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Chelmsford City Council joins the Polar Network with the installation of rapid EV charging points at two of their sites, Baddow and Fairfield Road car parks.

The new units will offer drivers up to 50kW charging with CHAdeMO, CCS and AC charging available, as well as 2 designated parking bays at each site. Both units will also be accessible with a Polar plus subscription, using their RFID card or key fob, or with the Polar instant pay as you go app.

Chelmsford City Council have installed the Ultracharge units as part of their Corporate Plan, which outlines its ambition to introduce new measures to encourage people to use more sustainable transport options.

David Green, Director for Sustainable Communities stated in the Council’s official press release: “These new charging points are the first to be opened on Chelmsford City Council property. The council recognises that there is an increasing demand for electric vehicles across the city and the need to provide vital charging infrastructure to help improve local air quality. This is a well needed facility in an ever-growing city and shows our commitment to shifting towards encouraging cleaner and greener transport options. Thank you to BP Chargemaster for working with us and for adding Chelmsford to their countrywide network of charging points.”

Electric vehicle drivers will not be required to pay for parking charges whilst charging on the new units, with a limit of up to three hours; please note that an overstay fee of £10 per hour after 90 minutes applies to these units. In addition, vehicles parked in the charging allocated bays not charging will receive a penalty charge notice.


The Ultracharge unit at Fairfield Road car park is now available on the Polar network and can be accessed through Polar plus or Polar instant, however, Baddow car park is currently awaiting commissioning of the Ultracharge unit but will be available soon.


For any additional information, charging costs and availability, please visit our Polar plus live map or the Polar instant map.




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