Your guide to Earthing Rods


If you’ve opted to utilise your Homecharge unit to charge your vehicle externally, BP Chargemaster will take additional steps to keep you and your family safe by installing an Earthing Rod that meets the latest IET wiring regulations – giving you peace of mind.

Not every property requires an Earthing Rod to be installed, however the Homecharge electrician attending your installation will ultimately decide whether your property requires this additional protection or not.



What is an Earthing Rod?

An Earthing Rod is a vertical copper rod inserted into the ground with a black connection box and conduit at the top, which then connects to your Homecharge unit. They are designed to prevent electric shock should the system develop a fault, and only applies to properties with a Homecharge unit installed with the intention to charge the vehicle outside; this is due to the presence of environmental influences.



Below are some examples of what an Earthing Rod will look like; ideally, they will be placed in the most convenient place, aesthetically acceptable with the shortest cable route to the Homecharge unit.

Earth rod for Homecharge unit install        Connection box and conduit for an earth rod for a Homecharge unit install

Installed Earthing Rod                                         Connection box and Conduit to charger


Completed Homecharge installation including earth rod

Finished Installation


If you have any other questions regarding Earthing Rods, and whether or not your property requires one at installation, please contact our Homecharge team or discuss with your adviser.




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