails would have only gained 1 star. But as all too often nowadays the hard work of the practical people 'out in the network' is dragged down by the 'office', I rated it purely on the face to face practical experience."

TERRY, 29th March 2018

"Really good team that helped take me through the process right up to the installation engineer "

Martin, 28th March 2018

"Very quick and clean install"

Simon, 28th March 2018

"Polite courteous,knowledgeable and excellent ."

Amar, 28th March 2018

"excellent customer service"

Zahid, 28th March 2018

"The Chargemaster representative turned up when he was supposed to, was pleasant, did a neat job, and demonstrated the charger to us before he left."

Margaret, 28th March 2018

"Professional job completed by Matt. External electrician has looked at charge masters work and was very impressed with it!! "

Robert, 27th March 2018

"I found the whole process confusing as to which device I needed as well as the costs. What was covered vs. not. The timescales quoted for the fit was 4 hours however the job only took just over an hour. From a time management perspective a more accurate timescale it would help manage the day. The engineer on the day was fantastic, he was efficient and tidy and explained everything in detail. "

Lorraine, 27th March 2018

"From placing the order the charger was fitted within 10 days. The fitter turned up on time and had the charger fitted with the minimum of distruption."

Rob, 27th March 2018

"All the staff were very easy to deal with, the installation went ahead on the planned date and the installer did so quickly with the minimum of disruption. In all it was very efficient."

Stephen, 27th March 2018

"Excellent service!! Great guy who came to attend, Scott was very helpful and did a great job."

Rachael, 27th March 2018

"Although the installation date was longer than first promised, the engineer who attended was very polite and attentive. "

Ian, 27th March 2018

"The engineer, Daniel Saunders, was extremely helpful and explained every step. The installation was very neat and tidy."

Gerald, 27th March 2018

"Matt who fitted the charger was fantastic shame the first appointment was missed!! The reason given was slightly dubious!!"

Clare, 27th March 2018

"Excellent service from phone call to fitter thankyou"

Julie, 27th March 2018

"Your engineer was so competent, friendly and such a clean worker, he was prepared to listen to all our requests. "

Nigel, 27th March 2018

"From initiation to installation all was done with friendly efficiency."

DAVID, 26th March 2018

"Brilliant customer service and the installation went perfectly. Highly recommended. "

Derek, 26th March 2018

"Nice easy process. Great service by installer. "

David, 26th March 2018

"It was fitted where I wanted and when I wanted. The unit was fitted in about 3 hours and works just fine."

John, 26th March 2018

"Great service both before and after installation "

Tom, 26th March 2018

"The equipment was installed very efficiently with minimum disruption. Everything was clearly communicated and all the equipment fully tested and explained at the end of the installation."

Rachel, 26th March 2018

"Excellent service "

Anonymous, 26th March 2018

"Kept me fully informed from start. Arrived at time stated installed in the time stated. Electrician was very pleasant and hard working. Would not even accept a coffee on a very cold morning. Left work area clean. An asset to your company"

Thomas, 26th March 2018

"Effecient and helpful."

Anonymous, 26th March 2018

"A great price after receiving the Government grant and topped off with a fast,friendly and efficient service."

Frederick, 26th March 2018

"The installation was perfect friendly punctual and professional but the process involving getting all the right forms filled in and sent then resent then getting different forms to send was agony "

Mark, 26th March 2018

"Great fitter, thank you"

Terence, 26th March 2018

"The installation was good. Regerstring my polar plus card is turning into a bit of nightmare. 3 times I’ve rang 3 times I’ve been given different info. Still not sure if my cards ready to use ?????"

Andrew, 26th March 2018

"Completed work on time and as agreed"

Robert, 26th March 2018

"Phone staff are very helpful, and electrician was good and helpful, just need to be more supportive straight away, as he needs to understand he’s the expert and the people he’s dealing with may lack the knowledge. But please may I add he was great in the end "

Daniel, 26th March 2018

"Quick, efficient, neat, polite."

mark, 26th March 2018

"From the start to the finish chargemaster kept me informed more or less on a daily basis what the next step would be. The electrician that installed the charging unit phoned the day before the installation and gave me an arrival time. The electrician was on tine and the installation went smoothly. "

Brian, 26th March 2018

"Nice charging unit, however details regarding communicating from unit to phone were not automatically forthcoming. "

Simon, 26th March 2018

"The installer turned up on time. He was polite and good at his job. I am pleased with the installation. On a different subject I think that Polar Instant customers should be able to charge at all of your charging points. I accept that they should pay more than Polar Plus customers."

