Plugged in Midlands membership including three months free offer

1. Three months free Plugged in Midlands membership offer is for new Plugged in Midlands customers only. To qualify, you must first sign-up for the scheme and provide your Direct Debit details. You will then enjoy the first three months subscription costs for free, saving £23.55. We take your Direct Debit details for any costs that you incur at chargeable posts – although the majority of posts are free to use, some will charge you for the electricity used from 9p per KWh.

2. From the start of your fourth month you will then automatically be charged £7.85 each month on an ongoing basis, until you cancel. You may cancel your Plugged in Midlands membership and Direct Debit authority at any time with no notice (even if this is within the 3 months free period). Once membership has been cancelled all Plugged in Midlands Points accumulated on the member’s account are cancelled.

3. The monthly £7.85 subscription fee covers your Plugged in Midlands membership only, which provides you will full access to all POLAR Network charging points. It does not cover the cost of electricity used at any of our chargeable points, which you will be charged for at 9p per KWh on POLAR sites (cheaper than the average cost of charging from home). Some Charge your Car (CYC) charge points have higher rates set by the site owners. Please refer to the individual pins on our live map for full tariffs.

4. If you decide to cancel, your membership and access to the Plugged in Midlands network will cease immediately and you will no longer be able to use our charging points. Please note, you will still be liable for any other outstanding charging costs incurred during membership after your Direct Debit has been cancelled.

5. Membership of Plugged in Midlands is not open to taxi and private hire operators/drivers.

6. The three month free subscription offer is only valid once per household and only for the first Chargemaster run scheme.

7. Plugged in Midlands membership is subject to fair and reasonable usage terms and conditions, at Chargemaster Limiteds discretion.

Plugged in Midlands EV Experience

1. Every time you charge using a Plugged in Midlands charging site in a different town during a month using your Plugged in Midlands card you will be awarded 10 points. Please note that there are some chargers that do not qualify for points. If a charger is not eligible, this will be stated on the pin on our live map.

2. You are also awarded 10 points if you have a Chargemaster Homecharge Unit fitted to your home under the government scheme at any time after 1st August 2015.

3. These points are counted up on your account cumulatively and can be seen on your account section of the website.

4. A Plugged in Midlands EV Experience is a week with one of the cars listed below and your account will be debited with the number of points listed against that car.

5. The Experience week runs from 10.00 am on each Tuesday to no later than 12.00 noon on the following Monday. Cars must be collected and returned to Chargemaster’s base in Bedfordshire.

6. You get 10 points for a charge that must last at least 20 minutes on any Plugged in Midlands site listed on the current Plugged in Midlands website map.

7. Points are awarded cumulatively and you carry the total forward at the end of each month (unless redeemed for a Plugged in Midlands experience)

8. You only get 10 points for each charge in a different town or city in a calendar month. In the Milton Keynes area Bletchley, Wolverton, Olney,Newport Pagnell and Milton Keynes are regarded as separate towns/cities, e.g. if you charge twice in say Wolverton in September you get just one award of 10 points. If you charge again in a subsequent month in the same town you get a further 10 points. If you charge in Wolverton and say Bletchley in the same month you get 20 points.

9. Each charge point has a town or city linked to it on the website map for reference. London sites in each of the post code letters are regarded as individual “towns”, e.g. NW, N, SW, etc.

10. The use of Plugged in Midlands Experience cars is covered by Plugged in Midlands insurance for approved drivers. This insurance will cover you for third party claims and any damage to the vehicle less any excess charge levied by our insurance company. For the BMW i8 and Teslas the insurance excess will be £1,500. For other cars this is £500. You will not be covered for any damage to your own property or injury to yourself.

11. Drivers must have had a valid full UK Licence for at least 5 years in order to drive the Teslas or BMW i8. All other experience vehicles require a valid full UK Licence for at least 2 years. Drivers must not have been disqualified in the last 10 years and have less than nine points on their licence. Driving licence and evidence must be produced in advance of picking up the vehicle. Chargemaster reserves the right to refuse eligibility in the event that its insurance company refuses cover for any reason.

12. The EV Experience is only valid for members that are 25-70 years old except for in the case of the BMW i8 and Teslas, where drivers must be over 30 years old.

13. All members will be responsible for the insurance excess applicable to the car and the cost of any excessive cleaning, damage to wheels, loss of keys, RFID cards, spare wheel or other equipment from the car. A swipe of the users credit card will be taken and a reservation deposit authorised of £500.This will be released on satisfactory return of the car.

14. You can apply for the use of one of the fleet of cars on the account section of this website between the 1st and 10th of each month for the use of cars in the following calendar month. Points earned by members cumulatively up to the end of the previous month before application will be eligible.

Car Points
BMW i8 100
Tesla Model S 70
Tesla Model X 150
VW e-Golf 30
Renault Zoe 30
Renault Twizzy 10

15. Cars will be provided with a complimentary Plugged in Midlands card with no electricity charges on the Plugged in Midlands Network for the duration of the week of the loan and insured, subject to licence restrictions and damage excess.

16. Four members will be awarded one week’s use of each car every month. Priority each month will be given to members based on the amount of POLAR Points in their account, whether they have had an EV experience before and how many unsuccessful previous bids that they have had.

17. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by e-mail no later than the 13th of each month and invited to apply again the following month.

18. Members will not be eligible to take the same premium car (BMW i8 or Teslas) more than once in any three month period (Note: You can apply for a BMW i8 one month and a Tesla the next month).

19. Chargemaster may add or delete cars from the Plugged in Midlands Experience scheme at any time and you acknowledge that Chargemaster is not liable for any losses incurred by you that may be caused by this.

20. Chargemaster may refuse your application for the use of Plugged in Midlands Experience cars at its sole discretion and without being required to provide a reason for this decision. No compensation will be paid.

21. These terms and conditions will be updated from time to time and will apply from the date of publication on the website.

22. Plugged in Midlands Experience vehicles are only to be used for social, pleasure and domestic use and must not be taken out of the UK.

23. Cards used for dealership, demonstrator or rental vehicles can not collect Plugged in Midlands Points.

24. These terms and condition are governed by English law and under the jurisdiction of English courts.

Standard Terms and Conditions
Chargemaster Limited Issue 4
Date of issue: 15/06/2018

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