Am I eligible for a Homecharge unit?

BP Chargemaster tethered Homecharge unit charged Renault Zoe electric vehicle

A Homecharge unit can be a convenient addition to your property, offering a safe and reliable way to charge your vehicle from the comfort of your home.


To have a Homecharge unit installed at your property, customers must meet the below criteria:


  • The Homecharge Installation must be at a residential address
  • Your property must have off-street parking, i.e. a private driveway, garage or allocated parking space, allowing for a safe installation of a Homecharge unit
  • Your property must have suitable electrics compatible to have a Homecharge unit installed


If you have all of the above, please fill out the Homecharge application form to get started. You may also be eligible for an OLEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme grant of up to £350 off your Homecharge unit and install; find out more here.


If you don’t meet one or any of the criteria above, you are unfortunately not eligible for a Homecharge unit installation, however, BP Chargemaster also offers workplace charging, and operates the UK’s largest public charging network, Polar, with over 7,000 charge points across the country.



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