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March 20th, 2017

POLAR network to take on ex-Source East charge points with complimentary upgrades

Mon 20th March 2017
  • POLAR network to take on ex-Source East charging points
  • Chargemaster offers existing site owners complimentary upgrades and maintenance packages
  • Other Source East hosts can also benefit from having obsolete posts replaced by Chargemaster free of charge
  • Additional offer to site owners for new Ultracharge units to be installed for no cost to host
  • News follows Chargemaster’s announcement to invest £15 million in expansion of the POLAR network

Chargemaster and the POLAR network are offering existing site owners and other Source East hosts complimentary upgrades, maintenance and communication packages, as well as free of charge rapid charge points. The news follows an announcement from Source East that it will no longer operate its public electric vehicle (EV) charging network.All Chargemaster charging points that were operated by Source East will become part of the POLAR network with immediate effect. To ensure that the network retains its high-quality standards, Chargemaster also plans to upgrade and maintain units in the area free of charge. It will also give site owners in the region that have other manufacturers’ units the opportunity to upgrade to Chargemaster and join the POLAR network of over 5,000 charge points, accessible with an easy-to-use RFID card, key fob or through its mobile app.

David Martell, Chargemaster CEO, said: “I’m sure it will come as welcome news to EV owners in the area that several Source East charging points will enter the POLAR network. Drivers will no longer need to put up with an unreliable and under-funded network, giving them complete peace of mind when travelling in the area.”

POLAR is the UK’s largest public charging network and contains more than 5,000 public charge points across the country. The network is constantly expanding and offers a 24/7 customer service helpline, to keep pace with the UK’s growing EV market.

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