7kW Smart Homecharge, fully installed from just £429*

Preferred Charging Supplier to Land Rover

Saving you time

Using a dedicated Homecharge unit can charge your vehicle up to 3 times faster than with a domestic plug. The units inbuild smart features enable you to monitor, schedule and start a charge via an app or web portal.

Saving you money

Our Smart Homecharge unit costs just £429 including standard installation and the OLEV grant.

Giving you choice

At BP Chargemaster, we can help find the perfect Homecharge for you, depending on your requirements.

Preferred charging supplier

Preferred charging supplier to Land Rover in the UK and trusted by over 40,000 EV drivers nationwide.

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Watch the video

Before you apply for your homecharge unit, we suggest you watch the video which will explain the process to you. »



  • All Chargemaster products are made in the UK, with over 40,000 Homecharge customers to date
  • Our Homecharge is stylish, robust and weatherproof, for indoor or outdoor use
  • 3-year warranty included as standard
  • Available with a cable attached (tethered) or for use with your own cable (socketed)
  • Smart enabled as standard
  • Compact an stylish unit, around the size of a rugby ball

Smart Enabled

Smartcharge our app or Chargevision our web portal are our unique systems which enable you to view your charging history, schedule a charge which compliment your electricity tariff, and monitor your charging expenditure. You can view this data online, or download it to a simple file.

To access the Smart element on your Homecharge unit, once installed simply download the Smartcharge app and register.

Chargemaster Type 2 to Type 2 cable

Have you got a charging cable?

You’ve got your electric vehicle, now don’t forget about your essential charging cable. For your Range Rover, the best charging cable to use is a Type 2 to Type 2 cable.

Use the discount code ‘RangeRover5’ for £5 off  your charging cable

On the road

Polar – The UK’s largest EV charging network.

Access to over 7,000 electric vehicle charge points nationwide.

With you every mile

We run Polar, the UK’s biggest public charging network. It links over 7,000 public charge points, giving EV drivers a convenient and reliable nationwide charging system.


We’re also the largest rapid charging network in the UK, with over 400 rapid charge points nationwide.


The Polar network is growing all the time, making the future of electric motoring possible for more and more drivers. With exclusive partnerships with hotels, restaurants, car parks and local authorities, we’re able to rapidly increase our network and make electric vehicle driving as easy as possible.

Polar plus

Polar plus is our unique subscription service that offers members better value and special benefits.


With the first 3 months’ membership free*, you pay just £7.85 per month thereafter. Members enjoy unlimited access to over 7,000 charge points, most of which are then free to use. For the others, they just pay for the electricity consumed (from only 10.8p per kWh, which is cheaper than the average cost at home).


There’s no long term contract or nasty notice period to worry about. If you decide for any reason to cancel, you can do so. Immediately. It’s as simple and painless as that.

Speak to one of our team on: 0330 016 5126 today or email info@polarnetwork.com

*Full details about the Polar network can be found on www.polar-network.com. The first three months subscription costs are free but customers must pay any electricity costs incurred within this period.

Official charging partner with the leading electric vehicle manufacturers