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October 8th, 2018

UK electric car parc grows 50% – POLAR network keeps pace

The number of electric cars on UK roads is now over 150,000, which has risen by 50% in just one year, and has been matched by an expansion of POLAR, the UK’s largest public charging network.


Electric vehicle drivers can now access over 6,500 charging points on the POLAR network, with over 70% of units being free to use for drivers who choose to subscribe for just £7.85 per month, rather than pay as they go.


The POLAR network provides EV drivers with access to DC and AC rapid charging, as well as AC slow and fast charging. It is the UK’s largest and fastest growing public charging network, and operates the country’s largest rapid charging network, with 375 rapid chargers available on the POLAR network.


David Martell, Chief Executive of Chargemaster said: “A reliable rapid charging network is very important for increasing EV adoption, and we have grown our nationwide network from 250 units in June 2017 to over 375 today


“The idea that charging infrastructure is not keeping pace with the growing market of EVs is false – there is already existing capacity in the network, and we will continue to ensure that drivers have an expansive and reliable public charging network.”


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