Paul, 26th March 2018

"Really professional install. Cables hidden well. The final look was very neat and looked very good. The engineer was very clear and concise. Very happy"

Munsuf, 22nd March 2018

"Installer was very helpful and made sure I was satisfied with location. Installation was neat and tidy."

Russell, 21st March 2018

"Excellent service"

Anonymous, 21st March 2018

"James , the technician who fitted the system was excellent and a credit to the Company "

Glenn, 20th March 2018

"Very good communication, every question was dealt with in a rather timely and friendly way. I was kept well informed throughout the whole process, which turned out to be completely hassle free. "

Anonymous, 20th March 2018

"Kept in touch well and was efficient while at our property. However the cable routing looks untidy and could have been better."

Jason, 20th March 2018

"Electrician surveyed property & advised on installation. While fitting charger he explained what he was doing &showed how to use it afterwards. No mess left & I was very satisfied."

Peter, 20th March 2018

"Efficient. Good work practices. Polite and friendly. "

Andrew, 20th March 2018

"The Engineer that fitted the charge point was polite punctual & did a very neat job of installing the product. Would recommend."

David, 20th March 2018

"The communication was good and the unit was well fitted on the exact time that was organised, the charging units are easy to use."

Norman, 20th March 2018

"Excellent service. Installation was quick and neat. Would recommend "

Anonymous, 20th March 2018

"Lovely engineer, very polite and helpful"

Sarah, 20th March 2018

"Your installation engineer was very competent, friendly and keen to do a good job. Unfortunately, this cannot be said of the office based Team who are extremely frustrating to deal with."

John, 20th March 2018

"Excellent service from the start of my initial enquiry to the installation itself."

Anonymous, 20th March 2018

"Good service . Good polite electrician came and fitted .Good device in all ."

Graham, 20th March 2018

"Very efficient. Prompt and pleasant attitude"

Anonymous, 19th March 2018

"Your installer was v friendly and helpful, and did a great job! All interaction with the firm was efficient and friendly. Thankyou!"

Nick, 19th March 2018

"People in office don't no what the other is doing "

Alec, 19th March 2018

"Nice and friendly installer, very thorough installation"

Andrew, 19th March 2018

"Fast response, friendly staff, excellent service"

Nigel, 19th March 2018

"Generally the service was good both with the call handler and the installation person. The reason why I gave four not five stars is the first appointment was missed ; and I had to chase Chargemaster up out find out why they had not arrived- apparently an engineer went sick and due to a 'system problem' I was not advised. Apart from that all went smoothly and to my satisfaction."

Stephen, 19th March 2018

"Good comms. Efficient polite engineer No problems at all "

PETER, 19th March 2018

"Very professional and knowledgeable "

Anonymous, 19th March 2018


Anonymous, 19th March 2018

"Excellent communication with Elaine via email & phone and great service from the engineer."

Stephen, 19th March 2018

"The fitter was so polite"

Anonymous, 19th March 2018

"Helpful and informative in communication. Gentleman who fitted the charge point spent time to find the least obtrusive route for the cable, and worked efficiently and cheerfully in awful weather"

BRENDA, 19th March 2018

"Helpful technician, job well done."

MICHAEL, 19th March 2018

"I was kept informed of every step of the installation by email or phone call and any question was answered quickly and with full satisfaction. The engineer that came was very friendly and made a very clean and 100% satisfactory installation. Highly recommend."

Dean, 19th March 2018

"Very good communication and fast service "

Bethanie, 19th March 2018

"Great, informative and friendly service from 1st contact through to final demonstration of how to use the charger that had been fitted."

Anonymous, 19th March 2018

"Technician was very efficient and whilst I was not present for the install, he kept me updated and informed at each stage of the install. Cant fault his work, a great job well done. "

Ken, 19th March 2018

"Very neat installation"

Dermot, 19th March 2018

"Installer arrived in time and have done work promptly. Good quality charger."

Anonymous, 19th March 2018

"Chargemaster were extremely helpful and kept me informed at every step. The engineer who installed the charger arrived on time, was extremely courteous and completed the work in good time and without any mess."

