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January 27th, 2021

bp pulse provides free charging to UK emergency services

  • Reintroducing free charging and subscription for electric emergency service fleets
  • Part of bp’s initiative to supply free fuel for emergency service vehicles and free meals for frontline health workers


bp has announced that they will reintroduce its programme supplying fuel free of charge to UK emergency service vehicles to support essential services and frontline workers. As part of this, bp pulse will also provide free charging and access to the bp pulse public network for emergency fleet vehicle during the ongoing pandemic.

This includes both monthly bp pulse corporate subscription fees and charging costs on the bp pulse public network and will be provided to existing accounts as well as new corporate account holders.

As well as supplying free fuel, bp has also teamed up with Deliveroo in the ‘Lunch for Lifesavers’ initiative. bp will donate bp/M&S meals to the programme that Deliveroo will distribute free of charge to staff and volunteers working at vaccination centres and frontline NHS workers. Read more here.


See below for further information:

I work for the emergency services, how do I charge my electric vehicle for free? 

You will need to be a bp pulse corporate account holder or hold a bp pulse corporate access card (this is different from our standard bp pulse subscription access card). This means you use bp pulse corporate fleet charging to charge your vehicle. You’ll need to use the bp pulse corporate access card to start and stop your charge at our charge points. You won’t be charged for the electricity you use on our charge points and we’re suspending any bp pulse corporate subscription fees for emergency service customers.


How will I be reimbursed for the free charging for emergency services transaction?

When using your bp pulse access card, we’ll make the necessary arrangements to ensure your monthly subscription and electricity costs on your invoice are covered by us. You might not receive an invoice during this time, but if you have any questions feel free to reach out.


I don’t have a bp pulse corporate account for my emergency services vehicle, can I still charge for free?


To be able to charge for free on the bp pulse public network, you need to be a bp pulse corporate account holder or hold a bp pulse corporate access card. A bp pulse corporate account is similar to a fuel card, but for your electric fleet instead. If you are a fleet manager and don’t already have a bp pulse corporate account, you can sign up to a bp pulse corporate account on our website.


Are any charge points excluded from this offer?

All public charge points on the bp pulse network are applicable to this offer. Please visit our live map to see the full list of our charge points and where you can access them.


I work for the emergency services, can I charge for free?

This offer is for charging emergency services fleet vehicles and doesn’t cover charging for personal use. Speak to your fleet manager to find our if your fleet has a bp pulse corporate membership you can be a part of.


How long are you offering free charging for emergency vehicles?

bp pulse corporate customers will benefit from free charging and no subscription fees until the 31st March 2021.


How are you maintaining hygiene at your charge points?

We appreciate our chargers can be a high-touch environment. Our team of field service engineers are equipped with wipes to wipe down the screen and cables before and after they work on any charge point. However, it will not be possible for us to do this between every charging session, given the size of our network and the level of utilisation. We recommend that customers follow the government’s advice when it comes to washing your hands regularly, specifically before and after using any public charging points – not just those on the bp pulse and Charge Your Car networks.



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