Ho Ho Ho - Christmas cheer flashing lights

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Fri 23rd December 2016
Travelling home for Christmas couldn’t be easier for EV drivers with our POLAR network 24/7 customer support* and an ever increasing network of Chargemaster rapid and destination chargers.Over the next 12 months, we are installing a further 200 Ultracharges across the UK. These can charge most electric vehicles up to 80% in just half an hour, so are perfect for topping up whilst taking longer journeys.

To see all of our chargepoints and their live availability, please visit www.polar-network.com/map.
From all at Chargemaster and the POLAR network, we wish you a fantastic Christmas and a fully charged New Year.*Our 24/7 support team can be reached on 0330 016 5126. Please note that we do ask that you only call this number in emergencies when you’re experiencing problems at a chargepoint. All general enquiries can be e-mailed to us at info@polarnetwork.com and will be replied to as soon as possible.

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