David, 19th March 2018

"quick and efficient i haven't use it yet but i hope that works fine "

JOSE, 19th March 2018

"Booking confirmed and time kept well. Very helpful on location and excellent concealed location. Advice given meant change to untethered charger which was arranged immediately. "

Michael, 19th March 2018

"Engineer was great but admin was useless. I had to send my photos 5x as no one seemed to communicate with anyone else."

Frances, 19th March 2018

"Excellent customer service from first contact, organisation of installation was seamless and installer carried out all work to a very professional standard"

Anonymous, 19th March 2018

"Ours was a complicated installation due to the cabling distance to be run and congestion in our incoming supply cabinet. However, it was completed cheerfully in a long day."

PETER, 18th March 2018

"The installer was friendly, professional and did a great job including a carefulexplanation of how everything works."

Andrew, 16th March 2018

"Fast effect with quote. Electrician did the job without fuss. Only thing - wish Electrician gave more details as to logging onto website so electricity used could be monitored."

Anonymous, 16th March 2018

"Good prompt and good work"

Boban, 15th March 2018

"Great engineer, polite and did the job well."

Adam, 14th March 2018

"Efficient and were able to problem solve. Our energy company were less good!"

Anonymous, 14th March 2018

"MK is good location for me. Staff were friendly and efficient. Extended test gave good impression of the car not possible in a short test drive. "

Michael, 14th March 2018

"Great service and use of an i3 for a week"

Dean, 14th March 2018

"Fantastic service "

Anonymous, 14th March 2018

"Firstly the installer was prompt and very courteous on the visit. Out of 5 stars I would give 6 if possible. Excellent installer. I would recommend Charge Master to every friend, acquaintance or family member. Great Job !"

Benedetta, 13th March 2018

"They did a good job and on time."

Steve, 13th March 2018

"I was very happy with the time it took from the first phone call to the time of installation no messing me about was told a date and time and that is exactly when it happened "

james, 13th March 2018

"Their communications were excellent, every single staff member I spoke to were helpful, friendly and very professional. Even the fitter offered me advice on cables over and beyond his duty. I am very impressed with this company and have already recommended them to colleagues who are considering similar types of car."

Mark, 13th March 2018

"Unnecessary demand for documents relating to my property. Poor sales procedure that failed to explain what device options are available. Completely disorganised response when my installation appointment had to be cancelled because of bad weather."

Stephen, 13th March 2018


Geoff, 13th March 2018

"There seemed to be some confusion with the initial set up and inter office communication. However the actual installation experience by Paul was second to none. He was courteous, professional and could not have been more helpful. Based on the office experience of arranging the installation I would not have recommended Chargemaster, but the installation itself was so well handled by the installer that I would recommend Chargemaster on this basis alone."

Millie, 13th March 2018

"Process was simple and straight forward, all my questions were answered throughout the process even the very technical ones!"

Anil, 13th March 2018

"They were efficient and knew exactly what had to be done."

Edward, 13th March 2018

"Very accommodating, understanding and went beyond on the installation day. "

Leila, 13th March 2018

"Great communications from start to finish. Very pleased with a perfect install"

Anonymous, 12th March 2018

"Responsive customer services and friendly and polite installation engineer."

Anonymous, 12th March 2018

"Very professional service and responsive. Totally impressed by Chargemaster."

Jag, 12th March 2018

"Appointment on time. Technician (Kamar) most efficient and helpful. Equipment located where required. "

Anonymous, 12th March 2018

"The fit of my home charger was well above standard. However I did have a strange conversation with a fitter where he was trying to tell me that electric cars are cons. Way to bite the hand that feeds you"

ANDREW, 12th March 2018

"I would be happy if I had a receipt for the work done.Please could this be emailed to me"

Paul, 12th March 2018

"After having the installation booked for three weeks the engineer turned up without the charger unit. Phoning the Chargemaster team I was told that they would be able to reschedule for the next week leaving me without a charger for my car. After I sent a sensibly worded email to senior management they came through and managed to install a charger later that day. The engineer was polite, knowledgable and left a professional installation. "

Anonymous, 12th March 2018

"great engineer - very polite & helpful "

Richard, 12th March 2018

"The man who fitted my charge unit was very curtius and professional, the work is neat and tidy. "

Brian, 12th March 2018

"Prompt, polite and very efficient. Explained very clearly how he was doing the installation and demonstrated how it works. Cleaned up and removed any mess."

