BP Chargemaster Homecharge

Charge your electric car at home with a BP Chargemaster Homecharge unit, the fast, safe and reliable way to charge. BP Chargemaster has over 40,000 Homecharge customers across the country to date, with all units designed and made in the UK.

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Why do you need a Homecharge unit?


There's nothing more convenient than having your own charging point at home

Cost Saving

The most economical and efficient way to charge your electric vehicle.

Charging Speed

Up to 3x faster than charging with a standard 3-pin plug.

Why choose BP Chargemaster?

Smart Enabled

Free Smartcharge app to help manage your Homecharge unit

Safe and Simple

One of our Homecharge specialists will help you with your application every step of the way, including applying for the £500 Government grant

Tailored to you

Choose between socketed or a tethered unit to suit your needs, once installed our inhouse electricians will show you how to use the unit and answer any questions

BP Chargemaster tethered homecharge unit
3 Year Warranty

All of our units come with a 3 year warranty as standard

Quality Assurance

We provide a full and complete service from design, manufacturing, installation, handover and 24/7 customer support

OEM Approved

We have partnered with some of the EV manufacturers to ensure our product meets industry standards and to offer customers discounts on installations

How much does a BP Chargemaster Homecharge unit cost?

Install a BP Chargemaster Homecharge unit from just £244!

Our Homecharge unit allows you to take advantage of the £500 OLEV EVHS grant.

Prices may be discounted depending on our partnership with your EV manufacturer

Select your vehicle manufacturer to find out more

Smart Charging

Control your smart Homecharge unit through our website. Optimise your EV charge routine to complement your lifestyle and energy tariff.

Smartcharge circle
  • Monitor your energy usage and cost
  • Remotely start a charge
  • View historic data
  • Control the rate of charge your unit supplies

Control your Homecharge with our Smartcharge app

Control your smart Homecharge unit via the Smartcharge app

Optimise your EV charge routine to complement your lifestyle & energy tariff

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Smartcharge App

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