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February 28th, 2019

EV Charging hub to be installed in Lancashire

In partnership with BP Chargemaster, Lancashire County Council will be significantly increasing the number of charge points in the area, with 150 charging points planned.


The installation program will include 7kW Fastcharge and 50kW Ultracharge, with units rolled out across Lancashire. As part of the plans, an Electric Vehicle charging hub is set to be installed at Lancaster Park & Ride, featuring 6 rapid chargers.


Lancaster’s charging hub will be the first of its kind in the North of England, and the second installed by BP Chargemaster, the first previously installed in December 2018 in Milton Keynes.

The MK charging hub features 9 rapid chargers and offers a great starting point towards more similar hubs in the future, with positive and increasing use of the site. The success of the hub in Milton Keynes is hoped to be replicated in Lancashire.


For more information and the planned charge point sites, please visit the Lancashire County Council website.




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