Paul, 12th March 2018

"Installer phoned me the day before to confirm appointment and came on time. Installer was friendly and seemed to be competent. "

Graham, 12th March 2018

"Excellent and efficient installer. Phoned the night before to let me know his arrival time, and arrived as promised. Worked without a break to complete the job. Checked with me about the details of the work during installation. Job well done ! "

Chris, 12th March 2018

"Installer arrived on time and was professional and friendly. Gave me some general tips about charging and how to avoid issues in future."

Anonymous, 12th March 2018

"Paul answered every question i had did a thoroughly professional installation was clean and tidy and a pleasure to meet as a member of the chargemaster team."

john, 12th March 2018

"They went under the floor boards as opposed to leaving the cable around the house. Neat solution. Thank you. Only draw back was that we had to take a day off as it couobe accommodated at another time. Nice guys. Friendly and modest. "

Anonymous, 12th March 2018

"Because they sorted out our charger for us within about 5 days after car dealer had been dealing with it for 7weeks so thank you chargemaster"

Malcolm, 12th March 2018

"I can only comment on the installation, which was excellent. We have yet to take delivery of our electric car, it was meant to come in May and will now be September…"

Miranda, 12th March 2018

"The ChargeMaster team operated promptly and efficiently throughout the purchasing process."

Margaret, 12th March 2018

"Chargemaster dealt with all the grant paperwork submission very efficiently. Glen Moulton our engineer turned up bang on time and discussed the installation and routing of cables carefully before carrying out a very neat trouble free installation. My hybrid car won't arrive until the end of March, but I am sure the Chargemaster unit will function perfectly. "

Stan, 12th March 2018

"Convenient to use"

Neeta, 10th March 2018

"On a miserable day, the installation was carried out despiye most of the roads being blocked with snow, making it very difficult for Allan to get to me."

Bob, 10th March 2018

"Arrived on time (despite the weather) very professional installation "

Kenneth, 7th March 2018

"Installed on time on the correct date. Haven't been able to test the unit as my car is not yet available."

Kenneth, 7th March 2018

"Good communication throughout the whole process. Engineer was friendly and professional and did a really good job of installation and explaining how it all works. "

Michelle, 6th March 2018

"turned up on time .during snowy weather and cold and got on with job"

Douglas, 6th March 2018

"Installer was fantastic. Battled the snow and got the install complete in a morning. Only negative is the fact Chargemaster won't install LAN cables on BMW i wall box plus which looses the functionality of the app. You can buy the £300.00 more expensive connect version of the wallbox or attempt the LAN install yourself which i'm told by BMW i customer service potentially voids the Warranty!"

Andrew, 6th March 2018

"Professional fitting by informative engineer. Just a shame that extra charges for essential equipment (RCBO) arise in a “free” fitting."

Keith, 6th March 2018

"The electrician who installed the unit was excellent, very conscientious and professional. Good comms from Chargemaster, very happy all round -it was a good customer experience. "

Nigel, 6th March 2018

"Good quality of service and installation to my required standard "

Don, 6th March 2018

"The installation was excellently carried out, but I had to make all the phone calls to initiate this, had I not persevered I think that I would still be waiting"

Ian, 6th March 2018

"they installed what I wanted where I wanted."

shaun, 6th March 2018

"Application process straight forward and installation within a few days. Installation was very neat and electrician cleaned up very well."

Philip, 6th March 2018

"Very friendly, professional service. The actual engineer arrived promptly in the snowy weather and walked hard outside in freezing conditions. His customer service skills were excellent. All round a very good experience from start to finish, couldn’t be happier with Chargemaster."

JOSIE, 6th March 2018

"Very efficient and polite Reliable Cleared up well"

Anthea, 6th March 2018

"Friendly knowledgeable fitter and a good product."

Richard, 6th March 2018

"Professional efficient service. Delivered as expected by a friendly professional. Well done"

Anonymous, 5th March 2018

"Friendly staff, great installer, easy to organise with clear explanations and advice. I would recommend Chargemaster."

Adrian, 5th March 2018

"Friendly people, efficient, punctual, clear info and install work carried out very well. "

Anonymous, 5th March 2018

"Helpful on the phone and very courteous an professional fitter"

David, 5th March 2018

"Pleasant installer who cleaned up after himself and worked diligently. In fact he forgot to drink the coffee I made for him. "

Rakesh, 5th March 2018

"Eventual installation was trouble-free and neat"

Anonymous, 5th March 2018

"Excellent service and a great job from start to finish. "

Beth, 5th March 2018

"Prompt responses to calls and emails. Helpful, efficient and professional. "

Joseph, 5th March 2018

" Clean tidy install. We charge our two electric cars with it using universal connection."

