What to expect on your install day?

BP Chargemaster Homecharge electrician installing a tethered Homecharge unit


So you know what to expect on your installation date, below is a layout of a standard BP Chargemaster Homecharge installation*.


Your BP Chargemaster Homecharge unit will be installed by one of our qualified electricians on the date arranged with your Homecharge adviser prior.



Your electrician will arrive between 8am and 11am for a morning appointment or between 12pm and 3pm for an afternoon appointment (please make sure an adult aged 18 or over is at the property throughout the installation).



On arrival, your electrician will discuss the position of your new Homecharge unit and the cable route to confirm you are happy before proceeding with the installation.



A standard installation can take approximately four to 6 hours, with your electrician checking the safety of the existing electrics, and installing an Earth rod where required, which would have been previously discussed with your Homecharge adviser and attending electrician.


Walk through

Once the installation is complete, your installer will walk you through your new Homecharge unit and provide a demonstration.



Once you’re happy with the installation, the electrician will go through any final paperwork, including confirmation that the install has been completed.



Along with your installation paperwork, you will also be offered a Polar Plus pack.

The Polar network is the UK’s largest public EV charging network with over 7,000 charge points across the country, operated and maintained by BP Chargemaster.

Polar offers two main methods of accessing the network; Polar Plus, which is a subscription service of £7.85 a month with members accessing charge points with an RFID card, or Polar Instant, which is app based and offers pay as you go charging.


In your Polar pack will be a Polar Plus RFID card and instructions on how to sign up if you wish to charge up on the Polar public network, as an alternative method of charging your vehicle while out and about.



*the layout above is for a standard installation date and may be subject to change depending on the property.



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