Am I eligible for a bp pulse home charger?

BP Chargemaster tethered Homecharge unit charged Renault Zoe electric vehicle

A bp pulse home charger can be a convenient addition to your property, offering a safe and reliable way to charge your vehicle from the comfort of your home.


Important note: eligibility criteria for the OZEV grant will be changing shortly and the grant will not be open to homeowners living in single unit properties from April 2022. In order to claim the existing version of the grant, your home charger must be installed by 31 March 2022, otherwise you may not be eligible for the discounts associated with the OZEV grant. For full details of the eligibility criteria please see the official Government website.


To be eligible for a bp pulse home charger you must have off street allocated parking.

Please note, if your parking place is in a shared area and the installation might affect a communal space, the property managers or owners will need to give permission. A site survey may be needed (which bp pulse can offer).

You won’t be eligible for the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) grant if you park on the street (including on a private road).


Are you eligible for an OZEV grant?

To qualify for an OZEV grant, you need to have your own private driveway or allocated parking place.

Things you need to know:

  • You will need to provide proof of ownership of the EV
  • We may need you to provide Land Registry documents to support your OZEV application
  • If you sell your EV within three months from the date of installation of a home charger you are liable to cover the cost of the OZEV grant

In the unlikely event you don’t meet the criteria above, fear not, bp pulse can still keep you on the move with our largest public usage network – with over 8,000 chargers in the UK. Rest assured you’re never far from a bp pulse point to keep you on the move.


Do you live in mainland Scotland?

You may be eligible for the Energy Saving Trust (EST) grant as well as the OZEV grant.

The EST grant is worth £300. Full costs need to be paid upfront; you can claim your refund through EST once the charger has been installed.

If you are eligible for the EST grant, we’ll send you a quote and information on how to submit your claim for the EST grant when we’ve reviewed your home charger application.

Please note, we will need the EST confirmation reference number from you to proceed with installation. Gaining a grant via EST can take up to four weeks, please speak directly with EST regarding your reference number.

Full eligibility terms are available on the EST website.



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