ANDREW, 5th March 2018

"Electrician arrived on time, all the parcels delivered on time. He was polite and professional. He wasted no time installing the charger, even tidying up some wires in the fuze cabinet. And left the cupboard clean. He then explained the guarrantee and paperwork clearly and showed me how to use the charger. The charger works perfectly."

Ian, 5th March 2018

"Took 3 attempts to get charge point fitted to property. Was given incomplete information for the installation to take place. Paperwork then expired even though it was clear to Chargemaster that this would happen due to the time of the 1st installation date planned. No survey was done until 2nd installation date at which point we were told it could not go ahead. (we were not told that this was going to be a survey but an installation) I had contact with half a dozen or more different people at Chargemaster all giving incomplete or different information . The one saving grace was that when I did phone, the person I spoke to was helpful and a date was finally arranged prior to the car getting delivered. The installer was also very good, efficient and helpful. "

Theodora, 5th March 2018

"Service was great by Chargemaster. The fitting was quick and they worked around my timescale."

Anonymous, 5th March 2018

"A little slow but otherwise good"

Krishnan, 5th March 2018

"Professional service, knowledgeable technician, high-quality installation, helpful demonstration and tips. My thumbs up and cheers to the Chargemaster PLC."

Radek, 5th March 2018

"Excellent service from enquiry to installation!"

Clif, 5th March 2018

"The installation was good came out in the snow and everything works ok"

Stuart, 5th March 2018

"Kept my appointment despite the weather"

John, 5th March 2018

"Your installer was extremely helpful, efficient and friendly. He turned up exactly on time, explained everything to me in detail and gave me the choice of where best to install the Homecharge unit, with the minimum of fuss. I was most impressed. Really good service!"

Roger, 5th March 2018

"After several calls and two home visits they did eventually install my home charger and I am very happy with it. "

Anonymous, 5th March 2018

"The application w as straightforward. The installation engineer was very well mannered and made little disruption. Overall a very good experience."

Andrew, 3rd March 2018

"The installation engineer Marcus was very professional and well informed. He advised me exactly the most efficient way to install the charger and what parts to buy in advance. The liaison by email was easy and well explained."

Sameer, 2nd March 2018

"They did the job"

Anonymous, 2nd March 2018

"The device was fitted with consummate professionalism and meticulous care by Carl."

David, 27th February 2018

"Great installation"

Charles, 27th February 2018

"Your installer Dan was fantastic, conscious tidy worker and knew exactly what was needed for my install. It was the icing on the cake to end a simple process with Chargemaster "

Paul, 26th February 2018

"On time /courteous "

Anonymous, 26th February 2018

"Fantastic service from start to finish, kept me informed all the way through the process and completed the install ahead of my expected date. Highly recommended."

James, 26th February 2018

"The installer was very helpful."

Anonymous, 26th February 2018

"Very pleased great job very professional cleaned up afterwards can't fault them"

sarah, 26th February 2018

"Arrived promptly to carry out survey then immediately carried out the installation. No need for a second visit."

Anonymous, 26th February 2018

"Engineer was very professional "

Rob, 26th February 2018

"It’s puntuality friendly and suggestive services"

Anonymous, 26th February 2018

"Efficient and friendly"

Graeme, 26th February 2018

"The electrician Thom was professional and made a superb job of the installation. On top of that his customer service skills were 10/10 . Thanks "

Steven, 26th February 2018

"The young man who came and installed the charger was very considerate and efficient. Thankyou."

PENELOPE, 26th February 2018

"Knowledgeable engineer who went out of his way to do a good job. He asked me my preferences and tried hard to meet them and he did. He completed the job entirely to my satisfaction."

DAVID, 26th February 2018

"Installation was efficient and with friendly service."

Nilesh, 26th February 2018

"Craig Rodgers who fitted the charge point phoned in advance to tell me when he would arrive then helpfully, informatively and efficiently carried out the installation and explained how to use it. "

Jocelyn, 26th February 2018

"Following my intitial call the service from Chargemaster was very good, however after my allocated adviser was taken ill there was some confusion at Chargemaster as to the detailed requirements of my chargepoint installation. This was compounded when the survey engineer did not seem to know the details. It was only after a visit from my utility provider's engineer that the details were agreed with Chargemaster and finally after six weeks my charge point was installed. Having said this, the intallation engineer was punctual, polite and friendly. He worked in dreadful weather to install the charger quickly and to my satisfaction."

