BMW i8 Coupe

All you need to know about charging your BMW i8 Coupe.
See how long it will take to charge your electric vehicle using our home charging unit.

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Charging your BMW i8 Coupe

Everything you need to know about charging your Plug-in hybrid vehicle

vehicle fuel type
Vehicle type
Plug-in hybrid
battery icon
Battery size
11.6 kWh
pricing icon
Cost (based on avg)
£1.62 per charge
charging icon
Charge Time
2.4 hours
connector type icon
Connector type
Type 2
rapid charge icon
Rapid charge
free wallbox charger
£549 installed*
range icon
Electric range
33 miles

Charging your electric vehicle at home

We provide the perfect charging solutions for your home.

home wall charger - charging solutions
An obvious choice for all electric car drivers

If you have off-street parking, charging at home is simple, quick and the cheapest way to charge your car. Most EV drivers use their unit for 80% of all charging.

chargemaster homecharge engineer installing white homecharge wall unit
Supplied & installed by us

With over 40,000 installations completed to date, you can also have the UK’s most popular Homecharge unit supplied and fully installed.

Select your unit type

Socketed Homecharge unit

Socketed unit

Tethered Homecharge unit

Tethered unit

Charging cables

Have you got a charging cable?

You’ve got your electric vehicle, now don’t forget about your essential charging cable for your BMW i8 Coupe.

Use the discount code ‘BMWi85’ for £5 off  your charging cable

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At work

We provide the perfect charging solutions for all workplace needs. See if you are eligible for a workplace grant funding available.

workplace ready

Is your workplace ready?

By 2022 we expect there to be over 1 million EV drivers in the UK. Workplaces can help employees make the switch into electric vehicles by installing charge points.

lifestyle of an ev driver

Now’s the time

With workplace charging grants available, there is no better time for your employer to be installing workplace charge points for staff car parks as well as visitor charging.

Woman charging at workplace EV charging station

The whole package

We can help your employer every step of the way. From initial consultation about power requirements, expected usage and costs, to helping apply for workplace grants, and installing the units on site.

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ChargeVision interface on a tablet

ChargeVision, our back-end solution

All our communicating workplace and commercial units automatically connect to the ChargeVision data management system, enabling users and site owners to see live analytics and historical reports on usage. Reports can be downloaded for accounting purposes and management information systems.

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