Installing a Homecharge unit step by step

BP Chargemaster electrician installing a socketed Homecharge unit


Our team of advisers is on hand to help every step of the way of your Homecharge installation and are happy to answer any questions, but so you know what to expect on the day below is our step by step guide to installing a Homecharge unit.


Step One

Before starting the install process, we recommend visiting the BP Chargemaster website and the Homecharge section for information about our charge points and other helpful articles.


Step Two

To get started, please fill out our Homecharge application form, which can be found on the Homecharge section of our website.

You’ll first be asked to confirm that you have private off-street parking and the prompted to fill out your name, contact information and residential address where you wish to have the unit installed.

We’ll then just need to know your vehicle make, registration number and battery capacity. If your car is on order, we’ll also need to know the expected delivery date.

Once completed, please read through our terms and conditions and OLEV’s terms and conditions.

When you’re happy, just select SUBMIT and your application will be sent to our Homecharge team to review.


Step Three

A member of our Homecharge team will be in touch within 2 working days to discuss and pick the best Homecharge option for you. This will include some questions about your property, which will include:

  • Your type of property
  • Where your main fuse box is located
  • Where you would like the charger installed

A full list of what you’ll need to set up your install as well as additional information, can be found here.

You’ll also be asked to send us some photos of your:

  • Fuse box/consumer unit
  • Meter Cupboard
  • Where you would like your unit installed
  • Potential cable route

For more information and examples of the photos required for your Homecharge install, visit ‘Your guide to install photos/documentation‘.


Step Four

A BP Chargemaster Homecharge unit is OLEV approved and allows you to take advantage of their £350 EVHS grant; to find out more about the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) grant and how to claim, visit our guide: What is the OLEV EVHS grant and how can I claim it?

Your Homecharge advisor will walk you through the OLEV application process and submit all the paperwork but a step by step guide to the OLEV application can be found here.

There can be an extended waiting period to hear back from OLEV as to whether you have been approved for the grant but your Homecharge install can continue in the meantime.


Step Five

Once your OLEV application has been processed and we have received the relevant information and photos, we can book your installation date.

Your Homecharge advisor will book you in for your appointment and send a payment request for the remaining balance (where applicable).

The day before the installation, your Homecharge electrician will give you a call or text to confirm their arrival time.


Step Six

On arrival, your Homecharge installer will undertake necessary checks and run you through the proposal as well as confirm where you want you unit to be installed.

They will then start the install; this can take between 4 and 6 hours.

When your installation is complete, the electrician will test your circuit and unit, and leave you with certification, a user guide and information about BP Chargemaster’s public charging network, Polar.


Step Seven

You’ll be ready to charge your vehicle straight away on your new BP Chargemaster Homecharge unit.

All Homecharge units, installed after 1st July 2019, are Smart enabled, and you can download the Smartcharge app to monitor your energy usage and costs, as well as remotely start a charge.




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