Grant, 26th February 2018

"Very efficient, in correspondence and installation"

simon, 26th February 2018


Julian, 26th February 2018

"Very easy to arrange installation and on the day the engineer took time to talk through best possible route for cabling - all done well and very neat. "

Stephen, 26th February 2018

"The installation engineer Alan was very polite and respectful. Carried out the work with no fuss and left no mess whatsoever. Wish all tradesmen were this good and reliable. Thank you"

Paul, 26th February 2018

"Friendly, efficient and effective service, all completed in good time and without mess."

Kevin, 26th February 2018

"The installer, Mat, was exceptional. The cable route he suggested was far more discreet than I'd hoped for. A credit to your company. "

Joanna, 26th February 2018

"I am very happy with the service and to the person who set it all up for me he was very god and explained what he was doing."

anthony, 26th February 2018

"Service quick and efficient."

Anonymous, 26th February 2018

"Very quick and efficient installation. "

Chinye, 26th February 2018

"Excellent service, clear communication and a very neat installation."

SIMON, 26th February 2018

"On time. Completed in time. "

Roy, 26th February 2018

"The provides sound advice to enable me to get the (custom) installation I wanted for my property. Would have been even better if they could have facilitated the ground works themselves!"

Martin, 26th February 2018

"Alan did an excellent job and even cleared up afterwards.Thank you very much"

Mike, 26th February 2018

"Efficient provision and installation of equipment. The staff are pleasant to deal with. The engineer who fitted the charger was an exceptionally good engineer. "

Andrew, 26th February 2018

"Very friendly and knowledgable engineer "

Anonymous, 26th February 2018

"The engineer did not arrive as planned for the appointment and I did not receive any notification, so this was not good as I had a taken a day off work. However, the second appointment with a different engineer (James - it wasn't his normal area) went as planned and I was very pleased with the service. He was prompt, efficient and very helpful. "

Steve, 26th February 2018

"Positives Professional efficient installation. The engineer was polite, today and very communicative. Areas To Improve Initial contact was poor, I tried many times to make contact and was never replied to. Eventually I was able to make contact successfully by phone after leaving at least 5 messages."

Darren, 26th February 2018

"Even with the delays caused by a shared power supply and not their fault, the charger was installed as soon as the issue was rectified."

MARK, 26th February 2018

"I always use chargemaster/Polar 'Ultrchargers' as my rapid chargers of choice as they are reliable with good speeds. Have also recently completed one of their 'EV Experience' weeks which I bid for using points, I got a BMW i3 (usualy drive an Ioniq Electric) which was great. Only criticism I would have is a lack of flexability of what days you can pick the cars up and drop thekm off. "

James, 16th February 2018

"I currently own a PHEV vehicle that I charge at any possible location as I don't have access to a charger at home at the moment. In the 18 months or so that I have had my car, Chargemaster/Polar seem to be the network with the most chargers available and I have really noticed their growth in comparison to other companies. As part of the subscription, I'd collected enough points to be able to bid for a 6 day experience in a Tesla Model S. From the first email from Zoe to let me know that I had been successful in the bid to collecting the car, things couldn't have been easier. Dave called the day before to sort out the deposit and then helpfully collected me from the station in the Model S and was bale to run through the controls. We got back to the EV centre and I was able to drive straight off and be on my way. On the second day, I had a slight issue with the car as the door handles wouldn't present themselves and the key was inside the car! I was locked out in a shopping centre car park! Fortunately I had my phone in my pocket so was able to call Chargemaster for help and advice. Evie could not have been more patient and helpful in this situation and we soon had it resolved with some assistance from Tesla service support. Another member of their team was on their way down to Kent with a spare key too - they really went above and beyond in this situation. Returning the car was also very easy, yet sad! Staff in the EV Experience shop were friendly and offered a further test drive in a vehicle I'd shown an interest in. This whole experience has left me with an even more positive image of Chargemaster and I would recommend subscribing to their network to anyone, not just for their vast and reliable network, but also for this opportunity to experience real-life in another car. Thank you all once again. I look forward to the next time....."

Loretta, 9th February 2018

"Picked up an e-golf for a week. This is part of the polar plus experience where you can pick from a number of vehicles that they have on their fleet. Handover and return were handled efficiently and the staff was particularly helpful. The centre at Milton Keynes centre was great and I even had a run out in the Golf GTE upon returning the car to the centre. Polar plus scheme is great and with the ever-growing number of rapid chargers being installed, soon owning an electric car will be even easier. The actual e- golf was a 2015 model so range was limited to around 60/70 miles to a full charge, hopefully, the new generation 35kw/h Golf will be available on the fleet soon so the range should be significantly improved. But full marks for making this scheme available."

Tony, 6th February 2018

"Excellent network, very reliable and cost effective. The ev experience opportunity is awesome too. Had 6 days in a Tesla S fantastic, thanks guys. "

Barry, 29th January 2018

"Just completed our first EV experience week in a Zoe. From bidding right through to returning the Zoe we have been kept well informed. All staff that I have come in to contact with email,phone and face to face. Have been knowledgable, helpful and courteous. "

Mike, 29th January 2018

"The staff at Milton Keynes EV Experience Centre were very welcoming and friendly. Even better, they really know their stuff about electric cars. The BMW i3 was huge fun to drive, with amazing acceleration and nippy, if rather bouncy, handling. The car developed a drivetrain fault towards the end of the week, so full performance was not available on the return journey to drop the car off."

Tim, 29th January 2018

"I run a Nissan Leaf, and use the Chargemaster network frequently as I have no home charging. The ever expanding network makes running an EV a practical choice for my circumstances. What is more, I was successful in bidding for their members EV Experience scheme and had the use of a Tesla Model X 90D for a week, simply awesome, thanks Chargemaster!"

Jon,, 29th January 2018

"The engineer who came to fit the charger was wonderful, helpful, polite and he did an excellent job."

Philip, 23rd January 2018

"I’ve charged my Zoe for three years effortlessly using my Chargemaster installed unit. I’ve been a member for the same time and have charged all over the country. Last week I was loaned a £70K plus Tesla model X to enjoy for seven days.. the whole team Dave, Zoe and Jamie bent over backwards to make it a special occasion. I’ll never forget it. Thanks for everything I’ll never forget it! "

Trevor, 23rd January 2018

"I would like to thank you for the installation of my chargemaster home charger. The fitter Alan was really helpful. He arrived on time explained the process and ensured that everything was explained clearly. The wiring that was carried out was neat and tidy and the charge point was located exactly where required. "

Ross, 22nd January 2018

"Had a Home charge point fitted by Chargemaster. The installer arrived promptly, was very helpful and explained the entire process clearly. I am really pleased with both the installation and the charge point, which makes the charging process so much more convenient and quick. I am very pleased with the service provided by Chargemaster."

Gav, 15th January 2018

"The Chargemaster team help you through the process and are very thorough and when they say they will do someth8ng they do. Very happy with the installation of my EV Charger in th3 garage. Happy to recommend Chargemaste4 to others."

Alan, 12th January 2018

"Arrived on time, completed on time, neat tidy job - what else could I ask for?"

Graham, 11th January 2018

"Very pleasant to deal with throughout the whole process"

Andrew, 10th January 2018

"excellent service from the team in the office to the person who installed"

Stuart, 10th January 2018

"Excellent service. Prompt, professional and reliable"

Kelly, 10th January 2018

"From the first contact up to the fitting the service and attitude from all concerned was first class, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. "

Pete, 10th January 2018

"Excellent company to deal with."

David, 10th January 2018

"All went to program and very efficiently. Total satisfaction "

John, 10th January 2018

"inspection and installation on same day. Very high standard of workmanship. Detailed instruction given."

Stan, 10th January 2018

"Excellent installation and it hasn't stopped working."

John, 10th January 2018

"Good engineers. On time & expert in their work."

James, 10th January 2018

"The Installation was professional and precise."

IanBB, 10th January 2018

"Mainly the clarity of the order process and the great co-operation of the engineer that came to fit the Chargemaster"

Bob, 9th January 2018

"The Homecharge unit was installed efficiently and carefully and has worked perfectly well over the last 8 weeks since being fitted. Hopefully that will continue."

Mike, 9th January 2018

"Extremely well organised and efficient- good communication and workmanship"

Anonymous, 9th January 2018

"The office sales contact Elaine completed the process cheerfully , sometimes outside normal hours. The engineer Alan went the extra mile in fitting the unit and the result was aesthetically excellent."

John, 9th January 2018

"Installed without any problems, and is working fine."

Anonymous, 9th January 2018

"Jon Leary was our engineer and he was right on time very knowledgable on what he was doing also spent time advising us on our new charge master and owning an electric car. Thank you Jon and chargemaster for your professional service. "

Lexmore, 9th January 2018

"Herewith a copy of the e-mail I sent to Chargemaster last week: From: Bill Quantrill [] Sent: 05 January 2018 09:49 To: '' Subject: RE: EV Charger Installation Confirmation, Chargemaster Hi Jamie Thank you for arranging for your engineer Daniel Saunders to come to our house to install the EV Charger on 29 December. I will take action to activate our Polar network membership nearer the time when we take possession of our new vehicle (currently estimated for 9 April). In the meantime I would like to record how impressed my wife and I were by Daniel: we found him smart and courteous, clearly well qualified technically for the work he was doing and a fast and efficient worker. He showed initiative in sorting out the problem which arose from the mistake made by Scottish and Southern Electricity who had failed to install the requested two pole isolator switch when their engineers came to the house on 15 December. It was a pleasure to meet him and you can be proud to have him as a member of your team. Best wishes Bill Quantrill "

Bill, 9th January 2018

"Because everything was done efficiently thank you very much Amanda. Best Regards Vic Smith "

Vic, 9th January 2018

"The engineers/fitters were helpful, happy and did a very neat and tidy job. They explained what they were doing and asked once finished if I was happy with how the had been done and if I was happy with how they were leaving my property. If only all trademen were as good as the ones I experienced with Chargemaster."

Jill, 9th January 2018

"The installer arrived on time and explained what he planned to do. He advised us that installing an extra fuse would be a sensible option and made clear that it would be an extra cost. He then got on with the job and when he finished went through how the charger operated, leaving everything neat and tidy."

Robert, 9th January 2018

"A neat quick job"

Michael, 9th January 2018

"The process worked well once the many forms were all completed. "

Martin, 9th January 2018

"Dear Chargemaster Team, today my homecharge unit installed and job done very professionally. My special thanks to Mr Nathan Bowers who installed it. Best Regards, M.Oksuz "

M.Oksuz, 9th January 2018

"The installation engineer was extremely helpful and went beyond the call of duty to ensure that everything was up and running correctly."

Chris, 9th January 2018

"Really easy from start to finish, installation was on time, the engineer courteous and efficient, and kept the work space and our home clear of dirt and debris."

Mark, 9th January 2018

"Efficient and reliable service "

Rachel, 9th January 2018

"Good customer service throughout, from fitting of the charger at home to questions directed to the staff at H.Q."

Anonymous, 9th January 2018

"Quick response to my email resolved my issue, very impressed"

Patrick, 9th January 2018

"Well organized, professional, helpful and reasonably priced."

Anonymous, 9th January 2018

"The installer was very professional, did a good job and cleaned to afterwards. "

Chris, 9th January 2018

"Installation of charge point got delayed by one day but they upgraded the charger point to a higher specification for my inconvienance. The installation was carried out to high specification and standard and the installation engineer cleaned up dust from any drilling during the install which only took approximatlone and a half hours. Paper work for installation grant was a little time consuming. Very happy with charging system. Though looking at membership of polar network chargers for public charging not yet taken up as a lot of the networks charge points don't seem to be in mainstream public places or motorway networks. Looking into others to compare options. "

Anonymous, 9th January 2018

"Easy to use, faster charging time, good for the environment, what's not to like! "

Rob, 9th January 2018

"Everything was handled very professionally and the installer took care to route the cable neatly as requested even though it meant extra work for him. Very pleased all round."

Ian, 9th January 2018

"I use both my Chargemaster and the mains electricity umbilical that came with my PHEV. The Chargemeaster is more convenient, but, the umbilical can be more flexible as to location, eg, in the garage. Chargemaster has failed me once, possibly due to water ingress tripping the system, so that the car wasn't charge when I needed it. I eventually reset the isolator and normal service was restored, so I guess this demonstrated system robustness!"

Ian, 9th January 2018

"Very efficient service, pleasant and reliable staff, both admin and operative."

Anne, 9th January 2018

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